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How I Love Teenagers...

Today I started work at 12, my mum started work at 11:30, so I figured, by the time I left and waited for the bus, I’d be better off just leaving with her, plus I had to make a pit stop at one of my friends. Naturally, I drove. I can’t stand being driven. It’s because I don’t trust the person driving me as much as I trust myself to drive... Ignore that my mum has driven me around for nearly 16 years of my life.

Anyways, made the pit stop fine and carried on my way to her work. She has a season parking pass, the only catch is that she has to park on the second floor. She’d already got out the car on the first floor - she had some shopping to do and it seemed stupid having two of us park the car. I drove to the top floor and circled it once. There were no free spaces and about 2 cars in front of me. The first car got a spot, the second went downstairs. I had no option other than to wait, given that I couldn’t park on any of the other floors. While waiting, I parked up on the side so other cars could pass me.

In the meantime, I was eyeing up the spot I always park her car in. It’s a wide bay, against a wall, so you only have one car to the side of you, no trolley parks in sight, always a safe option. The spot I wanted was occupied by two teenage rude boys/chavs eating McDonalds; they noticed me as I noticed them. Having waited two or three minutes, a man approached his car, which wasn’t where I’d usually park, but wasn’t right next to the trolley park, so it wasn’t a bad option. I did my reverse park in the bay, equal distance either side of the lines. I’m often complimented on my parking, some say I park like a bloke; I just don’t understand how women can’t park.

So I get out of the car, and to get to the elevator I have to walk passed the McDonalds boys, who are about 45 degrees clockwise to my car. Clearly, they watched me park and were impressed by it, at least that’s what I gathered from their wolf whistling. I don’t tend to pay any attention to it, of course it’s flattering but it’s also slightly insulting.

I went downstairs, and gave the keys to my mum. Only then did it hit me, “did I lock the car?!.. I’m pretty sure I did...” Unfortunately I’m one of these people that, as soon as I have a slight doubt in my mind I must verify it or it’ll bug me for the whole day. As I was 98% sure I had locked it, I didn’t ask for the keys back. I went back up to the car, not wanting to pass those boys again. I looked at the wide bay, and sure enough they’d gone, leaving their McDonalds bags either side of where their car doors would have been had the car still been there. As I approached my car, I noticed something splattered across the bonnet and my left headlight, as I followed it down, I saw the tiny pot of McDonalds Sweet Chilli Sauce that was by the left wheel. Needless to say, I was not impressed, but was thankful that I did in fact lock the car.

I wonder what would have happened had I acknowledged their whistling…


  1. I was fuming!

    Ended up going to work all angry and worked up, but figured, my day could only get better, so looked at the positive side.


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