Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflecting on Summer 2012

So summer has come to a close and in spite of a few things I’ve actually had a good time. I need to apologise for not blogging, but I’ve had tendonitis in my hands and arms, caused by typing – so I really need to stop typing, or get myself a new strange looking keyboard. Tendonitis meant that I couldn’t take my final year exams in May, so my summer was slightly ruined by that – the state of limbo wasn’t fun. I couldn’t go travelling like I intended but I did spend a lot of the time studying which I hope pays off. I had to do my exams at the end of August and my results are out in 2 days. I’m extremely nervous and still in limbo which put a bit of a downer on my birthday yesterday. 

But back to my summer… Living in London the summer of sport has been amazing. I’m so proud of my city and country for putting on two spectacular shows. The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games were breath-taking. I was fortunate enough to get tickets to visit the Olympic Park – amazing experience, great atmosphere, and a wonderful day out! I’m so proud of all the athletes who participated and it’s true what they say, it’s not the colours you leave with, it’s the colours you came in. I think all the athletes did a great job in making us all proud. To the people who volunteered at the games – Games Makers and the Military included, I’m very grateful to them and I’m very pleased that the Games were such a safe event. Especially after the events which unfolded 11 years ago today, and the events that occurred the day after won the bid for the Games. The Olympic and Paralympic Games truly was closure for many Londoners affected on 7/7/2005 which is something money can’t buy.

Signage to the Olympic Venues on the lovely clean London Underground

Mo Farah's Golden Postbox in Teddington

I also joined my fellow towns people and lined the streets awaiting the Olympic Torch Relay and the Women’s and Men’s Cycle Time Trials. It was great to see Bradley Wiggins ZOOM by as he won Gold during the Time Trials, especially after he stuck it to the French during the Tour de France!
Margaret - A Torch Bearer carrying the flame through Kingston-upon-Thames
Lizzie Armitstead smiling at the support during the Time Trials
Wimbledon Tennis – never fails to grab my interest. I was unsure who to support during the Men’s Final at Wimbledon. Supporting Great Britain I wanted Andy Murray to win, but as a huge Roger Federer fan I really wanted him to accomplish another great win at Wimbledon and he did just that. Of course a couple of weeks later we had to relive that same match at the Olympic Games – I supported Murray this time – It was a win he deserved and very much needed. Murray has also just won the US Open – after 76 years of waiting we finally have a win! Serena and Venus Williams – I bow down to them. They will always be my tennis idols and Serena this year has taken the world of tennis by storm – I’m such a traitor but I absolutely love her!

Andy Murray after receiving his Gold medal following his win against Roger Federer at the Olympic Games
Backtracking further, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was another grand event in my country and city, and all over the Commonwealth. As someone who is all about Queen and country I had to attend one of the events so I headed down to the Thames Boat Pageant with one of my besties. It was raining but the atmosphere was indescribable. For the most part everyone was happy – making conversation with complete strangers which became a very unusual but heart-warming trend over summer for Londoners.

Celebrating the weekend in true British style
Back to more recent times though, over the August Bank Holiday Weekend I headed down to Reading Festival. Haven’t been to a festival since 2009 and I definitely felt my age! It was such a great weekend though. I had such a great time catching up with a few old friends. The Foo Fighters were … I have no words. So pleased I went and it was my break away from the stress of education.
Reading Festival - Main Stage
Lastly, to top off my summer, my Redskins did me proud on Sunday! Great early birthday present! Amazing win over the Saints, so happy we drafted RGIII – really excited to see how he progresses this season!
Hail! - Must get an RG3 shirt!
Bottom line: I will never forget 2012 - I am so unbelievably proud to be British and I’m so glad we got to share how great we are with the rest of the world.
Tower Bridge with the Olympic Rings - By Night

London Underground Staff trying to keep Londoners positive after the end of an amazing summer!