Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Vacation in London!!!

I haven't blogged in a while, and didn't yesterday.

I'm safe and sound here in London (or, Wimbledon to be exact). The flight (British Airways) was a long, agonizing journey. Walking through the terminal to board the plane, some lady decided she was just going to sneeze germs all over the place and pocketed her hands to do so like it was some sort of compulsive disorder. I immediately felt my immune system going to work to fight her damn germs. She sneezed multiple times on the plane as well. I was beside a lady on the plane who sang the entire way. Oddly enough, she had a very beautiful voice, but there's only so many songs in a row I can listen to by a single person before I go nuts... not to mention we took off at 10:30pm EST and landed at 10:30am local time at Heathrow... so it wasn't that joyful hearing singing all night when I intended to get some sleep. Speaking of sleep, there's absolutely no way imaginable to get comfortable in British Airways Economy to do so. As comfy as the actual flight was (hardly any turbulence), the seats are extremely uncomfortable. No leg room for someone under 6'0, and I'm 6'5 on my best days. No way you can rest upright and sleep without slumping over into the disaster position and scaring the fuck out of the entire population of the plane. Turning to the side doesn't work unless you intend to snuggle with your neighbor, who (not the singing lady, another lady) ironically looked a little like me. Before landing, one of the passengers "took ill" and needed medical attention upon landing, so we weren't allowed to exit the plane until paramedics got on and even then, it was difficult to get out.

I also, for the life of me, cannot figure out why when deboarding a plane, the flight crew doesn't make you do it row by row rather than everyone jump up at once and create a jam.

Anyways, I'm here in my studio relaxed after hitting the pub last night and finally getting some sleep after only 5 hours tops Saturday and Sunday night, and had an amazing Christmas with my lady today.

Hopefully I'll be keeping you all posted over the next 5 weeks.