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Some Thoughts On The NFL

First of all, it was nice to see that 42-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills by my Skins last week. I thought it was an impressive performance all around, particularly on defense. They say defenses are usually ahead, but Buffalo is still running a familiar offense and a new defense themselves, and it didn't stop us from turning it on. Albeit, it was nowhere near a perfect game, or great enough to get it done in the regular season, it was impressive. Haynesworth buying into the 3-4 gives me a lot of hope, because love him or hate him, he IS a force when he's on the field. Brandon Banks' punt return TD was amazing, particularly because Santana Moss has been our only substantial punt returner the last half-decade, and he hasn't returned enough to be considered part-time punt returner. I have faith in this kid Banks becoming a force in football. Loved the DC shout to Wizards' PG Wall with the dance.

Continuing on my Redskins - I've wondered for the longest why other teams' Wide Receivers don't tend to suffer from hamstring injuries as our players do. It really confuses me how the hamstring on every tenured Redskin receiver happens to flare up with some issue or injury. The most recent being Malcolm Kelly, whom had high hopes of building a great chemistry with Donovan McNabb after Hell Week. Based on physical ability, Kelly should be among some of the best in the game, and his height gives him greater advantage. While I had All-Pro hopes for the giant third-year receiver, this injury has left me, fellow fans, and I'm sure coaches and teammates questioning if Kelly would ever get it right. Here's hoping for a miracle, because it seems that's what it will take at this point.

Anyone who caught Monday Night Football on ESPN saw just why the preseason games can be entertaining. Sure we hate to see talent evaluated, because it means a reduced effort and the games are meaningless in the race to the Super Bowl as far as wins and losses are concerned. But they do serve a purpose, to build the teams that could go to the Super Bowl, hopefully finding that beaming young talent (seek no further than Monday Night's performance by Giants' wide-out Cruz) that could be the superstar your team has long needed. But the point of Monday Night's reference for me - Eli Manning's head-wound. Sure it was a complete freak accident, and it could have, and should have been avoided. But injuries are always of that mold. And it stands to show, anyone can get hurt at anytime, and Eli Manning, a star QB who (albeit nothing of his brother's mold) is still rising to an elite level... playing in a "meaningless" game, still put it all on the line. I loved the toughness. He recognized the situation, and while it wouldn't have been frowned upon for him to lay and require a timeout and on-field evaluation... he toughed it out, went to the sideline under his own power, and showed he's got what the toughest of the sport have... resolve and determination.

I despise the Giants as much as the Eagles and Patriots, only less than the Cowboys, but I respect Eli Manning for his on-field ability, his dry humor, and now his toughness. My hat is off to you Eli... because those stitches require you don't wear one for at least the healing process.

Other notables this preseason:

Cowboys offense - shocking. Terrible, terrible performances.

CJ Spiller - incredible. You may not be everything CJ2k is, but damn if you won't come close.

Brett Favre - legendary. Whether he needs the cash or not, what he's slated to make is genius. And with the team he's got, he'll shine again just like last year. Vikings instantly back in 3 favored to win the NFC.

Percy Harvin - headache. This kid is talented, tough, brave... but these migraines must be a headache for the Vikings management. I pray for the kid to find some form of control, and hopefully longevity and health in the sport and life. I understand they don't exactly have a solution, but they need to do something to limit his risk, and reap the rewards he can bring them.

Thank God football is back!


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