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Mock 2011 NFL Draft (Round 1)

Okay, so I’ve received requests to do a mock draft, so I’ll do one for the 1st round, though I’d prefer to only do one up until the Redskins selection.

I’ve hesitated doing one this year mainly because of the uncertainties with the NFL Lockout. Today there was some progression that could allow teams to trade players for the draft, though I’m unsure if teams are allowed to resign any possible Free Agents or if they can even have a day of free agency before the draft. Barring any trades of players (like Washington potentially sending McNabb and/or Haynesworth away for mid-round picks), and also barring the possibility that a deal is in place which requires teams to retain every possible FA they would have lost this year, here is my Mock 2011 NFL Draft.

  1. Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton, QB – Auburn; Newton’s athleticism and media magnetism are a sure-pick.
  2. Denver Broncos select Marcell Dareus, DT – Alabama; It doesn’t get much better in terms of a 4-3 DT to aid Dumervil back to DE and playing for Fox.
  3. Buffalo Bills select Von Miller, LB – Texas A&M; Yet another sure pick, Miller easily boosts the pass rush Buffalo is looking to generate in their 3-4.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals select Blaine Gabbert, QB – Missouri; Palmer’s gone, no matter what. He’s the best QB available if we don’t consider possible trades.
  5. Arizona Cardinals select Tyron Smith, OT – USC; A lot of people think they opt for a DB, but the offensive line could use some help if they don’t get their hands on a reliable QB.
  6. Cleveland Browns select Robert Quinn, DE – North Carolina; The Browns have a hybrid defense, Robert Quinn is the kind of guy you can build your defense around.
  7. San Francisco 49ers select Patrick Peterson, DB – LSU; Peterson can be a very valuable playmaker at CB, which the 9ers are lacking.
  8. Tennessee Titans select AJ Green, WR – Georgia; Green’s too good to pass up, even if you wanted Fairley.
  9. Dallas Cowboys select Prince Amukamara, CB – Nebraska; The Cowboys biggest problem is their lack of a secondary. Prince is an amazing talent.
  10. Washington Redskins select Julio Jones, WR – Alabama; Jones is the kind of guy who can bail you out of not finding quality line help.
  11. Houston Texans select Aldon Smith, DE – Missouri; The Texans need to focus heavily on the Defensive Line, especially with the full-conversion to a 3-4.
  12. Minnesota Vikings select Cameron Jordan, DE – California; Jordan’s got a lot of strength and a very good motor, buys some help with the Williams Bros. suspended.
  13. Detroit Lions select Jimmy Smith, CB – Colorado; The Lions need as much help as they can get at DB.
  14. St. Louis Rams select Nick Fairley, DT – Auburn; The Rams can still use help at DB, but Fairley’s can help make average DB’s look better than they are.
  15. Miami Dolphins select Mike Pouncey, OL – Florida; Pretty sure selection here. The Dolphins need a lot of help on the O-Line.
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars select Ryan Kerrigan, DE – Purdue; The Jaguars could use a DB, but Kerrigan could help them find success in a tough division.
  17. New England Patriots select Gabe Carimi, OL – Wisconsin; The Patriots could opt for Ayers here as I have him slipping due to needs, but Belichik loves his lines.
  18. San Diego Chargers select JJ Watt, DE – Wisconsin; Phil Taylor could be an easy selection but I think DE is more of what SD is looking for to aid the LB’s on the edge.
  19. New York Giants select Nate Solder, OL – Colorado; The Giants can use a CB, but the OL got punished last year, it’s clearly a need down the stretch.
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Da’Quan Bowers, DE – Clemson; Bowers offers the best option for Tampa Bay. The kid can play outside, inside, and standing up. Good fit with the young DT’s.
  21. Kansas City Chiefs select Akeem Ayers, LB – UCLA; Akeem will be a playmaker for this young, fast, tempo-driven defense. He can make plays left and right.
  22. Indianapolis Colts select Adrian Clayborn, DE/DT – Iowa; Clayborn offers the Colts some options in rotating the DL, and even letting Freeney start to stand up a bit to preserve him.
  23. Philadelphia Eagles select Aaron Williams, DB – Texas; The Eagles weren’t horrid in the secondary, but it wasn’t a strength. Williams is a physical player.
  24. New Orleans Saints select Anthony Castonzo, OL – Boston College; The Saints could use some help at LB, but they will find that later in the draft. Castonzo is strong.
  25. Seattle Seahawks select Jake Locker, QB – Washington; This is my “I’m not so sure” pick of this mock, but he suits the Seahawks offense as well as any young QB.
  26. Baltimore Ravens select Kyle Rudolph, TE – Notre Dame; Yes, hate if you want, but Heap does tend to get hurt, and it’s Flacco can always use one more weapon. Defense is stacked already.
  27. Atlanta Falcons select Muhammad Wilkerson, DT – Temple; They’re going to want Rudolph, but they need a reliable DT, and Wilkerson can be that guy.
  28. New England Patriots select Mark Ingram, RB – Alabama; Belichik will love this guy. I called him being a Patriot the moment the NFL Season ended and playoffs began. Perfect fit.
  29. Chicago Bears select Derek Sherrod, OL – Mississippi St.; That line is troublesome inside and out… this buys Cutler a little bit of help week-to-week.
  30. New York Jets select Phil Taylor, DT – Baylor; This is the best Nose in the draft, maybe the only one. He’s the kind of player Rex Ryan will turn into a recognized top-3 DT in the league in a few years.
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers select Brooks Reed, DL – Arizona; The Steelers need a DB, but they too can find them in later rounds. Reed is a great fit on the Steelers’ line.
  32. Green Bay Packers select Marvin Austin, DL – North Carolina; Here’s a guy who can play DE or DT. I expect to see him more at DE, but the Packers’ scheme allows him to do more.

Feel free to add your input and tell me I’m an idiot for sending someone somewhere, or not sending someone somewhere high enough.


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