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Raptures Are Extinct!

Disclaimer: The title of this post is just a witty punchline due to the following joke… not to be confused with me saying the Rapture will never happen.

“Harold Camping is an idiot, talking about this Rapture. Didn’t those things go extinct millions of years ago?”

So, Harold Camping was wrong. Gee, haven’t we heard that one before? Thanks to social networking faster than the speed of light, Camping’s “prediction” spread like the fireball he was predicting would consume the Earth. We are as much at fault for enabling this as the pamphlet passers who drove around the nation polluting the atmosphere with CO2 much the same way they polluted our minds with this false prophecy. The fact they caused so much damage to our air probably contributed to our mental state of considering some legitimacy to the stupidity they were spewing.

May 21st came and went like any other day… and Camping has yet to go on record to explain what went wrong. As I noted before the time of the predicted events, his excuses would go something like:

“I was incorrect in my math, I must have missed something.”

“The entire world must be damned.”

“There is no God.”

He might have something else up his sleeve for an explanation, but I can’t fathom he’d admit he was wrong and that Jesus was right when he said no man, not even himself, nor any angel in Heaven, only the Father would know the day and the hour. He couldn’t admit that last time; he won’t admit it this time. Camping’s Bible Prophecy is ludicrous solely because the man doesn’t grasp that the bible is filled with direct quotes from Jesus himself. Jesus never lied, that’s a trait of evil. Don’t take Jesus quotes for lies… man will NOT know when the Rapture approaches, and predicting an end time and getting people all worked up serves no purpose but to create fear and terror.

God wants Judgment Day to approach “like a thief in the night” so that humanity has no chance at trying to deceive God with false regret for their actions. Every criminal pleads innocent… or so I’ve been told. The fact of the matter is, we’re not meant to know, for our own good. People got worked up and panicked, and had anything seemed to be working in Camping’s favor the other night, chaos would have ensued.

One of the largest problems I had with Camping’s prediction is this idea that God won’t save people of other religious beliefs as though he tailored history solely for Christianity to arise and be the chosen people. Wrong, God made Jesus a Jew, first and foremost… Jesus AS a Jew was accepted by God. So Judaism obviously gets an opportunity as well. But let us not forget either, the Muslims who are prevalent in the Bible… and they were not an evil people. Catholicism pretty much fathered Christianity, so Catholics need be considered as well.

But Camping also predicted only 200 million souls past and present, dead and alive, would be saved. That’s less than a third of the population. I’m of the belief that there are far more than 200 million Christians alone throughout history who are worthy of eternity; surely God doesn’t just draw from a hat and leave the worthy behind to suffer by the heathens. That leaves people wondering if they’ve done enough to be saved, and if they’ll be chosen over the next person. Then consider this fact: the planet Earth in comparison to the entire universe, isn’t even comparable to a grain of sand in comparison to the planet Earth… yet Earth could house billions of people at any given time, along with the buried of however many billions have lived here, not to mention the hundreds of billions of other creatures we’ve got on our planet. So in eternity, God could not house more than 200 million souls from throughout all of history? Eternity wouldn’t exceed the size of the universe?

Harold Camping is a heretic, a false prophet, and we should treat him as such. Live your lives, people! Try and do right by God, but don’t worry about the imminent end, or impending doom.

Anyways, I need a haircut!


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