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Old Friends, New Friends, Family...

I know the year isn’t over yet, and plenty can still happen between now and midnight January 1st but, 2010 (minus the loss of my grandmother) has been a very incredible year for me in which I’ve found several new friends and made some very big travels.

My year started with my grandmother making good on a promise my aunt made to me (since my aunt’s a deadbeat who couldn’t do it herself) and helping me out with a very unfortunate situation. It also enabled us to be able to handle our trip in March and April. March 1st, a year after my arriving in Louisiana, we took off to Georgia; and then headed home to Maryland.

I finally got to meet my best friend’s girlfriend and I do approve. Got to meet the girlfriend of one of my other best friend’s and approved of her as well. Then we made our way to London, which will forever be a highlight of my life.

I got to meet my girlfriend’s best friend(s), the newer of them I wasn’t supposed to meet but did due to the volcano eruption, which prolonged (thankfully) the end of my trip to London. I’m happy to say I consider both of her friends to be my friends now.

The trip had it’s downpoint of course, where my grandmother came down with the initial symptoms of the cancer which would later take her life; but she didn’t refuse me any time to enjoy my trip and that’s something else I’ll always be forever thankful of.

Coming back to Louisiana was done on the basis of helping her through the loss of my grandfather; we made our way to Georgia in June for my uncle’s wedding, where I became very good friends with both his neighbor and father-in-law. It was also incredible to finally welcome my aunt into the family.

When we returned, my grandmother was up and down, we finally learned she had pancreatic cancer which had spread throughout her abdomen and metastasized to her lungs. She was okay initially… and made it past my birthday and the birth and introduction of my cousin (who was born on my grandparents’ anniversary); she loved every second of the time she got to spend with him. She was eventually hospitalized, and that pretty much closed the chapter.

I became ill the week of her death (I suppose it was greatly influenced by the stress to my nerves with what my grandmother was going through and passing, along with a bug) and that led me to end up staying with my aunt and uncle. Thanks to that, I got to spend plenty of time with my cousins, and meeting a couple more people I now consider friends of my own, whom they (my aunt in particular) had been friends with for years.

So while I know the down part of this year has really taken its toll on me… I’ve got so much to be thankful for. And to anyone who is looking for a reason to call his or her year a success; just look around. You can lose a whole lot, but I know that plenty of people, me included, don’t think enough about what they’ve gained. Take the time to write a list about the people you met (even if you only see them rarely) and consider yourself lucky and blessed to still be here given chances to continue to grow and better yourself.

*Yes, one of the friends I met through my aunt and uncle was the one to give me the idea for the blog tite…*


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