Sunday, September 30, 2012

Robert Griffin III Ties Redskins QB Record

Midway through the 2nd quarter against the Buccaneers, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III took off up the middle for a rushing TD, his 4th of the season. This ties him with Joe Theismann and Eddie LeBaron for most rushing TD's by a QB in a season.

Griffin had an opportunity in the first quarter, but fumbled the football at the 1 yard line, and the ball rolled into the endzone and the fumble was recovered by returning WR Pierre Garcon.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

QB Power Rankings – Week 3

Rankings are based on previous week’s ranking in addition to how the player has played to this point throughout the season. This isn’t a ranking based solely on this week alone.

1. Matt Ryan (1) [ ]
            He’s still dominating. He finally threw his first interception, but even with Michael Turner not being a huge part of the game, Ryan still managed to lead the Falcons to a decisive win.

2. Eli Manning (5) [ ]
            Eli decimated the Panthers’ defense. Ever since the Buccaneers stumbled and Eli shredded their defense in the 4th quarter, he has been lighting it up.

3. Christian Ponder (19) [ ]
            Largest jump of the week, and rightfully so. Ponder isn’t doing anything super-amazing to blow anyone away, but he is playing smart, controlled football. Beating the “best defense” in football through the air and on the ground helps his case as well.

4. Ben Roethlisberger (3) [ ]
            Ben’s dropping slightly, but only because Ponder and Eli have played incredible enough to surpass him. Ben isn’t getting help from his defense, but he’s still keeping his team around.

5. Robert Griffin III (4) [ ]
            He got dropped a spot with the jump of Ponder and falls behind Eli. Griffin finally looked human at times, but he also found ways to keep Washington in the game (including his performance out of no-huddle in the 4th).

6. Joe Flacco (7) [ ]
            Coming out and playing well on primetime football against the New England Patriots helped Flacco elevate a bit.

7. Matt Schaub (17) [ ]
            I wanted to put him higher last week, but didn’t because he really hadn’t been passing. Well, he had to sling it, and as I predicted on Twitter, he’d jump when he did.

8. Andy Dalton (16) [ ]
            Dalton helped pick apart Washington’s secondary. Yes, you could make a case he should be sharing this spot with WR Mohammed Sanu—who threw an 80 yard TD to open the game—but Dalton performed for 4 quarters.

9. Tom Brady (9) [ ]
            He almost did enough to win against the Ravens. But Brady suffered his second defeat of the season, and he’s not exactly looking like himself (Matt Ryan is taking care of that right now).

10. Kevin Kolb (13) [ ]
            I’ve only been seriously impressed by a few more than I have been by Kolb. I mean, it’s almost like he’s exactly the guy the Cardinals thought they were trading for. He’s playing smart and patient, and while his defense helps, he’s still winning games (and not losing them, Vick).

11. Alex Smith (8) [ ]
            Smith is dropping because he just couldn’t get anything going. Nobody got involved. He isn’t making dumb mistakes like throwing it right to the defender, but he isn’t quite throwing it to anyone else for anything substantial.

12. Peyton Manning (6) [ ]
            Manning threw a LOT, but throw a lot of incompletions. He looked very inaccurate, and following a performance where he threw three 1st quarter INT’s with a game well under 50% completions, he deserves to drop.

13. Philip Rivers (2) [ ]
            I would have dropped him further if anyone else deserved to climb much higher. What a horrendous game following a tremendous start to the season.

14. Ryan Fitzpatrick (24) [ ]
            Fitzpatrick came out and played a very good game despite losing Spiller and having no real option at RB, especially losing a lot of the screen game.

15. Andrew Luck (14) [ ]
            I almost didn’t let Luck get away with this based on his loss and completion percentage.

16. Russell Wilson (20) [ ]
            He doesn’t necessarily deserve the jump this much, but nobody else deserves to stay put. He won, he threw 2 [1] TD and 0 [1] INT’s. Plus he made some plays with his feet.

17. Matt Stafford (22) [ ]
            He didn’t play tremendous, but he didn’t play horrible either. He had the Lions on a comeback and in position to get a victory before being taken out with an injury.

18. Tony Romo (15) [ ]
            Romo played terrible, and there’s really nothing more to be said about it. The Cowboys walked away with a win, but Romo didn’t do much to help in that department.

19. Drew Brees (26) [ ]
            He played his best game of the season so far, and controversy once against marred a game. Bad calls helped determine the result of this game, but Brees performed, and did enough to climb the rankings.

20. Jake Locker (31) [ ]
            Locker came out and dueled for a victory. He posted solid numbers, and made a statement.

21. Carson Palmer (30) [ ]
            Carson came out and played a solid game against Pittsburgh and got the win. It was easily his best game of the season.

22. Mark Sanchez (12) [ ]
            What a step back. Disappointment doesn’t say enough. He slung it, and got a win, but it wasn’t pretty. His play late in the 4th kept him from falling any further.

23. Aaron Rodgers (10) [ ]
            Hard to knock him any further when there are guys deserving to be lower. He does deserve to be lower than this right now. This just isn’t the MVP of last season.

24. Sam Bradford (11) [ ]
            I expected much more of Bradford following his game against the Redskins. But he didn’t respond by playing consistent, he struggled to make an impact.

25. Blaine Gabbert (27) [ ]
            Blaine did enough to win, didn’t turn the ball over through the air, and while his completion percentage was below 50%, he still made the throws necessary to win the game.

26. Ryan Tannehill (21) [ ]
            A very underwhelming performance by Tannehill compared to what he had done before. The rookie struggled against the Jets, even after they lost Revis.

27. Cam Newton (18) [ ]
            Newton is upsetting. He was playing quite well until he faced a (depleted) Giants’ secondary. Cam has to learn to be efficient and even, two things he was far from this week.

28. Matt Cassel (28) [ ]
            Matt Cassel did nothing to help his stock. In fact, he did enough to harm it, only, there are 4 guys ranked lower who did even more to harm theirs.

29. Josh Freeman (25) [ ]
            Freeman was in it with the Cowboys, but he disappeared late in the game again, when the team needed him to show up. Freeman’s rookie year, he played well under pressure. Since then, he’s the anti-Eli, of sorts (oddly enough it was on display just last week against Eli). Freeman needs consistency.

30. Brandon Weeden (32) [ ]
            We saw flashes of his potential this game, but he’s still a long way off. He still threw more INT’s than he did TD’s, but he got on the board and was competent enough to not be one of 9 QB’s to throw 50% or lower.

31. Michael Vick (23) [ ]
            There wasn’t a miraculous victory this time. The only reason he isn’t listed at 32 is because there’s a worse QB so far this year, and Vick did manage to do a couple things against the Ravens in a victory. But if he keeps this up, it may be time to put his backup on the Power Rankings.

32. Jay Cutler (29) [ ]
            The Bears should be sick of Cutler by now. I’m a Cutler fan as well, but there’s no reason for the struggles right now. He can’t communicate with his line, there’s tension in the locker room, he keeps throwing ridiculous interceptions (without the TD’s to back himself up) and it’s just reaching the point that Jason Campbell may have to come in and clean up an inexcusable mess.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Redskins vs. Bengals: Keys to Victory

The Redskins face the Bengals in Washington's home-opener. The 3 keys to success are:

Keep the Crowd into it! The fans need something to cheer about, so give them something to cheer about. This is a new season. A new atmosphere. First home game of RGIII. Be quiet when he's commanding the team, and when the defense is on the field, don't let London Fletcher hear himself think. If 87,000 fans can rock FedEx Field, the defense will play with energy. Stop the run, make a play, offense scores on a deep pass.. anything to energize this crowd even more than it should be.

Keep RGIII comfortable. Block for him, call plays that suit his first home appearance, make the crowd comfortable with him and the entire team. If you can keep him comfortable, you'll keep him confident.

Special teams NEEDS to improve. If Brandon Banks can get a long return with a holding or clipping call, the crowd will go nuts. If the team blocks well and doesn't give up returns or allow blocked punts or field goals, this game is ours to win. Both blocked punts so far this season turned into points (TD's), so taking that away should do wonders in making the offense's job easier.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dinner with Barack — Barack Obama

"No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by... " Dinner with Barack — Barack Obama

QB Power Rankings – Week 2

I know this is a little late, so I’ll try not to let the week 3 game between the Giants and the Panthers influence my rankings.

1. Matt Ryan
            He has played tremendous football so far this season, spreading the ball around, playing fast, and making smart decisions. His 5 TD’s:0 INT’s ratio speaks volumes towards his placement on this list after defeating the Chiefs with ease and outplaying Peyton Manning’s Broncos.

2. Philip Rivers
            It hurts me to say this, but this guy has been performing. There’s no run game in San Diego, there’s no star receivers (if you don’t count Gates) and Rivers is still playing some of his best football of his career so far.

3. Ben Roethlisberger
            Yes, he suffered defeat at the hands of Peyton Manning and got punished by the Broncos’ defense, but he responded with an excellent performance against the Jets (even if they were without Revis).

4. Robert Griffin III
            Bias aside, Griffin III is for real. His lone INT was a rare poor choice under duress, and his play has been very good so far. His ability to make plays with his feet, and his tendency to not turn the ball over, have him this high on the list already. In the loss to the Rams, RGIII did everything he could to put the team in position to win.

5. Eli Manning
            After a dud at home in the opener against the Cowboys, Eli and his Giants started slow against the Buccaneers, but Eli came alive in the second half—most notably the 4th quarter—and played possibly the best quarter of football we’ve seen in the last decade with a tremendous come-from-behind victory.

6. Peyton Manning
            18 still has it. Week 1 against the Steelers, Peyton made a statement. Week 2, he started off terrible, and put the Broncos in a hole they couldn’t escape from, but they got close. The way Peyton finished the game against the Falcons says a lot to how effective he still is. He drops slightly following week 1, but his performance late solidified this spot in the rankings.

7. Joe Flacco
            Joe Cool drops this week after what I would have generated him as a top 3 QB last week, struggling to be consistent against the Eagles. While I have more of a problem with Baltimore’s seeming refusal to run the football and take pressure off of Flacco, I still don’t like his decision making from week-to-week. But he’s not turning it over like some, and that’s part of why he’s still this high on the list.

8. Alex Smith
            Yes, Alex Smith, of the San Francisco 49ers. No, he’s not putting up the most amazing numbers in the league (except for 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s), but he’s doing enough to win games and help take pressure off of his running game, yes, off of his running game.

9. Tom Brady
            I had to get to him eventually, and I do believe the Cardinals’ defense is amongst the very best in the league. But Tom Brady lost only his second regular-season game at Gillette Stadium in his career to Kevin Kolb’s Cardinals, and Brady was as much a part of the problem as anyone.

10. Aaron Rodgers
            The Pack lost to the 49ers, after Rodgers almost brought them back. Then they come out and pull away from the Bears (thanks to trickery on special teams) with Rodgers posting a decent performance. So far this season, he hasn’t looked like a #1 Power Ranking QB.

11. Sam Bradford
            Week 1 was nothing to smile about. Week 2 is another story. Bradford picked apart Washington’s zone-defense all game long, and while he had a lot of help from the run game and Jim Haslett’s refusal to adjust to man and the Redskins losing two starters in the front-7, Bradford did all you can ask of any QB – take advantage of what the defense gives you.

12. Mark Sanchez
            What!? You mean the guy who was a write-in to lose his job to Tim Tebow (which could still happen). The fact of the matter is, Mark is playing very good football right now. He stuttered against the Steelers, and that knocked him down on this list.

13. Kevin Kolb
            Yes, Kolb has jumped up this list further than anyone. Week 1 wasn’t as much his doing (save for a clutch TD), as it was Skelton’s, but he walked into Gillette Stadium week 2 against Tom Brady and the Patriots and walked out with a win.

14. Andrew Luck
            After a poor start against the Bears, Luck responded with a big game against the Vikings and really shut one of the better defensive fronts in the league down single-handedly. A response that big could have helped earn him Rookie of the Week honors, and could be the confidence boost he needs to keep his play up.

15. Tony Romo
            There’s still no consistency from Romo, or the team. While I won’t pin the horrible performance against the Seahawks on Romo, it’s still on him to rally the troops a-la Eli Manning and orchestrate something in the second half. Romo and the Cowboys got punched in the mouth, and didn’t swing back.

16. Andy Dalton
            I didn’t like the week 1 performance against the Ravens, but I don’t really like any QB’s chances against the Ravens. But Dalton responded against Cleveland and made big throws, hitting open receivers when they were available, and put the game away.

17. Matt Schaub
            Yeah, he’s a lot better than best of the bottom half of the league, but he’s not throwing. Why would you, with that run game? Either way, he isn’t… and judging him against some of these other QB’s who are making plays, is going to upset people regardless. I’ll leave him here until he has to sling it.

18. Cam Newton
            Legs, deep throws, and a little help from Paul Pier.. err.. Steve Smith. Newton torched the Saints’ defense, and added a win on the season and jumped up in the power rankings.

19. Christian Ponder
            Coming off of a loss to the Colts in which he was infinitely better than his week 1 performance against the Jaguars, Ponder put up solid numbers, but his defense didn’t do enough to be a difference. For Ponder to climb this list, it’s going to take the ability to set a lead and keep it, even when his run game is non-existent (shame on you Adrian Peterson).

20. Russell Wilson
            I want to see this kid pass the football. It has been rare. Then again, why pass when you can run the way the Seahawks do, and play defense as well as they have been playing? However, Wilson is making plays with his feet, and he isn’t making many terrible decisions. I need to see more, though.

21. Ryan Tannehill
            The rookie started the season a little cold, but gained some traction against the Raiders with the help of Reggie Bush. If he can continue playing the way he did Sunday, he’ll rise in the rankings even more.

22. Matthew Stafford
            It almost feels blasphemous to have this kid this low, but 2 TD’s and 4 INT’s and a loss in week 2 really slid Stafford down this list.

23. Mike Vick
            Miraculously, the Eagles are 2-0. Mike Vick hasn’t been a contributor to that. He’s done more to lose games than RGIII has to win games. In fact, Vick should be sitting where Brees is, but the only reason I have him any higher is he actually has 2 wins on the season, and one was in large part to his effort to make a play with his legs to grab the lead against the Ravens.

24. Ryan Fitzpatrick
            What an ugly start to the season, but a response in KC (who I don’t necessarily consider much of a threat) has saved Fitzpatrick a little. He has work to do, as does his team, but he can use this game as a boost to his confidence moving forward.

25. Josh Freeman
            The Bucs were close to putting Manning away. A collapse by the defense, and not much help from the offense and the run game, left the Bucs’ sails windless. Freeman has been better than a lot on this list so far in terms of decision making, but he’s just not that accurate of a passer.

26. Drew Brees
            By far the largest decline in the league. It’s not like Drew isn’t still putting up SOME numbers, but he’s not playing well. He’s making horrible decisions and just can’t seem to get anything going. His defense has been detrimental to his performance as well, but let’s not act like he had a great defense last year.

27. Blaine Gabbert
            Gabbert has been playing okay. He has two losses on the year, but the second loss was against the Texans who are a top 5 team in the league this year. He hasn’t been exceptionally well throwing the football, but he’s not throwing passes to defenders, and that counts for something.

28. Matt Cassel
            He hasn’t been consistent, and he’s not a winner this year. But Cassel’s not the worst of the worst, either. If the Chiefs can get something going on the ground, Cassel will have opportunities to make something happen, but based on what we’ve seen so far, that’s not happening.

29. Jay Cutler
            Could you be any worse than Jay Cutler was against the Packers? I’m sure you can, but that’s by far one of the worst performances we’ve seen so far this season. Jay can blame his O-Line for getting hit… he can’t blame them for when they’re holding off all pressure and he just slings it wherever he wants, bringing Brett Favre back to Lambeau. Jay’s better than this, but he hasn’t played it yet this season.

30. Carson Palmer
            What’s the difference between Palmer and Cutler? Cutler has a win on the year. Palmer hasn’t been playing well, but he also hasn’t been playing outrageously poorly. However, he hasn’t looked to be competent at any point in either game, and that really hurts the former Pro Bowler.

31. Jake Locker
            He still hasn’t put it together. He has talent, and tremendous potential, and Chris Johnson’s horrid performance so far this season has done nothing to make Locker’s Life any easier, but it’s still on Jake to play at a higher level than he has been.

32. Brandon Weeden
            I think this kid has potential to be a good player, but that’s just it, potential. So far this season, he hasn’t looked well at all. He’ll get it together, I’m sure. But until he does, he’ll be sitting right here at the bottom of these rankings.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Redskins Lose Orakpo, Carriker for Season

Brian Orakpo, Adam Carriker out for season with injury - "A season of promise for the Washington Redskins has taken a cruel turn with injuries to Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker on defense.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan confirmed Monday that Orakpo, his star outside linebacker, tore his left pectoral in Sunday's 31-28 loss to the St. Louis Rams." ...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Redskins vs. Rams: Keys To Victory

I've got three keys to victory this week, but I'll expand upon my keys with a few players who need to play particular roles well.

1. Stop the run. This Rams team isn't intimidating, because last year's team lost a run game. This year's team hasn't run effectively one week into the season, but they're a running team with a coach and gameplan which rely on running the rock. If you get beat on the ground, Sam Bradford will beat you through the air. Shut them down, make Bradford try to beat you, and force turnovers.

2. Run the football. I said on Twitter last week that if the Redskins' passing game could be even 3/4 as efficient as they were against the Saints, that they'd not have to worry so significantly about literal handoff rushes. It was very Peyton Manning-esque. Short routes with close to guaranteed completions to keep the clock moving and take chunks of yards up the field. Morris can run, and teams can run vs. St. Louis. Passing won't be as easy vs. this secondary, but keeping them honest with handoffs will give you the throwing rush attack.

3. Tackle. The team did a solid job last week limiting yards after the catch and after first contact, but they let a few things go. Pierre Thomas had a run that got through 4 or 5 arm tackles... the Rams will run through more than that if we're not safe. Attack the football and limit yards to a minimum.

Robert Griffin III needs to play decisively. If he can continue to keep his eyes downfield, make wise decisions, and play for fun, the Redskins can win this game easily. I don't expect anything to be easy, so he's going to have to prove for another week that he has poise.

Alfred Morris needs to keep running physically. This is a style that will wear him down and ultimately could sideline him, but what we need out of him is to be physical, sure, and fall forward at the end of his runs. I don't know that he'll get even one touchdown this week, but if he keeps fighting for yards, he'll be one of our most important contributors.

Leonard Hankerson needs to get open. Watching the film of last week's game back, I saw a lot of him getting lost on pass plays. The Saints did put a safety over the top a few times, but his routes didn't look as clean as they did last season before the injury. He blocked well in the run game though, and on screen passes, so if he can keep that up, life is easier for Griffin and Morris.

Fred Davis has to catch.

Kory Lichtensteiger needs to cut back on the penalties. There was a questionable call, but the guy has to be more responsible than he played. He has another week back under his belt, so he should be better today. Also don't want to see him helping chip Trent Williams' blocks. The Silver Back can handle himself.

Barry Cofield needs to do a little more to blow up the middle of the line. He played a helluva game last week, but he didn't make an impact like Bowen did. If Cofield can get penetration in the backfield to make Bradford step to his side to avoid the rush, sacks will be created and bad throws forced.

Perry Riley needs to use his speed a little more. Out of all of the linebackers on the Redskins who touched the field last week, London Fletcher was the only who showed explosive burst and speed... and he's almost twice as old as Perry Riley is and not known for his speed like Riley is.

The secondary, as a unit, need to play smart every play. Keep being aggressive and physical, but limit penalties. The entire unit gets hurt when one player makes a mistake, and another mistake. I'm glad this is all I have to say about this unit.

Sean's Schooling

econdary Education – English: my major. I made a promise to someone some months ago that I would get back to school. It was a promise I’d made to several people over the years since high school and put off again and again for various “reasons”. It wasn’t until I made this last promise that I realized truthfully that I didn’t have reasons for putting it off, but excuses.
My opinion of school and education in the United States is well-documented. I’m vocal in my dislike of the entire system—school in the United States does nothing to evolve the mind and mental capacity of our youth. But there are avenues offered by college that aren’t offered to the ordinary citizen, and these avenues provide a rich experience for the studious.
Being back in school is both painful and a joy. The costs of education and the financial anchoring of the student should be a crime. It is extortion; it is robbery; it is bribery; it is homicide. Financial Aid offers benefits, a little ease, but you’re still responsible for the cost of education. There are systems in school and Financial Aid that can leave you worse off by not telling you everything upfront knowing they’re protected just by telling you after the fact. Many people are unaware that they can refuse any Financial Aid they’re awarded and do not need or will not use.
I’m a full-time student. My schedule covers Psychology, Algebra & Statistics, Education 101, Education 102 (Field Experience), and English 101 (Distance Learning). For all of the things I enjoy about my college experience—I’m equally as frustrated.
I enjoy Psychology and everything it entails. I dislike Algebra & Statistics and the unbelievable repetitiveness of the content. I love Education 101, although I feel at times I’m being told bold-faced lies. I’m not yet even started with Education 102 but I am looking forward to it. English 101 is a mix of enjoyable and unpleasant; enjoyable because the focus is writing and unpleasant because the focus is often-times on evaluative reading & writing.
The things I disliked about grade school are still prevalent—the repetitive work; the unpleasant focus on evaluative reading & writing with works and topics I have very little interest in. Yet I understand not everything we’ll ever encounter as readers, writers, or any other profession will be enjoyable.
However, I enjoy the environment and the casual relation you can develop with a professor. Foul language can be as prevalent as clean language and you can laugh and feel comfortable. I enjoy the scheduling being able to fit my own wants opposed to the strictly suitable for staff in grade schools. There’s a comfortable nature that is missing from K-12 in the United States, and you can find it in college.
Secondary Education – English is my major. My focus is on becoming an English teacher in a high school, and eventually earning my professorship. My goal is to educate, not school. If that means deviating from the curriculum which I’ve been told is permitted if an approach is approved, then so be it. My degree is Secondary EDUCATION – English. And you’ll learn here on Don’t Laugh, People in the coming days that Education is a goal Han & Luke strive for.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elaborating On Sean's Congratulations

Thank you Sean. That is correct. Today, after that long summer I was whining about earlier, I finally became a graduate. I'm graduating with a first class honours degree in Biomedical Science (for you Americans a first class is the equivalent of a 4.0 GPA). Needless to say I'm over the moon! 7 weeks until graduation day! I can't wait!!

Congratulations to Enigma

...I'll let her go into depth with the news, but she's officially Enigma BSc. !!! Congratulations, Enigma!

Song Of The Day (13/09/12)

This should really be more of a songs of the day or artist of the day post, yes that would be more appropriate.

I just wanted to share Rita Ora with you all. I think she's brilliant - never fails to get me up and dancing! Some of her songs are great to workout too as well.

Firstly, I give you How We Do (Party)


Followed by, R.I.P


And finally, she features on this song with DJ Fresh - Hot Right Now 


I hope you like her as much as I do!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflecting on Summer 2012

So summer has come to a close and in spite of a few things I’ve actually had a good time. I need to apologise for not blogging, but I’ve had tendonitis in my hands and arms, caused by typing – so I really need to stop typing, or get myself a new strange looking keyboard. Tendonitis meant that I couldn’t take my final year exams in May, so my summer was slightly ruined by that – the state of limbo wasn’t fun. I couldn’t go travelling like I intended but I did spend a lot of the time studying which I hope pays off. I had to do my exams at the end of August and my results are out in 2 days. I’m extremely nervous and still in limbo which put a bit of a downer on my birthday yesterday. 

But back to my summer… Living in London the summer of sport has been amazing. I’m so proud of my city and country for putting on two spectacular shows. The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games were breath-taking. I was fortunate enough to get tickets to visit the Olympic Park – amazing experience, great atmosphere, and a wonderful day out! I’m so proud of all the athletes who participated and it’s true what they say, it’s not the colours you leave with, it’s the colours you came in. I think all the athletes did a great job in making us all proud. To the people who volunteered at the games – Games Makers and the Military included, I’m very grateful to them and I’m very pleased that the Games were such a safe event. Especially after the events which unfolded 11 years ago today, and the events that occurred the day after won the bid for the Games. The Olympic and Paralympic Games truly was closure for many Londoners affected on 7/7/2005 which is something money can’t buy.

Signage to the Olympic Venues on the lovely clean London Underground

Mo Farah's Golden Postbox in Teddington

I also joined my fellow towns people and lined the streets awaiting the Olympic Torch Relay and the Women’s and Men’s Cycle Time Trials. It was great to see Bradley Wiggins ZOOM by as he won Gold during the Time Trials, especially after he stuck it to the French during the Tour de France!
Margaret - A Torch Bearer carrying the flame through Kingston-upon-Thames
Lizzie Armitstead smiling at the support during the Time Trials
Wimbledon Tennis – never fails to grab my interest. I was unsure who to support during the Men’s Final at Wimbledon. Supporting Great Britain I wanted Andy Murray to win, but as a huge Roger Federer fan I really wanted him to accomplish another great win at Wimbledon and he did just that. Of course a couple of weeks later we had to relive that same match at the Olympic Games – I supported Murray this time – It was a win he deserved and very much needed. Murray has also just won the US Open – after 76 years of waiting we finally have a win! Serena and Venus Williams – I bow down to them. They will always be my tennis idols and Serena this year has taken the world of tennis by storm – I’m such a traitor but I absolutely love her!

Andy Murray after receiving his Gold medal following his win against Roger Federer at the Olympic Games
Backtracking further, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was another grand event in my country and city, and all over the Commonwealth. As someone who is all about Queen and country I had to attend one of the events so I headed down to the Thames Boat Pageant with one of my besties. It was raining but the atmosphere was indescribable. For the most part everyone was happy – making conversation with complete strangers which became a very unusual but heart-warming trend over summer for Londoners.

Celebrating the weekend in true British style
Back to more recent times though, over the August Bank Holiday Weekend I headed down to Reading Festival. Haven’t been to a festival since 2009 and I definitely felt my age! It was such a great weekend though. I had such a great time catching up with a few old friends. The Foo Fighters were … I have no words. So pleased I went and it was my break away from the stress of education.
Reading Festival - Main Stage
Lastly, to top off my summer, my Redskins did me proud on Sunday! Great early birthday present! Amazing win over the Saints, so happy we drafted RGIII – really excited to see how he progresses this season!
Hail! - Must get an RG3 shirt!
Bottom line: I will never forget 2012 - I am so unbelievably proud to be British and I’m so glad we got to share how great we are with the rest of the world.
Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings - By Night

London Underground Staff trying to keep Londoners positive after the end of an amazing summer!