Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Problems With Madden 13

I’ll be focusing mainly on Connected Careers since I don’t tend to bother with Ultimate Team.

I’ll start with the premise of no editing, and I’ll start more specifically with not being able to manipulate rosters you bring IN to Connected Careers.

Editing Rosters/Custom Rosters

It would have been ideal to have been able to make adjustments to your roster to use in Connected Careers. As it stands, the only thing you can do with an edited roster is take them into Play Now, and that’s never been why I’ve wanted to have an edited roster.

Creating Players To Use In Coach Connected Careers

And then you cannot create a player to bring in and play in your COACH Connected Career. I enjoy “Superstar” mode too, but I’ve always loved the prospect of having a created safety or corner while still being able to run the offense.

Editing Info/Editing Appearance/Editing Equipment

Continuing with edits: you cannot edit a player’s Info (Name, Position, Jersey Number); Appearance (Skin Tone, Hair, Height, Weight); Equipment (any of it). I never cared much for editing traits/ratings, although I suppose with bringing in an edited roster you can account for that if you want, but I don’t care to edit any of that during the Career itself. My problem lies more in not being able to adjust a free agent or a rookie.

As it stands, if you enter free agency with a 4-3 defense in need of a great defensive end, you could be out of the sweepstakes for a 3-4 OLB who you should be able to convert to a DE. If you draft a corner who is a hard hitter and a little bigger than average, you can’t convert him to a safety. It would also be ideal with rookies to adjust appearances so that you don’t have 7 guys on your team who look like they’re exact molds of each other with different hair/facemasks.

Editing Coach Philosophy

Another problem I have is that you cannot edit a coach’s philosophy like you used to be able to do in Franchise Mode, and I don’t believe you’re able to pick and choose a staff of coaches either. But the philosophy thing is a big deal for me. I’d like to choose how aggressive my offense and defense is, and how to prioritize how aggressive I want each position to play. It would also be nice to edit my coach’s base-defense philosophy so that if I want to move from a 3-4 to a 4-3 or vice versa, I could do so without still drafting players for the mandatory philosophy.

Select Opponent's Uniform 

Let me edit my opponent’s uniforms on Sundays. It’s not enough to edit my own team’s uniform, I’d love to edit my opponent’s too. Why have this diverse selection for every team if I can’t adjust it to see my opponent’s uniform options as well as my own team?

Trade Block Menu

Bring back the trade block menu. As of right now, when you place a player on the trade block, you have to wait for the news to come in to My Actions. The odd thing is, someone is ALWAYS on the trade block, and there is no way to find out who from any team other than your own is.

View Entire League From Roster View 

Let me view the entire league when looking at rosters. I want to be able to select “NFL” and then select which position I want to view when trying to find a player. Otherwise I have to go through every single team which accounts for too much time lost in trying to find a player to view.


One Gameplay complaint I have, and it's very minor, I'm sure; after the CPU gets a questionable sideline catch, you can (on PS3) press L2 to challenge the play. The problem is, L2 is also a functional command to key your defense in on a pass or run play, and to spread, pinch, and shift your defense quickly. Well, on the play following a ruling that can be challenged, you're left without the ability to spread your defense or commit to the run or pass, and if you jump right into spreading out vs. the hurry up, you'll burn an unnecessary challenge/timeout.

I'll update this with more, but for now, these are my main problems that need to be addressed, and hopefully can be done in a patch rather than having to wait for Madden 14.