Saturday, October 6, 2012

Redskins vs. Falcons: Keys to the Game

With the Redskins set to host the Falcons, there are some very important keys to winning this game, which IS a winnable game.

1. Throw the football. The Falcons don't have the most reliable secondary; they confuse offenses with their schemes and dropping their front 7 into coverage. But without Brent Grimes, they're beatable. Throw the ball, make them commit to stopping the pass with unique coverage and then...

2. Run it down their throats. The Falcons don't have a good run defense. They're 29th in the league. They're also a finesse defense, meaning they rely on speed to stop speed (a move they were vocal about because they wanted to compete with the Saints). They give up a lot of weight and strength, which means Morris can run through that defense, and run them over.

3. Incorporate Fred Davis early and often. Much like Morris, Davis will benefit greatly from playing this finesse defense. Davis is a beast when he gets the ball in his hands, he's tough to bring down, and he fights for yards. Atlanta hasn't been great stopping big guys after the catch, so let Davis grab a few and fight for yards.

4. Limit timed throws and be precise with speedy receivers. Atlanta can keep up with anyone. They can bat it down or undercut a route and pick it off. Timing works when you can beat your man... not so much if he jams you or does what the Falcons do, run with you stride for stride. Be precise, hit the open man, and the receiver HAS to protect the ball as Atlanta is good at knocking it out.

5. Don't let Turner get involved! Turner hasn't been involved yet, and the Redskins can't be the team to let it happen. When they go to Turner, swarm him, and stuff him. If you take Turner out, you force Ryan to throw, and Ryan's win-loss record when Turner isn't running well isn't in his favor. The Redskins don't have the best run-defense, but there was some inflation in St. Louis, and this defense can tackle a lot better than it did that game.

6. Jam the receivers. Throw off the timing. Ryan/Jones already don't have the best chemistry (props to @HTTR_247 for the studying) and you can REALLY throw that off playing physical. You HAVE to jam Roddy White and throw off his timing with Ryan as well. Take White out of the game and make Jones beat you with his poor depth on his routes. Gonzalez may just be unstoppable, and that's a tough pill to swallow but sometimes you just have to accept that a guy is going to get his numbers, especially shutting out so many others. Even still, try to make life tough on him and hit him hard when he's touching the ball.

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