Friday, February 8, 2013

A Writer's Desire

'..As you relax, spread across the desk,
dressed in leather...
I cannot escape the thought that is embedded within my mind,
of you being naked beneath that dress.
Bare to the world who peers within the window.'

If only for this night I'll confide my secrets within you.
To share those deepest emotions and fantasies.
And confess the passion. Read your entire surface.
To feel connected to you through trust.
As I open your dress and grip within,
Holding you tight yet still providing comfort.
You slowly begin dancing against a pole,
Leaving your movements of this moment etched into memory.

I read your body language as you endure
The tattooing of your interior being.
I cannot make a mistake, for fear o' fault
And for the e'erlasting practice.
Our bond grows and our chemistry smooth
By the time the art of creation is finished.

"The first break exposes your permanent presence.."

I turn you over...
Taking a moment to enjoy in admiration.
Adoring your bare canvas
My knowledge swerves because of stimulation.
My eyes close and tears of joy join together.
One falls from my cheek to land upon your flesh.
Perhaps now we can relate more directly.


Silence falls upon us... Not complete silence
My breath still fills my ears
And my hand gliding across your flesh
This personal ecstasy
Drowns my desire of fulfillment

"Now I'm finished..."

The climax...
I sit back and relax.
Watching as you lay on my desk
Still naked by not bare
Filled with the art
Which you gladly accepted.

I glance one last time
Before watching you cover in that leather dress.
Locking all of our actions within
As I help to tie your back
And caress your spine
Before I send you away.

'..The book that we spend time filling with our knowledge and thoughts
Is the same book we desire spending time filled with emotions.
And holding, until she gives us the pleasure we seek.
I love her, because she doesn't leave me
Or tell my secrets without my consent.'