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Looking Forward To The NFL Season...

In London, it's difficult to keep up with hockey back home, though I think Ovi and the Caps are still kicking ass right now... ...I'm doing everything I can to keep up with the NFL off-season... and have no clue what's happening in the NBA at the moment... but the NFL is getting very intense with draft right here! The schedule release really seems like it's setting us up for a great season, although I feel some teams are getting huge breaks this year that don't need them. Ben Roethlisberger on the trade block? McNabb on the Redskins? Holmes to the Jets? Haynesworth possibly sent elsewhere!? I think I remember again why I love this game 24/7/365! I'm ready to see new schemes, new coaches, new and old playmakers, new matchups... and I'm ready for it NOW! While I'm upset I'll be leaving London, I do find some comfort in the fact that I'll have some (American) football back in the States! I hope to be back home in London in September when the sea

Checkin' In...

What's up again, everyone? I'm chillin' out here in London right now, and I gotta rant about the NFL and my Redskins a little bit. First of all, McNabb deal: awesome. We trade a 2nd Round draft pick this year, and based on the performance of McNabb, a 3rd or 4th round pic next year. McNabb has been a mainstay Pro-Bowler and one of the elite QB's in the league, let alone the NFC since being drafted by the Eagles. People can talk all they want about how McNabb isn’t the most accurate blah blah in the league and all that all they like... but he’s still one of the best QB’s in the NFL, and now he’s in a city that will appreciate the effort he puts forth in Washington. What else does this do to the team though? I think they embrace someone who has consistently dominated, especially within our own division, to our very own defense... and I think it makes our defense better when they see him in practice doing what he’s done to them in games. I think it opens up the entire pa