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So I’ve come to realize that the most successful blogs are the ones which post EVERY day, sometimes multiple times a day, in a book-like fashion… chapter after chapter of everyday life. Most of it is the most boring shit ever, but it’s relatable so people keep coming back. Or it’s the people who are the most intimate with their audience, portraying every emotion and detail possible.

The first route isn’t possible for me… I’ve got Twitter to do that, and I much prefer to keep my Twitter and do it the way I’m doing it. The second route… I’ve seen too many cases where an audience member becomes too captivated by the blogger they’re reading and it becomes an entirely dangerous situation. I’d prefer not to be that intimate and personal with you all.

That doesn’t mean I’m not personal, or that I’m not transparent. I’d like for anyone who reads the blog here at DLP to contribute by emailing me ( questions or topics you’d like for me to discuss. I promise to get to most of them, so long as they aren’t repetitive. If you’d prefer not to use email, you can always Tweet me (@Sean_Bishop).

And I hope you’ll spread the word around.

Note: Whatever you’d prefer to ask me, or suggest I write about, I’ll answer. I don’t intend on shying away from many topics (though I’m sure there will be a few I’d prefer not delving into for somewhat obvious reasons). So go ahead and shoot… ask whatever… suggest whatever. Help me to write the things that interest you all.


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