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2011 NBA Finals Prediction - Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat …sound familiar? That’s because the 2006 NBA Finals was the exact same, only this time, Dallas is old and was written off before the playoffs even started despite being the third seed in the West. Dirk has been on a rampage, destroying anyone in his path. On the other side, we’ve got the Miami Heat, still manned by Dwyane Wade, but with the additions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. I shouldn’t have to rattle out the numerous storylines (The Decision, The Crying Game, The Clutchless King) as you should already know them all. So to jump straight into my predictions: Number of Games: 6 Champions: Miami Heat Finals MVP: LeBron James (though it will really belong to Wade) This series will be determined (much like 2006) on the play of Dwyane Wade. It comes down to home effective he can be against a Jason Kidd who has been smothering defensively against guys who he shouldn’t have ever been covering. LeBron will play

[May 29, 2011]Track of the Day: Grieves – “Bloody Poetry”; Sab The Artist – “Lookin’ At Girls”

Huge shoutout to Rhymesayers in this post, have to give you a double, with two of my favorite songs from the Family Tour show we went to last month by artists not named Slug. First up is Grieves’ song “Bloody Poetry”. My first exposure to this track was at the Family Tour last month. The beat is crazy with the keys and the bass is nice… and producer Budo on the trumpet and guitar really solidifies the beat. Lyrically, “poetry” is a focus, and Grieves supplies some nice lines that make you think of the multiple meanings. The hook is awesome too and the track really is complete all the way through. Listen Here:  Next up is Sab’s “Lookin’ at Girls”. This song just jams from beginning to end, and it speaks volumes in relativity. The breakdown at the bridge when the beat switches up a little is a crazy touch to this track, and the chorus itself, well… I dare you to tell me it’s not catchy and mean it. Listen Here: Leave a

[May 26, 2011]Track of the Day: D.Ment.It – Get Your Shark On

First of all, I wanna send a shout out to WECU, Jase and Tre been holding shit down. If it weren’t for their movement, I probably wouldn’t have encountered D. D.Ment.It is located out of Baltimore and has a rugged sound in this track. Recently I’ve been listening to some more hardcore shit, and had to go back to find a lot of it because nowadays, nobody ever really feels like punching someone in the face apparently. So when D shot this one to me, I liked the style, perfect timing. He takes some shots at a few names (Wayne, Slaughterhouse, Plies, Gucci, Lil’ B), carries a really crisp flow and has a ton of energy. He’s got some shit that isn’t hardcore if you do fuck with other styles, he speaks his mind a lot, so you can catch him in a variety of different moods, but definitely download and bump his track. Download: Leave a comment below or on Twitter: @DontLaughPeople @Sean_Bishop @Dmentit Fol

Viewing On The Rise...

...some of my marketing techniques have helped us reach our new highest mark for views in a month for this month... and I'm hoping to continue this upward trend. 700 views is cool by me for now, but I'd really like to surpass 1000 and stay on the upside of that mark...'s hoping you all help to advertise DontLaughPeople with us!

Raptures Are Extinct!

Disclaimer: The title of this post is just a witty punchline due to the following joke… not to be confused with me saying the Rapture will never happen. “Harold Camping is an idiot, talking about this Rapture. Didn’t those things go extinct millions of years ago?” So, Harold Camping was wrong. Gee, haven’t we heard that one before? Thanks to social networking faster than the speed of light, Camping’s “prediction” spread like the fireball he was predicting would consume the Earth. We are as much at fault for enabling this as the pamphlet passers who drove around the nation polluting the atmosphere with CO 2 much the same way they polluted our minds with this false prophecy. The fact they caused so much damage to our air probably contributed to our mental state of considering some legitimacy to the stupidity they were spewing. May 21 st came and went like any other day… and Camping has yet to go on record to explain what went wrong. As I noted before the time

Apocalypse... Now!

So, in case you haven’t heard, tomorrow (May 21, 2011) marks the beginning of the end of the world… the Rapture. For those unfamiliar with what the Rapture is, it marks when Jesus returns to Earth selecting the chosen and leaving behind the heathens to take from this world to the Heavens to prepare them for the final battle between good and evil. Well, this guy has determined via a math problem via information he uncovered in the bible that the Rapture takes place tomorrow, starting a 5-month series of events leading to judgment day. I’d get into the math problem if I could be bothered opening links anywhere on the web right now, but I’d rather just type this up. Before we get started going any further into why this is or isn’t legitimate, I want to first note that mankind has failed hundreds, if not thousands, of times trying to determine when the end will come. We’re still awaiting the Mayan prediction of December 21, 2012… an event I share the same beliefs I’m abo

The Family Tour

So I made reference in that last post of a concert I attended a few weeks back. The day was actually chill as Hell. April 27, 2011, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC to see Atmosphere on The Family Tour with Sab The Artist, Grieves & Budo, DJ Abilities, and Blueprint. We took the Metro, my first public transportation since my trip to London down to a block and a half away from the club, walked up and got in line. We made it with time to catch Slug of Atmosphere outside walking up and down the line chilling with the fans and taking pictures, headed in and got a nice spot right next to the bar and close enough to the stage to feel every inch of your body vibrate with the bass from the speakers, though I imagine it was like that in every inch of the club. DJ Abilities opened the show with a few record spins, and then Sab came on and performed. I had never really heard anything from him, but I liked the popular-style while still remaining a part of the conscious-rap

NFL "Off" Season - Redskins QB Woes?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve kept relatively busy with movies, family gatherings, and a concert. I’ve done a little here and there for the blog, but mainly just been out of it. For me, this has been a crazy season solely because the NFL Lockout really limits what you can or can’t write about in regards to the league. None of us has any clue as to the direction the league takes if/when it resumes, and IF/WHEN it resumes. The uncertainty in every facet of the NFL right now really dulls the intrigue to write about anything that could be an interesting topic. But I want to address the Redskins a little bit here. Assuming there’s some direction with the team, I think it’s very wise to point out that perhaps Shanahan didn’t draft a quarterback this year because he wasn’t confident in the veteran group that would be ahead of this rookie to teach him. Sure, everyone wants to strike oil with a Peyton Manning, start him from his rookie season on, and not have to worry. And who am I t

My Petition To Twitter

Perhaps there are better ways to go about this, but tweeting it once a week hasn't worked, so hopefully something a little more concrete that hopefully more of my followers will pick up on and support will finally get this done. When I registered with Twitter however long ago, the tag @SeanBishop was taken, so I had to settle for @Sean_Bishop . Fair enough, not odd symbols or numbers needed after the fact... however, it strikes me as odd every time I see my mentions and log-in with the underscore in the middle of my name. The @SeanBishop account belongs to someone whose name is not listed as Sean Bishop... and there are all of 2 Tweets by the account, both dated back to well before I had even registered with Twitter. There has been no apparent activity with the account. Meanwhile, I, @Sean_Bishop, am by far the most active Sean Bishop on all of Twitter, and have constantly bombarded @twitter's mentions with a plea to allow me to have the tag. Twitter is a fast-gr

Soundtrack To My Month Of May - Track 2

So in March I posted up one of my soundtracks. I'm reposting this song , because, firstly, the official video has been released and I think it's amazing - a strange cross between Gaga, P!nk and Gwen, and secondly, it's still a tune! Once again, I give you, my favourite Brit of the moment, Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect , enjoy the new video!

Soundtrack To My Month Of May - Track 1

Kicking this month off with an old one. Since I first heard it this song has been on of my favourites. I have great love for this band and was slightly upset at myself when I realised I hadn't listened to them in a while. I give you, Incubus - Pardon Me , enjoy!

Appreciate The Love

When I wrote up my NFL Mock Draft, the last thing I expected to happen was to have a network pick it up and list it on their site and get 300+ views from it. Well, within 3 days, I was up to 300 views. After the draft, the hype of it died down a bit, as expected. So I wrote a draft grade for the Washington Redskins, and I posted it in the comments of the Redskins' Blog , run by Matt Terl. Within days, I've trumped the record-views my Mock set and I'm up over 350 views on my recap/grade.  So for everyone who has been checking this stuff out in the last week, I really appreciate the support!

Washington Redskins Draft Recap/Grade

It’s Sunday, May 01, 2011 and that means the 2011 NFL Draft is finished. My site-record-viewed 1 st Round Mock Draft was off… WAY off. And while I’ll be focusing mainly on the Redskins, I want to take a look at several occurrences that may have really caused us to focus on the draft the way we did. The first big shocker in my eyes was the Broncos’ selection of Von Miller. Denver is converting back to a 4-3 defense, and Miller’s talents in rushing the passer are more suited as a 3-4 OLB. I can’t imagine him putting his hand in the dirt, and I don’t see him playing a 4-3 OLB where he’ll be in coverage a little more. However you slice it though, I still see Denver as a possible trade partner for the Redskins to dump Haynesworth, who would be able to play the style of football he prefers under Fox… no, not the lazy kind, the kind that actually gets to attack the quarterback. The Atlanta Falcons packaged everything to acquire who I believed was the best WR in the draft,