Thursday, October 4, 2012

RGIII - NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month [September]

Robert Griffin III (RG3, RGIII, Bob Griffin) is your Offensive Rookie of the Month for September 2012. It's not surprising at all. Griffin has far and away been the most exciting and productive rookie, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Griffin, for the month, is 86-of-124, tied for second place in the league in completion percentage at 69.4%. His 1,070 passing yards has him ranked 10th in the league, and he's the 3rd player (only because Tannehill played earlier in the day on Sunday) in NFL history to post 1,000+ yards through the first 4 weeks of a rookie season. His 8.6 yards per pass rank him 3rd in the NFL. He's tied for 23rd in the league with 4 passing touchdowns on the season, but only has 1 INT through the first 4 games. He's 5th in the NFL in passes of 20+ yards, and tied for 10th in the league in passes of 40+ yards. Tied for 11th MOST sacked in the NFL. Ranked 4th in the league in QB Rating. He also ranks 18th in the league in rushing yards. He is tied for the league lead in rushing touchdowns with 4. He also hasn't had a run longer than 19 yards, so his stats aren't too inflated by a long run.

Griffin is also tied for the team record in rushing touchdowns in a season by a quarterback, and holds the team record for rushing yards in a season by a quarterback, and is only 4 games into his rookie campaign.

The magnetic Griffin has captivated fans all around the league, and it's very difficult not to like him. He has displayed poise, leadership, tenacity, toughness, and a knack for the game so far in his brief career. He has shown every game that he's willing to bail on the open run for a big pass, and not bail on the pass for a big run unless it's what the team absolutely needs. Griffin repeatedly shows his ability to make the play that best suits the team, and has twice impressed in no-huddle, hurry-up offense.

Congratulations, RGIII.

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