Thursday, April 18, 2013

Washington Redskins 2013 Schedule

The NFL released the official schedule today and the entire football world is abuzz with hopes and hypes and declaring themselves in position to make a run for destiny. Let's take a look at the Redskins' schedule and what it possibly means for the team in 2013-14.

Week 1: Monday, September 9 vs. Philadelphia Eagles; 7:10pm
Week 2: Sunday, September 15 @ Green Bay Packers; 1:00pm
Week 3: Sunday, September 22 vs. Detroit Lions; 1:00pm
Week 4: Sunday, September 29 @ Oakland Raiders; 4:25pm
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: Sunday, October 13 @ Dallas Cowboys; 8:30pm
Week 7: Sunday, October 20 vs. Chicago Bears; 1:00pm
Week 8: Sunday, October 27 @ Denver Broncos; 4:25pm
Week 9: Sunday, November 3 vs. San Diego Chargers; 1:00pm
Week 10: Thursday, November 7 @ Minnesota Vikings; 8:25pm
Week 11: Sunday, November 17 @ Philadelphia Eagles; 1:00pm
Week 12: Monday, November 25 vs. San Francisco 49ers; 8:40pm
Week 13: Sunday, December 1 vs. New York Giants; 8:30pm
Week 14: Sunday, December 8 vs. Kansas City Chiefs; 1:00pm
Week 15: Sunday, December 15 @ Atlanta Falcons; 1:00pm
Week 16: Sunday, December 22 vs. Dallas Cowboys; 1:00pm
Week 17: Sunday, December 29 @ New York Giants; 1:00pm

Depending on playoff scenarios, the NFL's Flex Scheduling can alter the start times of games from weeks 11-17, which means the Redskins could lose two of their primetime games, or gain more.

What stands out to me is the Bye week falling on week 5 for the Redskins. This is a little earlier than ideal as it leaves you with 3 full months of football, and while there is a 10-day break between the Thursday night game against the Vikings and the next game against the Eagles, that thursday night game also falls just 4 days after a game against the Chargers. However, the first 4 games of the season aren't particularly intimidating. All division games are tough, but the Eagles don't stand out as a real threat. The Packers will be tough. The Redskins can defeat the Lions and the Raiders weren't so good last season and have a new coach this year.

The first thing I thought when I looked at the schedule, is that Mike Shanahan could opt to keep Robert Griffin III out for the first month through the bye, allowing RGIII to return in week 6 in Dallas, where Robert received quite the welcome in his Thanksgiving Day Debut in 2012 for a huge win. Basically, I view the Glory Hole as Robert's house now, and from an economical standpoint, what better way to build a game/return/rivalry than having RG3 return from his knee injury against the Cowboys?

What it also does is give the Redskins a comprehensive look at Kirk Cousins and evaluating his value for whether to retain him long-term, or boost his worth for other teams looking to make a trade. The Redskins will have Fred Davis and Brian Orakpo back, and we're assuming they will have upgraded the safety position over what it was last year... so Kirk Cousins' job may be even less difficult.

But RG3 is aiming for week 1, as is everyone else. We want him to take all the time his body needs, but if he's healthy, a primetime division game against the Eagles to open the season would definitely be the way to come back and make your statement. And RG3 has shown us so far that he loves the spotlight, and so far, has excelled in it.

Now, for the rest of the schedule? There are 5 division games following the Bye week and the Redskins, NFC East Division Champions in 2012, face other NFC division champions in the Falcons and 49ers. There are also a total of 5 primetime games for the Redskins this season... hmm, 5 seems to be recurring here...

What are your thoughts on the Redskins schedule in 2013-14? Should they rest RG3 and bring him back after the bye? What game(s) are you most looking forward to?