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Neon Trees!!

I don't know if you've had the honor of listening to the Neon Trees, but I tell you what: they are amazing.
If you haven't listened to them yet, give them a second of your time!
I hate to step on Enigma's territory of the music, here, but I just had to put them out there.
They bring back an 80's feel but add a modern twist and rock undertones.
I first heard their single "Animal" playing on the radio. It was just one of those songs that they played occasionally and I wished they played it more. It's so fun-sounding! So, after finally realizing just how much I loved this song, I finally looked it up on youtube (of course). And, typical me immediately fell for Tyler Glenn (the lead singer).
I mean. C'mon. Dude's got an awesome mohawk thing going on and pretty awesome eyes. Just saying.
Anyway. I'm off-topic.
So I listened to more of their songs. "1983" is pretty great. Also very fun. I, personally, wasn't born in the 80's (I wish), but I can appreciate the music. The music video is also pretty fun (I've included it here).
They're not big yet, but I beg you guys to give them a shot. They're epic! I wish they were going on tour somewhere near me so that I could go and see them. Then again, it'd probably be like that time I went to see Gavin DeGraw in concert and froze up when I could've gotten his autograph O.O What can I say? Fame makes me nervous!

Okay, okay. I'll shut up and give you guys a moment to watch the video. Keep your eyes peeled for the lovely man with the mohawk!! ;)

'til next time, lovelies, stay great and don't get shot. :)


  1. You're a nutter!
    Of course you can post music bits!
    Plus.. I kinda stole it from Sean since he started it on here, haha.

    Song sounds good!


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