Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Change the World

Before I begin, I know there will be a lot of people who read this post and feel like they just wasted their time. I know there will be others who read it and maybe it stirs some emotion, but they then will ultimately revert. But some, maybe one or two, hopefully as many of you who do read this, will take up the challenge to change.

For as long as I can remember interacting with @AllanGraye, we have talked about changing this planet. Of course, our focus is to start small with a community online, or at home in our immediate location, or with family and friends, and eventually on a county-wide to state-wide to nation-wide level. Ultimately, we want to change the globe as a whole.

Freedom is the goal. Apathy is the enemy.

And to be free is to be free of coercion. Is this coercion I speak of an illusion? In a sense, yes - there is no gun to our heads forcing us to act in a certain way. But we are certainly conditioned to behave a certain way by unwritten social norms, laws, schooling and instilled familial or cultural values. To be freed of the coercion those social constructs impose, we must arm ourselves and our progeny with the tools of logical reasoning and critical thinking. We must mold beings capable of sound reasoning, beings capable of rationalizing when it is sensible to build upon accepted norms, or think beyond them. When freed of internalized social coercion, we can begin to grow toward freeing ourselves of government. Our goal, then, is to establish a truly free society where humanity exists as it should, as student of divine Nature, God, as master of Self, Love, and defender of life, Wholeness. Thus, our work is not to eradicate the cultures and customs of the world, but expand our knowledge of them and refine our own. Our work is not to destroy the law, but to renovate it in such a way that the behavior it is meant to encourage becomes unspoken custom. Our work is not to eliminate education, but to retool the system by which it is administered, so that people are more capable of understanding the supreme value of Self within the context of the absolute necessity of interdependence. We can change, and through our evolution will come the growth of the world.

The problem with telling people to change things is their unwillingness to change. We as humans are so content with what we know that we are terrified to explore uncharted territory. But change is not a bad thing, especially when the goodness of humanity is the goal.

In fact, change must be recognized in that fashion, as not evil, for it is in contentment that the greatest villain of our times lies: Apathy. That sense within us that there is no need to change, no need to act, no need to do, no need to care. It is from that emptiness that we allow social constructs to warp our perceptions to the point where we come to perceive any innocuous and negligible difference between us as a foul and detestable deviance. In truth, there are no significant differences between you and I, save the few nuances in thought that make you, you, and me, me. Be you man or woman, "black" or "white", "dark skinned" or "light skinned", "gay" or "straight", Christian or Muslim, it still stands that at our cores, we all hunger, thirst, lust, crave safety of being and desire for companionship, camaraderie and community. And at present, we do not respect nor care about those needs in the people beyond and even in our immediate lives - and this must change. And it can.

Look at Gay Rights. Look at Women's Rights. Look at Civil Rights. Look at the American Revolution. Revolution... ahh. There's a term that carries such a negative stigma that it has almost become a pejorative. But revolutions are good. Revolutions are necessary. Revolutions are inevitable--or so I used to think.

It turns out, people are so terrified of the word "revolution" and the change that comes of it that we cannot actually revolt. People automatically assume a revolution is a violent upheaval or a deadly overthrow. The fact of the matter is, we can revolt peacefully. Yes, actions are louder than words, but the pen is mightier than the sword. Basically, if you can write a speech in the midst of conflict and deliver it with the sort of passion that both demands and commands respect, you can change the world.

...change the world?


...Change the world.

Having read to this point, you may still disregard these words, thinking this post to be yet another list of complaints by typical whiners - men who perceive disunity, recognize wrongs, but do nothing but talk. But the difference here is significant: these are not grievances. These are the enraged snarls of caged warriors, distraught over the suffering in their world and hellbent on change. This is no complaint, this is a warning - we, by any means necessary, will stand against the evils that endanger, harm and destroy our fellow man and our world. That may call violent imagery to mind, but no. What we speak of is acting in concert to free ourselves, meaning all men, women and children, from our self-imposed shackles. What we mean here is speaking with conviction to instill faith in one another. The world is ripe for change... And it's waiting on you.

Is it in you to follow an idea so vast and so broad that it will synchronously fall upon the people in the light of the sun and in the darkness of the shadow that same sun casts? Do what you know is right and change the world.