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Simple Things In Life

I often think it’s funny how things turn out, how the course of a day can change, how what seems to be a dull, boring, slow day can transform into something a little less expected.

For the first time in ages we were over staffed at work, I found myself twiddling my thumbs in the corner; I was lacking that much entertainment. My manager offered to send me home early, brilliant, I thought. I was also owed some time so I thought today would be a fine day to take it. I had no plans for the day, thought it would be nice to just go home, relax, make a phone call or two, watch a film, nothing too exciting or special.

Having arranged leaving early, twenty minutes before my shift was to end, two of my friends, one of which I hadn’t seen in a good few months and the other I thought was still on holiday, popped into my work unexpectedly. This was a nice surprise as I wanted to catch up on both of their travels. Turns out they were staying in town for a little bit longer and were undecided about what to do. I got back to work having told them I’d meet them after my shift. The time passed quickly as it often does when a customer wants help finding something specific. With that I left work, found my friends waiting for me, got myself an ice cream and decided to sit by the River Thames with them, the sun was shining after all, which has been a rarity the past couple of months in London.

Going home early is always a perk to most people’s day, but it’s amazing how my friends managed to pick the one day where I was going home three and half hours early, and decided to show up at my work with minutes left of my shift. Some may call it coincidence, other people call it fate, I, on the other hand, call it an unexpected wonderful addition to my regular and slightly boring day.

I know this might not be interesting to many of you, but it’s the simple things in life that make me happy and remind me to appreciate everything in life, after all, it was great to chill with my friends, talk and have a laugh, like we used to.


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