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You should read this blog... just a suggestion...

So, I'm constantly wondering why it is that men can't just outright ask a girl something? They have this innate way of obviously hinting at it. We're not that dumb, guys. We can take a hint.
See, it goes a little something like this...
"You could text me if you want... just a suggestion."
Or my favorite so far was when a friend of mine and I were sitting down in the lobby in our dorm. Two guys we know come down the stairs and this is the conversation we have...
THEM: "Hey guys, what's up?"
US: "Not much! Doing homework, what about you two?"
THEM: "Oh... nothing really... just trying to figure out what to do for dinner tonight..."
*awkward silence*
US: "Well we were thinking about fixing spaghetti later..."
THEM: "Oh wow. That sounds cool..."
*More awkward silence*
US: "Did you guys maybe want to come eat with us then?"
THEM: "Oh that'd be SO great. We'll be back down in a half hour."

Okay. So you couldn't have just said, "Hey, can we have dinner with you guys?" No. They had to coax it out of us. I'm wondering if it's just some sort of macho-man thing. A pride thing.
I mean, don't get me wrong. I find it absolutely hilarious as a woman. But come on, guys. Is it really that hard?
Another prime example was with my friend's boyfriend. She will be denoted as C and he as T.
T: Are you hungry, C?
C: No.
T: Oh. Because I was thinking... there's that taco bell up the street.... if you're hungry.
C: You're hungry, aren't you, and you want to go to Taco Bell.
T: Oh, no. I'm fine. I thought you might be hungry. I'll go if you guys are...
C: T. I know you are hungry. We'll just go to taco bell.
T: I'm not hungry.
T: Okay, great! I'm starving!

I see it all the time and each time it makes me laugh.
I don't know if there's any kind of point to what I'm trying to say, or if I'm just marking an observation here, but it is hilarious. Pay close attention and I'm sure you readers can find examples of it with your own encounters with men... and you will laugh.



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