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House M.D

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was extremely excited about the current season. On a side note, I very rarely follow the UK release dates but follow the dates in the US, I find no point in waiting if lovely people are willing to upload the episodes for me! Anyway, I've wanted Cuddy and House to get together since the start, and I was desperate to see how it pans out. I find myself more intrigued about their relationship and how it's going to develop than the actual medical/patient aspect to it now. I haven't been disappointed so far. I liked the way it's changed House, but I didn't like the effect it had on his craziness and the way he practised medicine. Then he burst and they fought, but it didn't ruin their relationship and I love it. It shows that sometimes you have to be that same person despite your status in a relationship. After all, you can't change too dramatically or the person who fell in love with you won't see the person the

(30-09) Daily Like And Dislike

My like(s) for the day would be.. free wall planners, which organise my university life perfectly and lovely bus drivers. The type who stop for you when they see you running for the bus, even though no one else is getting on or off. Also those that wave at you as they drive by after you've gotten off. My dislike(s) for the day would be.. opening a fresh box of cereal and splitting the packet so the cereal goes everywhere in the box, and air gets to it. My other dislike for the day is lecture theatres, I didn't enjoy the clamminess and lack of air conditioning/windows or the uncomfortable chairs which have given me backache now.

[9/29]Track of the Day

Track Title: Fuck You Artist: Cee-Lo Green Thoughts: This song is just... incredible. Cee-Lo is an amazing artist, and this track continues to display that. Lyrically, he says everything that needs to be said, and his vocal game is crazy. Great beat, catchy as hell... ...FUCK YOOUUUUUUUU! OOOO-OO-OOOOOOOOO!

Greg Giraldo Dead At 44 From Accidental Overdose

Before I start, I need to remind people that we don't speak often of people until they're gone because we don't expect to have to say our last thoughts on them when they're here... Greg Giraldo was/is one of my favorite comedians from Comedy Central's Roasts. I believe him to have been the undisputed king of the Roasts, and there are people who know I've felt this way for a long time. While I don't expect this post to be the ultimate tribute to the man or anything like that - I feel I need to speak something on the subject while it's fresh, matters, and is being searched >_>. Anyone with half a sense of humor who ever watched one of the roasts, probably laughed themselves breathless because of the guy. His humor was raw, witty, and oftentimes over the edge... which is why I, myself, crowned him the King of Roasts. Comedy shouldn't know limits, and jokes shouldn't be censored. We shouldn't bind jokes with race, sexuality, relig

Pent Up Stress

Stressful people can stress you out; and if I didn’t know that before, I know it now. [Just kidding, I knew it…] Anyways, I’m at that point where I feel it swell up in my chest – and I want severely to just release the anger within, because I know if I don’t, that anger is going to find a way to spread like a fucking cancer until I do some insane shit. I want to hit something or someone… or go somewhere and scream; but I can’t do that. Punching a pillow isn’t going to settle anything for me, although I suppose I could always invoke the lowest of low and hit my 3-year old cousin… but I’m too far removed from those forms of violence that I’d probably kill myself if I did that. On the other hand, if I unleash the scream that I need to, chances are the police will show up promptly to have a chat with me… and if not them, then the psych ward. But my scream would be intended to prevent me from doing something later on to land me in those situations rightfully. And

(29-09) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be.. rediscovering my iPod, I finally found it, charged it up and started listening to the songs I listened to back in April, and it brought back the memories of the person I shared an earphone with. I really do need to update it though, if I'm honest, it probably hasn't been updated for a year.. I'll get round to it, I just need some decent music to put onto it as I've been slipping lately. My dislike for the day would be.. those people who try to use long/fancy words, but fail miserably at spelling them.

Going Senile

I'm honestly starting to worry. I think I'm going senile at the grand old age of 20. The whole of last night, after turning off my laptop, I thought to myself "Oh no, I totally didn't blog about that event, and it was such a fun time". But now for the life of me I can't remember what I actually did yesterday. Prior to writing this post I was sat here for 10 minutes trying to recall. As I type this tiny shreds of information is starting to return. It's awful. I hate not being able to remember. It also worries me that soon enough my brain will be pushing out old information as I'm reaching the age of apparent brain saturation. Well, when I remember, I'll post about it, until then, I need to find a way to train my memory. My second year of university isn't looking so great right now. Hopefully this is just a temporary spell of really bad forgetfulness.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Although this film has been out for over a month, today was the first time opportunity I had to see it. I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it though. Honestly, I wasn’t sure about it. I haven’t read the comics so I had no real expectation, but having wanted to see the film since the day it came out, I built up some hype of my own in my head. One of my friends who had seen it said that if I enjoyed Kick-Ass I would love this film. I did think Kick-Ass was better, but then again, I had better company when I saw Kick-Ass. I liked the idea of the film, I think it was slightly slow at the start then rushed towards the end. The ending itself, I found myself unsure of the way I wanted it to finish. As with most films nowadays, there was a love interest, well, two in fact, and I found myself split with the direction I wanted the ending to go. It was fun nonetheless and I’d recommend seeing it if it’s the genre you’re interested in and if you like the actors in it.

Don't Laugh, People...

We've decided to change the name of the blog today to something less personable in hopes of increasing popularity, marketing, and promotion. The premise of the new title is much the same as any other great idea (not the ones that come from sitting upon the throne)... random, spur of the moment. It's related to the book (autobiography) I'm writing thanks to a friend of my aunt & uncle. He'd crack a very inappropriate joke left and right, and he'd always look to me to tell me "Don't Laugh, Sean"® and that's where this all came about. While I won't be doing everything out of sarcasm, and still discussing EVERYTHING, I want people to know that when I do make jokes, inappropriate or not, it's okay to laugh at each and every one of them. And if you find a situation in my life to be humorous when I seem ticked off, just remind me in the comments to laugh it off...

Week 3 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week: Enigma: 19-13 Sean: 17-15 Tennessee > NY Giants Pittsburgh > Tampa Bay Cincinnati > Carolina Cleveland < Baltimore Dallas > Houston San Francisco < Kansas City Detroit < Minnesota Buffalo < New England Atlanta > New Orleans Washington < St. Louis Philadelphia > Jacksonville Oakland < Arizona San Diego < Seattle Indianapolis > Denver NY Jets > Miami Green Bay < Chicago Enigma - 10/16 Sean - 9/16 That brings the total up to: Enigma: 29-19 Sean: 26-22

"Give, Get Given" - Part II

Orange Rockcorps – The Gig As promised I’m going to tell you about the gig which was hosted at The Royal Albert Hall on the 24th of September. We took our seats in the circle, so we had a direct view down onto the stage, I preferred where I sat last year, but it was still pretty cool. A Skillz was the DJ for the night, he started off the evening and played between the breaks too. He was really good at getting the crowd pumped. Played some good tunes, got us all out of our seats and onto our feet. Mark Ronson and the Business INTL started off the evening. Crowd didn't go as crazy as I would have hoped they were more looking forward to the later acts. I really enjoyed the set though. "The Bike Song" and "Valerie", that was me happy, but then he decided to bring Boy George onto the stage - I swear I nearly cried, kept thinking how jealous my mother would have been, and he played "Somebody To Love Me". I highly recommend the new album - "Rec

My September

Firstly, I have to apologise for not blogging recently. I know it’s a horrible excuse but I’ve been busy with work, birthdays, outings and university. Work, is work, nothing really interesting going on, had an event which was slightly manic, lots of things to do, lots of people to help, but I’m sure you all get the general gist of a job so I won’t go into that. It’s weird not working daily, too many changes occur with new lines and displays every day, and it’s normally manageable when you’re in all the time, but working weekly means there’s a lot more changes to take in which I’m not used to now. Birthdays’, well firstly, my birthday, yes, unfortunately I turned 20 on the 10th so I was out celebrating that with my high school and university friends. It was really fun, had an awesome few days, had lunches, dinners, drinks, cinema outings, live music and lots and lots of presents! I was spoilt absolutely rotten by one of my best friends, and I love her for it! Also another one of my

[9/28]Track of the Day

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd Title: Ballad of Curtis Lowe Thoughts: I'm in a very bluesy mood recently... something about the way stringed instruments sound in the blues is just... magical to say the least. This track itself... incredible. Great story, great music, and a fucking dobro appearance! You can't do much better than that... and you can't find much better than Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Thoughts on Redskins vs. Rams

The Washington Redskins have reached a point in this season where something needs to happen… after the loss to the Rams, these guys need to gut-check, go out, and execute. I’ll start off with the strong, and work my way down: Santana Moss – man, what more can you possibly say about this guy? Since his move to the Redskins, when he’s on the field, he dominates! He’s a great route-runner, great after the catch, great speed, and he may have the surest hands on the team (and that’s something considering we’ve got Cooley out there as well). He got penalized big yesterday for a crack back block, but he’s a receiver who is smaller than almost every defensive player in the league and he put his body on the line. 100+ yards, a TD… great outing by Moss. Clinton Portis – I’m confused as to why the Shanahan’s felt the need to withdraw Portis from the game yesterday. He was making the most of his opportunities, and is a far better pass-blocker than anyone (receivers, back

Divine Intervention

But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you. —Luke 6:27-31 After the events of yesterday (which I’ll get to later), I returned to my current sanctuary in a severely foul mood. And with the events of the night before, it only added fuel to the fire that was my anger… I’ve been speaking a lot recently on my relationship with religion: I’m highly unattached from the Church. I’ve never been one to attend Church, I wasn’t baptized, I’ve not confessed. My father would be some form of southern Baptist, my mother a strong Catholic (also disassociated with Church) but never her faith and belief. I take great p

[9/26]Track Of The Day

I gotta start off TotD with a couple of artists who are on the come up. Artist(s): Soopa, Laos, Riley  - You can find them on Twitter here:   - Soopa: @ sdblo   - Laos: @ AGTheHero   - Riley: @ Riles410 Title: This Is Our House Thoughts: The track is upbeat... "swaaaaagged out". The hook is smooth (with Riley holdin' the vocals down), Laos comes in strong with a flow that is developing into one of the best you can find on a beat. I don't even have to mention his vocabulary or word usage... he speaks for himself. On the second verse, Soopa relies on his literary devices, but keeps his arrogant style of flow to separate his style. Download: This Is Our House You can leave your thoughts here on the blog in the comments section - but please, if you're on Twitter, follow all three and share your thoughts with them directly... and get your inside scoop on their future projects!

NFL Week 3 Predictions

Enigma's picks: Tennessee at NY Giants Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay Cincinnati at Carolina Cleveland at Baltimore Dallas at Houston San Francisco at Kansas City Detroit at Minnesota Buffalo at New England Atlanta at New Orleans Washington at St. Louis Philadelphia at Jacksonville Oakland at Arizona San Diego at Seattle Indianapolis at Denver NY Jets at Miami Green Bay at Chicago Sean's Picks: Tennessee at NY Giants Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay Cincinnati at Carolina Cleveland at Baltimore Dallas at Houston San Francisco at Kansas City Detroit at Minnesota Buffalo at New England Atlanta at New Orleans Washington at St. Louis Philadelphia at Jacksonville Oakland at Arizona San Diego at Seattle Indianapolis at Denver NY Jets at Miami Green Bay at Chicago

Music Is...

…the key to the lock in the gate of genius. Don’t believe me? The next time you hear a song, I want you to focus on the thoughts that run through your mind when you listen to that song. Surely you’ll think of the lyrics; seeing the events play out in the form of the other dimension we know as imagination. You’ll also probably think of at least one color—that may or may not gateway (notice the use of gate?) into the thoughts of other colors—and you’ll probably also think of fundamental numbers. The more complex minds out there will think of both, and the even more complex of them will combine them into groups like a probability experiment. Lastly, you’ll almost surely reflect on an event in your life… one where this song may have been playing… where you most associate this song with a similar event in your own life… or perhaps it will just trigger a memory that is completely unassociated in any form other than the unexplained way in which tones and octaves play with your mind

Week 2 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week: Enigma - 11/16 Sean - 9/16 Green Bay > Buffalo Miami > Minnesota Kansas City > Cleveland Chicago > Dallas Atlanta > Arizona Tampa Bay > Carolina Philadelphia > Detroit Cincinnati > Baltimore Pittsburgh > Tennessee Denver > Seattle Oakland > St. Louis Houston > Washington New York Jets > New England San Diego > Jacksonville Indianapolis > New York Giants New Orleans > San Francisco Enigma - 8/16 Sean - 8/16 That brings the total up to: Enigma: 19-13 Sean: 17-15

Immediate Thoughts After Redskins OT Loss To Texans

30-27… that’s the last thing anyone imagined after the third quarter of yesterday’s game against the Texans. My thoughts are sporadic. So I apologize in advance if this post comes off a bit sloppy (much like our loss yesterday). Before I get into the game too heavily, I want to reiterate the point that, the Redskins did more to lose this game than the Texans did to win it. In fact, I can pinpoint the moments of the game that really sickened me into the knowledge that we could very well give the game away. Devin Thomas’ unforgiveable kick return in the third quarter, taking it out of the endzone with the lead-off blocker telling him to take a knee. Thomas managed a somewhat successful return, but there was a penalty on Cooley for an illegal block that brought the Redskins back to the 16. While we did manage to score on the drive, the unbelievable disregard for his team by Devin Thomas, to me, shows why coaches have little faith in his contributions mentally to the game.

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Enigma's Picks: Pittsburgh at Tennessee Miami at Minnesota Arizona at Atlanta Baltimore at Cincinnati Kansas City at Cleveland Chicago at Dallas Philadelphia at Detroit Buffalo at Green Bay Tampa Bay at Carolina Seattle at Denver St. Louis at Oakland Houston at Washington New England at NY Jets Jacksonville at San Diego NY Giants at Indianapolis New Orleans at San Francisco Sean's Picks: Pittsburgh at Tennessee Miami at Minnesota Arizona at Atlanta Baltimore at Cincinnati Kansas City at Cleveland Chicago at Dallas Philadelphia at Detroit Buffalo at Green Bay Tampa Bay at Carolina Seattle at Denver St. Louis at Oakland Houston at Washington New England at NY Jets Jacksonville at San Diego NY Giants at Indianapolis New Orleans at San Francisco

Week 1 Prediction Results

Week 1 in the NFL is over, that means it’s time to recap the picks between Enigma and myself . New Orleans defeated Minnesota Miami won against Buffalo Chicago squeaked out a win vs. Detroit Tennessee ran over the Raiders New England beat the Bengals The Giants beat the Panthers Pittsburgh won in OT vs. the Falcons Tampa Bay beat the Browns Jacksonville beat the Broncos Houston beat the Colts Seattle stomped the 49ers Green Bay beat Philadelphia Arizona held on against the Rams Washington won against the Cowboys Baltimore hung on against the Jets The Chiefs beat the Chargers By my count, Enigma scored 11/16 and I scored 9/16.

Several Major, Key Injuries In NFL Week 1

It’s a tough day to be injured in the NFL. Nobody wants to see players go down for the year, especially in week 1. However, the New York Jets lost Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins for the second year in a row; he tore his surgically repaired left ACL in Monday Night’s home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Jenkins was out last season after tearing the same ACL – he said all throughout camp that he believed he was fully recovered and it felt good being on that leg. The Green Bay Packers lost running back Ryan Grant for the year after placing him on Injured Reserve. Specifics of the injury were not released, but Grant is scheduled for a procedure in which he will have a screw placed in his ankle to help speed the recovery. Grant took to Twitter this afternoon to address the fans on his situation: “Guess everyone has heard the news..frustrating, disappointing, all the normal emotions..there was a chance with surgery that I come back this season but I would miss too many w

Clinton Portis Has a Busy, Wordy Tuesday

Earlier today, Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis made an appearance on DC Radio 106.7 – The Fan. The interview was tame, as usual, until Portis was asked to weigh in on the situation surrounding the New York Jets and female reporter Ines Sainz . After being briefed on the situation, Portis responded: “You know man, I think you put women reporters in the locker room in positions to see guys walking around naked, and you sit in the locker room with 53 guys, and all of the sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, I think men are gonna tend to turn and look and want to say something to that woman. For the woman, I think they make it so much that you can't interact and you can't be involved with athletes, you can't talk to these guys, you can't interact with these guys. And I mean, you put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody   got   to be appealing to her. You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or sh

Thoughts on Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins [9/12]

I’m very skeptical in judgment on the offense. While part of me wants to be harsh and admit the offense was not on-par… the realist in me needs to admit that the Dallas Cowboys still do have one of the surest defenses in the NFL, and I wasn’t going into this game expecting any huge 42-7 blowout on our behalf. I felt like Donovan McNabb did a good job hitting his target on a majority of his throws, under pressure, standing tall, on the run… I noticed he was slightly off on screens (except the long-gain by Cooley). He locked in on Cooley and Moss most of the game (surest hands) but I’ll give it to the fact that he recognized mismatches, or they were simply beating their defenders. I liked a couple of the shots downfield, but Dallas gets quick pressure, so some of the long-ball opportunities were just negated. Trent Williams is a stud at left tackle. His biggest problem was trying to adjust to what Ware was doing, and he’d key in on it and Ware would change from power t