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World Cup 2010 - United States of America vs. England

Good game today, 1-1 draw... but I felt we should have been more competitive offensively. Tempo was weak, no momentum was carried over from the extremely impressive defensive performance. Should have had a lot better attempts to catch passes, and passing in general, and need to run a bit more. But loved the way the defense really took over. Great game by Tim Howard.

NFL’s Most Feared Players In 2010-2011 Season

Alright, I’ll be running down the 20 most feared players on offense, and the 20 most feared on defense. Several guys might get a nod for their special teams play. Offense: 1. Chris Johnson , RB Tennessee – Hard to even think of notching him down a year after he set the single season record for yards from scrimmage and became only the 6th player to achieve 2000 yards rushing in a single season. Oh, and did I mention only the 1st to do it in his second year? Johnson’s speed and evasiveness pretty much ensure he doesn’t sustain injury, meaning he’s got longevity in his favor. He’s a threat as a receiver out of the backfield or in the slot as well. Defenses beware – Every Coaches Dream is a nightmare! 2. Peyton Manning , QB Indianapolis – If you would have told me a year ago that anyone would be scarier than Manning, I’d have laughed and moved along. This year, it’s true. But that doesn’t make Manning any less frightening. By far the most football-intelligent player in the le