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(31-10) Soundtrack To My Day

Today I'm keeping with the festive spirit. This song is my favourite Hallowe'en song. My friend last year found a website where you can put your friends heads on dancing Hallowe'en beings which was to this song. The soundtrack to my day is Monster Mash, enjoy!

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Us Lots Of Treats To Eat..

Just wishing you all a very... HAPPY HALLOWE'EN! Hope you've all had a great weekend! Personally I've not done much, felt too old and tired this year. Didn't help that I've been working all weekend and have had to deal with a Hallowe'en themed store, with all the spiders, witches and fake cobwebs *cringes*. It's been fun being the devil at work though. Feel free to share your Hallowe'en stories in the comments!

NFL Week 8 Predictions

Enigma's picks: Washington at Detroit Jacksonville at Dallas Miami at Cincinnati Buffalo at Kansas City Carolina at St. Louis Denver at San Francisco Green Bay at NY Jets Tennessee at San Diego Tampa Bay at Arizona Minnesota at New England Seattle at Oakland Pittsburgh at New Orleans Houston at Indianapolis Sean's Picks: Washington at Detroit Jacksonville at Dallas Miami at Cincinnati Buffalo at Kansas City Carolina at St. Louis Denver at San Francisco Green Bay at NY Jets Tennessee at San Diego Tampa Bay at Arizona Minnesota at New England Seattle at Oakland Pittsburgh at New Orleans Houston at Indianapolis

Week 7 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week: Enigma: 51-39 Sean: 50-40 Cincinnati < Atlanta Washington > Chicago St. Louis < Tampa Bay San Francisco < Carolina Buffalo < Baltimore Philadelphia < Tennessee Jacksonville < Kansas City Pittsburgh > Miami Cleveland > New Orleans Arizona < Seattle New England > San Diego Oakland > Denver Minnesota < Green Bay NY Giants > Dallas Enigma - 12/14 Sean - 10/14 That brings the total up to: Enigma: 63-41 Sean: 60-44

A Good Day

These seem to be a rarity for me lately. I've been lonely, busy and stressed. But today was a good day. My Dad turned 60 today. He's upset that the day is nearly over - he enjoyed himself, which is probably what makes this such a good day. It's been a lazy day the most we've done is gone out for dinner. My sister picked a lovely French restaurant in Battersea called "Gazette". The menu itself is printed daily in newspaper form with today's date and headlines as the specials. I was impressed by it, but then again it doesn't take much. The service was excellent and the food was wonderful. After that we went to my cousin's house - she doesn't live too far away. My sister's boyfriend and I got lost along the way, but we soon got back on track. My cousin had bought cake for my Dad and asked me to inspire her so she could write his card. We had cake and drank tea, then my other cousin turned up. She had her husband and two girls with her. When

(25-10) Soundtrack To My Day

This is a song I adore. It's perfect for my mood. Too much going on, so much to do, trying to deal with it but ending up avoiding it, just wanting to spend time with someone willing to procrastinate with me. The soundtrack to my day is Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol, enjoy!

Am I Seeing This Right?!

I really think Sean is going to regret not being able to blog/tweet this NFL weekend, I'm sure he'll have a lot to say when he does come back to a computer screen. Firstly, 4 interceptions by DeAngelo Hall. Secondly, the Browns beating the Saints. And thirdly, Raiders beating Broncos 38-7, 2 minutes prior to half time. It's all kicking off today! And that's only 3 out of the 13 games going on this game day Sunday! I do realise everything can change within minutes in an NFL game, but still, it's a strong start for Campbell. I'm impressed. I wish I was able to have watched the Redskins or Oakland game. I watched Redskins highlights. It seemed like a slightly sloppy game from both Quarterbacks. I think the Redskins had a few lucky calls though. Anyways, I feel weird doing this. I'll leave it for the Pro when he gets back to the blog!

Perfect Vision

I have my perfect vision back.. artificially of course. I finally picked my frames today and got my glasses made. They cost me a small fortune, far more than I expected to spend, but I intend on keeping my frames forever more. It was a mission finding ones to suit my face shape. A lot of the frames nowadays are too narrow, both for the face and for the height of the lens. I am happy with my glasses though. I also got cover in case they break, which I can claim the money back from if I don't use it, which is handy. All in all a productive day.

NFL Week 7 Predictions

My prediction skills have been slipping, Sean beat me once more last week. There's one point in it. I need to do better this week! Enigma's picks: Cincinnati at Atlanta Washington at Chicago St. Louis at Tampa Bay San Francisco at Carolina Buffalo at Baltimore Philadelphia at Tennessee Jacksonville at Kansas City Pittsburgh at Miami Cleveland at New Orleans Arizona at Seattle New England at San Diego Oakland at Denver Minnesota at Green Bay NY Giants at Dallas Sean's Picks: Cincinnati at Atlanta Washington at Chicago St. Louis at Tampa Bay San Francisco at Carolina Buffalo at Baltimore Philadelphia at Tennessee Jacksonville at Kansas City Pittsburgh at Miami Cleveland at New Orleans Arizona at Seattle New England at San Diego Oakland at Denver Minnesota at Green Bay NY Giants at Dallas

Week 6 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week: Enigma: 44-32 Sean: 42-34 Seattle > Chicago Miami > Green Bay San Diego < St. Louis Baltimore < New England New Orleans > Tampa Bay Detroit < NY Giants Atlanta < Philadelphia Cleveland < Pittsburgh Kansas City < Houston Oakland < San Francisco NY Jets > Denver Dallas < Minnesota Indianapolis > Washington Tennessee > Jacksonville Enigma - 7/14 Sean - 8/14 That brings the total up to: Enigma: 51-39 Sean: 50-40

(24-10) Soundtrack To My Day

I watched and loved this girl when she was a YouTube artist, and was really pleased when Pharrell Williams heard her and decided to make her an even bigger star. She's gorgeous, and her music video for this song has only just been released. The soundtrack to my day is Cali, Cali, Cali - Alyssa Bernal , enjoy!

(23/10) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be a family dinner. It's regular in my household but I never take it for granted. My dislike for the day would be feeling helpless, zoning out and numb legs from a tiring day. I also hoped to blog something lengthier today, but I've not had the motivation. I hate that I put things off, but tomorrow I shall blog something more than a song or my likes and dislikes.

(22-10) Soundtrack To My Day

I really like this band and will probably post more of their songs as the soundtrack to my day. I can't explain what it is, mainly their lyrics and the general composition of the music. I also like the emotion I get when singing this one. The soundtrack to my day is Little Lion Man - Mumford And Sons, enjoy!

(22/10) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be spending time with friends, watching adults have fun, and Grey's Anatomy. My dislike for the day would be trying to hold down the blog with no motivation to write and not being able to help the people I love most. I'm there for them as best as I can be, but sometimes it's not enough.

Haynesworth Would Not Have Helped Redskins vs. Colts

I’m hearing a whole lot of people suggesting Albert Haynesworth should have been playing the other night because the Redskins would have stopped the run with him… yeah, the Colts would have been the team they are and not run at all. However, Peyton Manning is better than anyone at going simply with the pass, they’ve succeeded at it for years. Manning would use short, quick passes in place of the run. The other problem is, while Albert Haynesworth may very well be in better shape and condition than he was in last year, he wouldn’t have held up with the rate at which Manning and the Colts ran their hurry-up offense. We would have seen Albert struggling to get back to the line, and we would have seen him rolling on the ground winded while coaches are forced to burn a timeout. There surely would have been plenty of offsides penalties against the Redskins as well. When Haynesworth proves he’s in well enough shape to play your average game, I can’t believe he’s in

The NFL and Concussions

It’s been a focal point for the National Football League the past several years; particularly becoming a focus by the NFL Player’s Association with brain trauma and healthcare benefits for retired players suffering from mental disorders due to the violent nature of the NFL. This past weekend brought the discussion back to the forefront, as players across the NFL suffered concussions from extreme hits to the head. There are concussions in every game, every week, but this week featured more of the violent type. In response to the hits on Eagles’ WR DeSean Jackson, Browns’ WR’s Joshua Cribbs & Mohamed Massoqui, Ravens’ TE Todd Heap and others… the NFL has been outspoken on their commitment to harsher penalties of offenders who commit blatant hits like these. There has been outcry in favor of this as we all want players to be protected and safe, but at the same time, people fear it will bring down the level of big hits (even legal) that we’ve grown to love in this ga

Old Friends, New Friends, Family...

I know the year isn’t over yet, and plenty can still happen between now and midnight January 1 st but, 2010 (minus the loss of my grandmother) has been a very incredible year for me in which I’ve found several new friends and made some very big travels. My year started with my grandmother making good on a promise my aunt made to me (since my aunt’s a deadbeat who couldn’t do it herself) and helping me out with a very unfortunate situation. It also enabled us to be able to handle our trip in March and April. March 1 st , a year after my arriving in Louisiana, we took off to Georgia; and then headed home to Maryland. I finally got to meet my best friend’s girlfriend and I do approve. Got to meet the girlfriend of one of my other best friend’s and approved of her as well. Then we made our way to London, which will forever be a highlight of my life. I got to meet my girlfriend’s best friend(s), the newer of them I wasn’t supposed to meet but did due to the volca

(18/10) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be having an amazing day - genuinely. I had a funny lecturer - yeah, we only covered 9 slides over a 3 hour period, but he told so many great stories that the content of those 9 slides will stick with me. It was like 3 hours of free stand up comedy at the expense of my fellow classmates, oh and myself actually. "People won't understand what you do, but they have skills in other areas, like, how many people in here can take out and build an engine themselves?" *puts hand up* "No love, I've seen those manicured nails, you've never even seen a spanner!" . I saw a friend who's at university in Liverpool, but came down for the weekend and another old friend who now goes to my university, but who I hadn't seen the whole time we'd been there (saw her last on my birthday). I had Subway with them - the first time I've ever had a Subway by the way, yes I know, where have I been living the past few years?! First time I w

Thoughts On Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins

My initial breakdown is that the Colts are still the Colts (their defense is what has been susceptible this year) and the fact that we went down by as much as 10 and stuck around until the final moments of the game, is very satisfying. We’ve BEEN a team where talent alone has kept us in games like these… but this is a game we would have lost for sure in years prior; last night, we really beat ourselves. The Redskins moved the ball very well on the ground even though Indianapolis looked to be playing more disciplined vs. the run than they had all season. Ryan Torain showed a quick elusiveness to make the first and second man miss, and then good vision and power to get where he had to go. His lack of speed is beneficial at times as it really forces his patience, and he finds some very good lanes (which I can’t figure out why Portis couldn’t see them). Torain appears to be a substantial back, and while we’ll face more physical, heavier defenses in future weeks, I thought th

NFL Week 6 Predictions

Last week Sean beat me! I need to bring it back this week.. Enigma's picks: Seattle at Chicago Miami at Green Bay San Diego at St. Louis Baltimore at New England – Pats are better offensively, but without Moss I think the Ravens will want to capitalise. Ravens have are better defensively, so I think they’ll use that to stop Tate. New Orleans at Tampa Bay Detroit at NY Giants Atlanta at Philadelphia – I instantly thought Eagles, but going for Falcons, they’ve been fierce since their second game. Cleveland at Pittsburgh Kansas City at Houston – I learnt the hard way to never underestimate the Texans, but I’m still going to give this to the Chiefs. They’ve shown a lot of promise against tougher teams. Oakland at San Francisco – My gut said 49ers, but I’m remembering the team that once was, not the 2010 team. Last week I underestimated the Raiders who last year I picked to win against the toughest opponents. I’m hoping that if Campbell does have to play he’ll h

(16-10) Soundtrack To My Day

I love this band. I love this song. Have done since I first heard it. I especially love cruising to it when I'm driving - Sean will vouch for that! It played today at work at least 3 times so I had to post it. The soundtrack to my day is Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers, enjoy!

Week 5 Prediction Results

Results prior to this week: Enigma: 37-25 Sean: 34-28 Jacksonville > Buffalo Tampa Bay > Cincinnati Atlanta > Cleveland St. Louis < Detroit Kansas City < Indianapolis Green Bay < Washington Chicago > Carolina Denver < Baltimore NY Giants > Houston New Orleans < Arizona San Diego < Oakland Tennessee > Dallas Philadelphia > San Francisco Minnesota < NY Jets Enigma - 7/14 Sean - 8/14 That brings the total up to: Enigma: 44-32 Sean: 42-34

Album Time?

As of today, I’ve decided to get into a studio to record my album. I’ve spent most of my life rapping, but restricted myself to writing and freestyling… never really committing to the studio to lay anything down despite requests from friends to do so. I’ve made no secret about the stacks upon stacks of lyric books I’ve got (well over the height of myself) covered front to back on every page… nor have I made any secret that I think I can really hold my own with anyone word for word on a track. People can hope to expect more than just a rap album out of me, as I hope to delve into more genres than that (no, I won’t be singing any kind of r&b vocal classic)… and you can expect rock influence heavily at times; though I fully expect myself to devote more to rapping than Kid Cudi. I plan on featuring an array of artists from Maryland, and even a few I’ve been listening to on the net from around the country for some time. Come November, I plan on hitting the studio… and hopefully handl

(15-10) Soundtrack To My Day

I heard this song for the first time today courtesy of Spotify, I realise I'm 4 months late. It wasn't a best seller when it was released - probably why it never reached my ears, but I read the story behind the song and thought that many girls can, have and will relate to it. The soundtrack to my day is Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri, enjoy!

Washington Redskins vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview

First of all, this game is crucial for the Redskins and the Colts. Both teams want to get a little further away from .500, and one team isn’t going to do that (barring a tie). This marks the 4 th high-profile quarterback the Redskins have faced this season (and the 5 th considering Vick was playing at a high level this season). The Redskins have defeated 3 playoff teams from last season… two of whom have been favored by many as the only two teams to potentially represent the NFC outside of the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings. Oh but how a weary game of parity is being played out here in the NFL this season, the football Gods once again stirring the pot. Not even the most knowledgeable of oracles could have predicted the first 5 weeks of this crazy season. In the previous four games, the Redskins have withdrawn the superstars of those teams for either the game, or several weeks after. Andre Johnson’s ankle has been a problem since the Redskins game, Stephen

The Ultimate Horror Monster

I've been waiting to publish this for a while, saved it for a rainy day... I haven't been much for writing recently (ill) but I wanted to update the blog with something and hopefully it gets some hits. It also helps that Halloween is just around the corner. I won't be featuring any of those weak, punk ass goblins. I've narrowed this list down to just a few. Michael Myers Jason Voorhees Freddy Krueger The Leprechaun Leatherface Chuckie These are the ultimate horror monsters. They're the most notable, recognizable names in the industry of gore. Of this list, only one character is slightly based on a real life individual, however, not many connections can be made between the two, so the aspect of realism is still slightly skewed and won't play much of a factor in this decision. 4 of the characters are real-world characters, using very little supernatural prowess in their roles. Myers and Leatherface are the only characters not ov


Now, this is a quality that some people have, some people don't have, and some people have too much of. I like to think I fall into the first category, although I know when I'm feeling arrogant I fall into the last category. There are some circumstances where I fall into the middle category - I know I'm not the only one, we all have those days. The thing that bothers me is whether this confidence, or lack of, is justified. My thought today has been provoked by one of my friends who has a driving test looming. She won't tell anyone the exact date because of the pressure and she doesn't want everyone to know. Personally I understand that fully. The only people who knew the date of my test was my instructor, my mother and myself. She's learning with my instructor, so I was allowed to sit in the back of the car while she had her lesson. It started off with her having a slight blonde moment - leaving the handbrake up and pulling off. This had me slightly worrie

(13/10) Daily Like And Dislike

My like for the day would be.. This saying "Too often we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Too often we're too stubborn to say, 'Sorry, I was wrong.' Too often it seems we hurt the ones closest to our hearts, and we let the most foolish things tear us apart.." I think there's a lot of truth in it. My dislike for the day would be.. being sick still, and my head hurting :(.

My Thoughts On Devin Thomas

This is my response to LaVar Arrington’s take on Shanahan’s dealing with Devin Thomas … Mr. Arrington says that Devin Thomas was not given an adequate chance to perform… so I’ll take it upon myself to set Mr. Arrington straight on a few things that he seems to be forgetting (one too many knocks to the head, there?). Devin Thomas had a breakout year with his Michigan State Spartans and raised his draft stock considerably. Coaches however, questioned if Thomas was pro-ready based on his level of competition in college, along with his ability to play the mental side of the game of football. Vinny Cerrato and the Washington Redskins took a chance on him anyways, along with TE Fred Davis and oft-injured Malcolm Kelly. Thomas struggled greatly in his rookie season, he wasn’t a solid route-runner, and wasn’t outstanding anywhere else on the field. Needless to say, Thomas had a very “disappointing” rookie season. Coming into his second year, Thomas again failed to im

Banksy - Simpson's Introduction

Now I'm a huge fan of Banksy and his art, so I was really happy to hear he did an introduction for The Simpsons. It's controversial, slightly depressing, but awesome all the same. If you live in the US and missed Sunday's episode then have a look, and if you live in the UK you won't be seeing this for another 10 days so have an early peek!

Thoughts On Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers

First of all, Donovan McNabb said today, “this one is for Albert” and that’s a sentiment I’d like to reiterate to everyone. Redskins fans have been on a rollercoaster with Albert Haynesworth, understandably so with his position with the team. Some felt more personal about Haynesworth’s situation; others just felt as though, “hey, he doesn’t want to be here, I don’t want him here.” But make no mistake about it – Albert Haynesworth is among our band of brothers. The tragic loss of his brother (again, fault is of no matter to the situation) has left a member of our Redskins family hurt, and in turn, has probably hurt more of our team. So my game ball this week goes out to Albert Haynesworth as he deals with the loss of his brother. Onto the game; The opening kickoff was huge, a big stop way inside the 20… the following play (a pass to Donald Lee) resulted in Landry forcing a fumble and Kareem Moore coming up with a turnover in the third consecutive week. But a b