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Cheryl Cole vs. Nadine Coyle

Anyone living in England is aware of the Girls Aloud feud, it's plastered all over the written media. There have been articles in the news about Cheryl being annoyed at fellow band mate, Nadine, as she has decided to release her début solo single awfully close to Cheryl's latest hit "Promise Me". Recently, Cheryl's put their feud aside, having accused Nadine of using her engagement as publicity for her new single.

After hearing Nadine's song I honestly don't know what bothered Cheryl. Nadine's song "Insatiable" isn't anything special. The lyrics aren't very interesting or clever. The video, well all I can say is, I hope her bar in LA looks better than that. With all that money she's made with Girls Aloud, you'd have thought she'd have made more of an effort with her début solo video. As you've probably gathered, this video disappoints me. She's a gorgeous girl, and yet she's strutting around like a slut with that microphone and trying to open her eyes freakishly wide. If she didn't have a tan and was as white as a ghost you could have put her in a Marilyn Manson video.

Don't take my word for it, have a butchers:

Don't get me wrong. I love both the girls. But I really think Nadine could have done better.


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