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Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 8

I like a lot of songs from this band, this one is no different. I give you, The Feeling - Set My World On Fire , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 7

I was listening to a track of this guy and my sister was like... "He sounds like he's trying to be Jack Peñate.." then I played her this song, and she was singing along! She knew all the words when it was the first time I heard the song. It's a good song, the lyrics are sweet and the video is slightly dark. I give you, Ed Sheeran - The A Team , enjoy!

Making A Change...

So I’ve come to realize that the most successful blogs are the ones which post EVERY day, sometimes multiple times a day, in a book-like fashion… chapter after chapter of everyday life. Most of it is the most boring shit ever, but it’s relatable so people keep coming back. Or it’s the people who are the most intimate with their audience, portraying every emotion and detail possible. The first route isn’t possible for me… I’ve got Twitter to do that, and I much prefer to keep my Twitter and do it the way I’m doing it. The second route… I’ve seen too many cases where an audience member becomes too captivated by the blogger they’re reading and it becomes an entirely dangerous situation. I’d prefer not to be that intimate and personal with you all. That doesn’t mean I’m not personal, or that I’m not transparent. I’d like for anyone who reads the blog here at DLP to contribute by emailing me ( questions or topics you’d like for me to discus


For those of you who follow me on Twitter and pay attention to what I Tweet… you probably saw me talking about introspection this week. I’ve gone through this process several times before, I still can’t honestly answer who I really am, but I’ve got a much better sense than I’m sure most of you do unless you’re introspective yourselves. It’s the healthiest form of observation and self-awareness one can do, and it’s very humbling, but it’s also very troubling in the moment. You’ve got to be prepared to hurt your own feelings and really beat yourself up when going through this process… because the goal is to admit everything about yourself to yourself, and find a way to fix the things with which you’re not happy. I won’t go into the process with you guys and what I’m “discovering” this time around, but I will say this: I’ve figured out how and why I tick. I knew it before, but seeing it from this light really casts a lot into how extreme it can be. All I can say is I’ve been so


I don’t do anything like this normally, but I have to today. Most of you who follow me on Twitter probably already tune in to WECU Radio or check their site because you were affiliated with them before I even came along, but some of you aren’t familiar with them (yet). Last night’s show got thrown off track when co-host Tre had to deal with a family emergency. Jase carried on with the show and held it down even through the switchboard acting up. Had fun after the show last night chatting with Soopa, Laos, Riles, and DC. Usually when the show cuts off air, we usually just bounce from the chat and carry on to Twitter or bed. But I want to just ask you all to pray for Tre and his family for whatever they’re going through right now. I’m sure dude wants to update the WECU community with this, and we’re hoping we can get good news rather than bad, but no matter how it ends up, we need to pray now and later that his family is safe and okay. I’ve promoted WEC

Second Best?

In life we often settle for second best. If we fancy a particular kind of ice-cream and the shop is out - we often choose something else that may reduce the craving but not satiate us. If we go to the cinema and the film we want to see is fully booked - we often choose something else to go and see, so as to not waste the journey. If the food joint we wanted to eat at is closed – we often go elsewhere. Generally in life we’re, maybe not happy to but certainly, willing to opt for something else. But should this be the case when it comes to relationships? I understand dating someone who is second best if your first choice is uninterested in you, of course you have a right to move on and be with someone else and possibly learn to love that person more than your first choice. It’s when the person who’s second best knows they’re second best and put up with it, which is what I can’t understand. Why would you stay with someone if you knew you weren’t their first choice? Is it because you ho

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 6

I like a bit of this band! I give you, Paramore - Monster , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 5

Heard this song just the other day and I really like it so I thought I'd share it. I give you, Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 4

I absolutely love "Like A G6" and this is a track from one of the artists on that track. I give you, DEV ft. The Cataracs - Bass Down Low , enjoy!


What is this foul mood which develops when technology malfunctions or disappears?! I never realised how much I use my phone until I don't have it. I'm not too fancy with my technology. I don't have a smart phone or HTC or iPhone, nor am I addicted to Crackberry. I use my phone moderately - or so I thought - to make a few calls but mostly for texting. I use it as my alarm as well as my clock. Unfortunately, tonight, when I don't have it, due to a series of unfortunate events which are all related to rushing, I seem to need it the most. I need to chase people up about plans for tomorrow and about a gift for tomorrow - for this I need phone numbers. Ah yes, that other thing phones are good for, storing numbers. Of course I have a paper address book.. which is, of course, empty. I also quite like hearing the voice of someone I love as I pass out, or receiving nice night time text messages. Then tomorrow, I need to wake up early, and I don't have my alarm to wake me. I

Breaking Dawn Trailer Released!

I am a GIANT Twilight fan, as is Jesscah, and we are both very excited that the Breaking Dawn Trailer in full has been released earlier than expected! We especially love the headboard smash! I've got goosebumps! Cannot wait for this film! I hope you fans all enjoy! Thank you Perez!

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 3

I love this artist, I know she's Sean's guilty pleasure, don't tell him you heard that from me though! I reckon this will be my new favourite song of the moment. I give you, Shontelle - Say Hello To Goodbye , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 2

There's something so beautiful and calming about this song. I think their voices really compliment each other. I give you, Nicole Scherzinger ft. Sting - Power's Out , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of June - Track 1

My apologies that May didn't have many songs - I didn't have much time to post them, plus I was listening to lots of white noise and classical music while revising. I love this song. I've been listening to this song non-stop! I give you, Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up , enjoy!

Only Me..

Sean has singlehandedly been holding down the blog lately and I do feel quite guilty for that. I finished my exams and second year at university on the 18th of May, and since then I've been out with friends, catching up with people I haven't seen in a while, working my two jobs, as well as helping out at my sister's house with some painting. My "freedom" from university hasn't been that much fun but I intend on making it fun! I'm going to Spain with my high school girlfriends in a month! Eeeek! So excited! I'm also going to Thorpe Park soon, which is an amusement park here in England. I'm organising Orange Rockcorps again for my friends and I to go to, so working out which project we can all attend and making sure everyone's free on the day of the gig. I'm also waiting for my close friend to have her baby - she was due yesterday but she doesn't seem to want to come out! I want to knit her a lil hat, so I need to learn how to purl, so

Better Day?

Well yesterday was miserable even before the meat freezer incident. Thank God it wasn't the other freezer. If I'd have lost my ice cream sammiches I'd have gone mental. Spoiled deer meat is bad, ultra-bad but let's be honest. Losing ice cream sammiches is equal to apocalyptic days. And I'm getting my axle today.


Crab legs and ice cold Budweiser does the trick, momentarily.

Blogger or Tumblr?

For some reason, Tumblr seems to be doing a lot better than Blogger and the networking over there is a lot better. I'm back and forth on which style of blogging I prefer... this seems like a more direct and full-means for doing what I want to do, but Tumblr's got a very fun direction and it's a lot easier to interact with the community over there. I've been wondering what I can do to get more hits, and while the past two months, especially May, were very successful (May gave us our record for monthly views), I'm not sure how else to go about it. I almost feel cheated by Google in the fact that, I really don't know that anyone is seeing my blog on Blogger or through Google Search engines, it feels like any hits I get, it's directly because of me spamming links on Twitter and various other places, and having my site feed discovered through Twitter links and getting hits from being posted on a larger site. I had a goal to set up my site and I wanted i