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What's up again, everyone? I'm chillin' out here in London right now, and I gotta rant about the NFL and my Redskins a little bit.

First of all, McNabb deal: awesome. We trade a 2nd Round draft pick this year, and based on the performance of McNabb, a 3rd or 4th round pic next year. McNabb has been a mainstay Pro-Bowler and one of the elite QB's in the league, let alone the NFC since being drafted by the Eagles. People can talk all they want about how McNabb isn’t the most accurate blah blah in the league and all that all they like... but he’s still one of the best QB’s in the NFL, and now he’s in a city that will appreciate the effort he puts forth in Washington.

What else does this do to the team though? I think they embrace someone who has consistently dominated, especially within our own division, to our very own defense... and I think it makes our defense better when they see him in practice doing what he’s done to them in games. I think it opens up the entire pass game to have a guy who they know is a proven vet, and not someone who is still trying to prove himself.

Now I still love Jason Campbell, and I don’t like that he won’t be starting for us anymore, unless he wows coaches in his competition with McNabb. I don’t want to see the guy traded unless it’s absolutely necessary... and I believe it’s very possible we could see him traded to someone who could use his help and his playstyle... but won’t give him what he needs around him. I think this man has proven his toughness, and his determination to fight, and he’s not been given the proper surroundings to find success in his career. I think with that opportunity, he’ll find his success... or maybe McNabb can teach him and help him grow from here on out. Let’s keep in mind, this is the last QB that Joe Gibbs drafted... so as Skins fans, we should have a love and respect for Campbell starting there. His numbers have been pretty solid considering that the run game started to sputter since midway through the ’08-’09 season, and he still managed to post career highs in yardage and completions, and completion percentage. And with the rate of injury to guys like Cooley and the young receivers not stepping up to their pre-draft potential... you should be impressed with his ability.

But to be honest, I think McNabb is the motivator who can make these guys rise to the challenge and overcome the obstacles... not saying Campbell can’t/couldn’t do that... I’m sure he could with the right opportunities again... but McNabb is the kind of guy who has that opportunity now, and I don’t see him choking on this situation...


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