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Several Major, Key Injuries In NFL Week 1

It’s a tough day to be injured in the NFL. Nobody wants to see players go down for the year, especially in week 1. However, the New York Jets lost Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins for the second year in a row; he tore his surgically repaired left ACL in Monday Night’s home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Jenkins was out last season after tearing the same ACL – he said all throughout camp that he believed he was fully recovered and it felt good being on that leg.

The Green Bay Packers lost running back Ryan Grant for the year after placing him on Injured Reserve. Specifics of the injury were not released, but Grant is scheduled for a procedure in which he will have a screw placed in his ankle to help speed the recovery. Grant took to Twitter this afternoon to address the fans on his situation:

“Guess everyone has heard the news..frustrating, disappointing, all the normal emotions..there was a chance with surgery that I come back this season but I would miss too many weeks and put the team in a bind roster wise. It was more severe than initially thought during game..but I just have to move forward and get it right. Anyone who knows me, understands that my spirits WILL stay high..and I will return even better, stronger.. That’s how I operate. But know that nothing has changed from the Packs goal this year. The whole backfield will step up. That’s guaranteed. I know the capabilities. Thanks again for all the support from everyone..much appreciated….it’s tough but this is part of the game.”

Grant was primed for a huge year this season, and looked to be off to a decent start prior to his injury. He will definitely be missed by this Packers’ offense.

Indianapolis Colts’ safety Bob Sanders has reportedly torn his bicep. He was placed on injured reserve last season for a torn bicep that he had surgically repaired. It’s believed that this is his other bicep. He’s scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews to determine if his injury is severe and needs surgery, or if he can return to play this season. Sanders has missed at least one game in every season of his professional career. His career high of 15 starts in 15 games in 2007 earned him NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors, but since winning the award, Sanders has posted totals of 6, 2, and now 1 games played in the three seasons following. It remains to be seen if that 1 remains or if he can return.

One has to believe based on history than Sanders will not return this season. His presence will definitely be missed (as it was Sunday in the Colts’ loss to the Houston Texans), but given his track record, the Colts are comfortable with “backup” Melvin Bullitt who has come in and played well enough to aid the Colts to the Super Bowl last season. If Sanders is expected to miss significant time, it’s expected the Colts will place him on IR in order to replace his spot on the roster with a healthy player.

The Philadelphia Eagles placed Pro Bowl fullback Leonard Weaver and starting center Jamaal Jackson on IR. Weaver and Jackson were both injured in Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. Weaver tore his ACL in the game, while Jamaal Jackson tore his triceps.

Houston Texans defensive end Connor Barwin was placed on IR for a dislocated right ankle which he will have surgery on tomorrow. Barwin suffered the injury early on in the win over the Colts on Sunday when colliding with a teammate.


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