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(15/11) Daily Like And Dislike

I haven't actually done one of these in 3 weeks, so I guess this will be more of an overview of the last 3 weeks.

My likes for the past 3 weeks, actually I suppose, more the last week would be getting all my work in for university on time and being able to spend time with friends. It's been nice being on the phone, meeting up for lunches, going shopping, celebrating birthdays and chilling for no particular reason. I forgot how much fun it could be.

My likes for the 2 weeks prior would be getting work done and feeling productive. It's nice feeling like something you've done has paid off, like it's not been a wasted effort. I got a result today from a test I did last week, and I'm very happy with my results. 2 weeks ago I was sat there revising for it, because I didn't want to work on an assignment that was driving me crazy and needed to feel productive, thankfully it was!

3 weeks ago, it was a case of trying to get into a routine and organising everything after being ill, which I don't think I managed but it worked out in the end, so that's a like. As well as Grey's Anatomy, trying to catch up and it really got me through. In fact today I had a mini-practice test and was able to use some of the answers from the show to answer my questions.

Oh that's another like. Really good friends. With really good advice. One of my friends was lovely and gave me a heads up on how to prepare for a test I had at the end of a practical today. Without her wise words, potentially 20% of my grade could have escaped me!

The major dislike would be stress. The stress of trying to get all the work in and the stress of organising time. I think it's mainly why I didn't post one of these. Every day it would be a rant about how much work I still had to do. The assignment mentioned earlier nearly made me rip my hair out. Blood, sweat and tears went into that one. I managed to get it done and I was pleased with it, I hope I get a good grade for it! I was supposed to compare and contrast the eye and the ear. It took me 6 attempts to hit the nail on the head with the ear (2 days of writing basically deleted). However when I needed to compare and contrast it with the eye, I was easily able to spot comparisons, so I guess there's a plus side. Now I'm praying for a question worth many marks on the ear in the test I'll take in January!

Another dislike is break-ups. A lot of my friends who have been together for 3-5 years are starting to split, or have issues and I don't like it. I feel really bad for them and the distance between us doesn't make it easier, because I can't console them or look after them, which I'm so used to doing. I also don't like arguing with the people I love over a number of things. I don't like saying something which I know is hurtful - even if it is necessary.

I suppose that's it for the past few weeks. Hopefully I'll keep more on top of this in the future!


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