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Troy Polamalu's Hair... now worth more than almost anything most people own. Lloyds of London wrote up a policy for Troy Polamalu's recognizable mane, more than doubling the worth of his endorsement under child company Head & Shoulders shampoo. It's definitely not the first (or last) crazy insurance policy. Everything from toenails to chest hair have been insured. Polamalu is the first NFL player to insure their hair. It's covered for the entire season. That means if he finds his hands in possession of the football, and someone decides to yank him down by those long locks and rips out a good bulk of his scalp-cover, he'll be given a hefty and healthy return on his benefits. I'm almost intrigued to see what other oddball coverage he has on his hair, and if even trimming potential split-ends could result in personal damages and not cover his policy. Surely this story will be made into far more than it's worth (not as though it's already not worth far too much),

Mike Shanahan's Impact

When Mike Shanahan was hired to be the Washington Redskins’ new head coach in February of this year, he brought about a change to the organization, and it’s aura that we Redskins’ fans had prayed for (even through the second stint of Joe Gibbs). There was change to be made on the field, and change to be made off the field. Much of this change has gone, not unnoticed but unspoken rather. The world surrounding the Redskins has heard solely about rift between Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth (which I will get to here shortly). Mike Shanahan brought with him Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett. Haslett’s arrival meant the retirement of Greg Blache, and in the same breath, the retirement of the Redskins 4-3 defense. Haslett’s scheme is built around the 3-4, an overly aggressive scheme, which brings about exotic blitzes, coverage, and a violent knack for hitting the ball carrier. Haslett brought with him the passion the defense lacked in their chess-match scheme run under Bla

Afterthoughts: NY Jets vs. Washington Redskins

I was really impressed with the Redskins performance last night, overall. There were some poor throws, some critical dropped passes, and a couple bad performances along the offensive line (see snap to Grossman on the safety). Defensively, the Redskins played brilliant football. Every man was responsible for his gap. Playing against the #1 rushing offense in football from a season ago, to see the Redskins play their gaps, and attack at the line with the free man was a thing of beauty. On LaDanian Tomlinson's long rush play, LaRon Landry botched his tackle with a bad angle on LT's cut-back in that zone-blocking scheme. Our front-7 did their job, and the corners got out and made the play downfield (which they didn't do well last season). Landry knew the bulk of that run was his fault. The team strapped down and limited those mistakes the rest of the game. Coverage was strong, and the team didn't allow many yards after the catch. A lot of "exotic" blitze

You May Be Asking Yourself...

"So, what are we going to do tonight, Brain?" The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try and take over the world! I've sat by long enough with these ideas, yet never putting them in motion. It's time to get the ball rolling. Floor the pedal. It's time to make those moves I preach need to be made in order to find success in this here writing thing. "So Brain, how are we going to do that?" My plans will not be foiled any longer. ESPN, NFL, Yahoo!, MSN... you're all on my hit-list. I'm going to find my way to work for one of you, and the rest will be sucking my toes begging me to join forces with you. Pinky, tonight... I unleash my greatest plan yet... tonight, I take the initiative. "Well gee, Brain. Don't you think you should tell me so I can't screw it up?" I would, but this time, you're not going to spoil my adventure. This time, I go to war alone. This time, nothing foils my plate! Okay, but serio

Washington Redskins Defense

I said a year ago here on the blog that, the Redskins with the draft of Brian Orakpo seemed to be hoping to land a coach (whom at the time I believed was Bill Cowher) who would transition them towards the 3-4 defense. Former Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache had used a few 3-4 formations each year, but that percentage was very slim. When the season ended, and Zorn was gone... I waited and waited to hear about the Redskins grabbing Cowher. They instead brought in Mike Shanahan, and he brought with him, Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett. At that very moment, the world knew the Redskins would be transforming their defense to a more physical, less and ready-to-react version of the 3-4, with hints of the 4-3 still spiced in. Haslett played it down, not wanting to call it an all-out 3-4 defense, but the basis of his entire scheme revolves around the 3-4. Where it gets scary for opposing offenses is you just took a great defense, and are now putting them in position to make plays to

Sidney Rice Has Surgery

Now the Vikings look even more vulnerable than they did before Favre returned, and they've GOT #4 there. Favre and Rice were both injured in last year's NFC Championship loss vs. the New Orleans Saints. Rice opted against offseason surgery. He's been on the Physically Unable to Perform list this offseason, and running drills and routes on the sideline, unable to go full speed because he "feels a little pain". He finally decided to have the surgery, which will keep him out through the first six weeks of the regular season. Fellow wideout Percy Harvin is suffering from a scary spell which is believed to be related to his migraines and although he's a threat to be a big-time contributor when healthy, nobody knows how healthy he will be at any given snap. The Vikings are left with a familiar face for Favre... but an unfamiliar face to the league the past few years, in Javon Walker. It's not a foregone conclusion, but the odds highly favor Rice and Ha

Every Cloud...

...has a silver lining. From some of my earliest memories, this is a lesson that stands out, and usually true. And from the literal standpoint, always true. But what I've found is, even the people who preach this in their own favor refuse to believe it with another person's situation. Because of people's judgment, I've found my own cloud has no silver lining in the perception of others. My mistakes may have made impossible the ability to live the life which most suits, and benefits me. Because of my grades in school, I'm forced to find a more difficult way in which to go spend my life the way that appeals to me. When I was in school, my at-home life was very troubled, in every sense of the word. Without going too into detail for everyone, I lost sleep, peace, and wasn't the center of attention to my parents when I most needed to be. Yet nobody did anything they needed to do in order to help resolve the issues. Now everyone will tell me that I'm the

Ban High Fructose Corn Syrup!

And visit their blog, HERE . Because these guys say so! And because I've blogged about it before... The more support we get, the better. And the healthier the all of us will be! Europe itself is proof that HFCS is horrid. The only people out of shape over there are tourists (usually American). So follow, support, and help us convert back to sugar!

So When I Started This Thing... goal was to post almost daily. Failed. My goal was to blog about sports regularly. Failed. My goal was to blog about my book. Mega-fail. Well today, I reconcile all that... as I start blogging daily, for sure. *Check - this one counts for today!* In the sports world, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan reportedly spoke with Albert Haynesworth, though would not disclose the information regarding how the chat went. Teammates were quoted as saying Albert is on board. Starting Free Safety (although Haslett strongly proclaims there is no free or strong safety, just left and right) Kareem Moore is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after having a minor surgery on his strained/sprained knee. Reed Doughty and Christ Horton will compete for the starting job while Moore is out. One would assume Moore would have to fight to re-earn his starting spot upon returning from injury, but surely should have done enough to maintain a roster spot on the team. Lastly, my book

Why You're Bitches...

...this is the first installment of my age-old rant series. I'm bringing it here to the blog, because the most important person in my life suggested I do so >_>. So here goes... nothing? Today's targets, while very unoriginal and basic, also come to mind with... well... nothing unoriginal (according to Yahoo! and every other news/opinion outlet in the media). Well, perhaps some of you will feel that my thoughts and remarks will be disrespectful, incorrect, and perhaps a little over the top; but if you find yourself taking that kind of offense to my comments <--- that is Why You're Bitches. Now, Barack Obama, Iran, and Stephen Strasburg, let me tell you Why You're Bitches. Mr. President, while I acknowledge you've broken barriers and crossed footbridges with missing planks and all that other great, chipper, exciting, motivational shit you've done - you still aren't the man. In fact, you aren't much of anything sensational, even th

Brain Cells vs. Star Wars

More precisely, Star Wars Episode V... when Luke is attacked by the Wampa and lost in the snowy desert of Hoth. My uncle, yesterday having a few beers at a friend's place for a little get-together, reminded me of something my father used to say. His reference was towards a character he knew "back-in-the-day" that was a little off. A friend, Andy, had concluded that the man had two brain cells, because it takes one to be lost, and one to collide with it and have a thought. *Pardon if I've slaughtered it at all. If I have, who the Hell cares besides my uncle? He'll come in, correct it (humorously I might add) in a comment, and we'll all be far better off and no further along than prior anyways having read his brilliant comment >_>!* My father always insisted, "I've got at least two brain cells... one got lost, and the other got lost looking for it." It took me until yesterday to find a parallel in film (albeit not perfect, but good

Thoughts On Redskins vs. Ravens

Not a great performance by any measure. Several players made some key plays, but several players made nothing. But I have to chalk it up to building some character. We looked like a team with a hand tied behind it's back vs. a gang of ruthless savages... which was somewhat expected. Now, I'm no member of the coaching staff, and you never want to see 0 touchdowns put up by your team in a game, but I also believe that our preseason gameplan is nothing of indication as to what to expect come time for the regular season. There's no way Mike Shanahan is giving any opposing team enough footage to study yet... especially considering we open the regular season, Sunday Night prime-time Football, against our greatest rival - The Dallas Cowboys. The element of surprise is key. I've seen very little of this Chris Cooley/Fred Davis on the field at the same time gameplan that the Shanahan's have hinted at, and I see a defense still trying to staple down their timing wit

Redskins vs. Ravens

Pre-season game tonight, 4th time in 5 years the two teams have faced. Last year Baltimore ran over the Skins while Washington laid a goose-egg. This year, the feeling is different with both teams. The Ravens add another dimension to a high-powered offense with a solid receiving corps, particularly my most underrated player in the league, Anquan Boldin, and wily veteran Dante Stallworth. The passing game struggled in recent years due to lack of depth at the position. Behind Derrick Mason, the group was in a constant state of flux, also hurting the group was the oft-injured Todd Heap, who is as dynamic a threat receiving as most Tight End's in the game. This year, bolstering the group has made Baltimore seemingly a juggernaut on paper, and if the receivers can contribute even to 75% of their usual prowess, the offense will be that juggernaut. The Redskins, however, have a new attitude they've not had since Joe Gibbs... and perhaps since Gibbs' first run as Head

Louisiana Journey (Part II)

Over the course of the next couple of months, a few trips to a local neurologist, and another diagnosis, the stay had definitely begun to prolong. My grandfather was now being treated for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy . His treatment was plasmapheresis (plasma exchange) and extensive physical therapy. During this time, my uncle and I were working down in Hackberry, LA on a couple monster decks. And when I say monster decks, I mean it. These decks stood all of 10 feet high (give or take a few inches) and in the intense heat, finding shade was barely enough to settle it. Needless to say, in three weeks, we knocked 'em out and that was that. I still need to get pictures of the decks, something I need to discuss with my uncle. In the meantime, the first round of my grandfather's IV went fairly well, and with the physical therapy, he showed improvement in his strength, and stamina, but after two weeks, we needed more, as we hit the wall that they sugges

Some Thoughts On The NFL

First of all, it was nice to see that 42-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills by my Skins last week. I thought it was an impressive performance all around, particularly on defense. They say defenses are usually ahead, but Buffalo is still running a familiar offense and a new defense themselves, and it didn't stop us from turning it on. Albeit, it was nowhere near a perfect game, or great enough to get it done in the regular season, it was impressive. Haynesworth buying into the 3-4 gives me a lot of hope, because love him or hate him, he IS a force when he's on the field. Brandon Banks' punt return TD was amazing, particularly because Santana Moss has been our only substantial punt returner the last half-decade, and he hasn't returned enough to be considered part-time punt returner. I have faith in this kid Banks becoming a force in football. Loved the DC shout to Wizards' PG Wall with the dance . Continuing on my Redskins - I've wondered for the longest why

Just An Update...

...sorry I've been absent. Stress, and possibly illness, has run it's course with me over the last two and a half weeks. *Knock on wood* I think it's safe to say I'm starting to recover, but last time I thought that, I ended up going to the doctor to be sure I was alright enough to not be laid up in a hospital bed with a drip. Needless to say, it HAS been an interesting two weeks (not just the illness). The first week was spent dealing with loss, but trying to enjoy myself and the surrounding of family (which I'll get to later). The past week and a half, I've spent with my aunt, uncle, and their two children. I have to take this time out to thank them for their hospitality, and whether they know it or not, giving me the honor of loafing around a bit while I try to recover from whatever it is/was that's truly bugging me. So much can be said about how they're only doing what family is supposed to do (something I personally believe I know all about)..

Louisiana Journey (Part I)

The journey started (or re-started for the sake of continuance of the relationship between my grandparents and I) on March 1st, 2009. A few days earlier, I had discussed with my aunt a plan to make my way to Louisiana in order to help take care of my sick grandfather. From what we knew at that point, he had been suffering from the results of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, presumably from a trip to another of my aunt’s wedding in North Carolina the summer before. The aunt calling me down tells it as though I had been in some sort of indecisiveness towards coming down, which is untrue. I was skeptical about my situation with the girl I was in love with and how my relationship would pan out with even more distance between the two of us. I wasn’t skeptical about my traveling to help. So March 1st rolls around, my bags are packed, and my stomach is in knots. It would only be the second time in my life that I had been on a plane, and the first time being alone on one. My father drov

The Haynesworth Saga

For anyone who is unaware with the Albert Haynesworth situation in the Washington, DC area, I must wonder for the sake of when Armageddon occurs... where is the rock you've been living under? Haynesworth finally passed his conditioning test, apparently in a fairly impressive time. It sounds to me as though they've gotten Haynesworth in, as Shanahan has so aptly defined as, "football shape". I took great interest in the fact that Haynesworth was in camp... even after failing the first two attempts at the sprint. I'll allow the injury excuse for missing several days on the basis that, Haynesworth sat and studied the defense. Throughout the offseason, Shanahan made it a very clear that what he worried about wasn't the setbacks Haynesworth could and probably would suffer physically, because he's a phenomenal athlete; but rather that he was worried about the mental lack Haynesworth would surely show when appearing for team activities. Haynesworth