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To The Politically Correct, Gays, And Idiots...

I want to start this post off by telling you it will be highly controversial and perhaps even hateful at times. I am in no way singling out any particular persons (subliminally). I honestly do not feel hateful towards people for their sexual preferences (keyword) or their gender issues. And a lot of this has more to do with the pussification of our planet through pampering than it does with people’s sexual desires.

If you’re not familiar with the heat on Tracy Morgan right now, click that link and read up before continuing.

Idiots! Idiots left and right, I tell you! Before we even begin to think or accuse Tracy Morgan of being “straight-forward and sincere” with his comments, please, please, please remember that this man is a comedian/actor and is performing an act via theater! I know that comedians often go on rants of belief in their acts, and this may have been a case of that, but it’s still comedy!

In no way did I, an unbiased because I feel neither way towards the subject spectator, feel that Tracy Morgan was projecting his firmest beliefs and swearing to the God he spoke of that he felt absolutely, 100% each and every syllable of the things he said. To me, it sounded like Tracy Morgan acted out through theater a very popular opinion on a subject. This stance should have evoked laughter from the audience he was discussing through understanding that he was expressing the vulgar, over-the-top opinions of people the world over who are against gays. In the same light, the people he was acting like should have laughed at the fact that they agree.

If we take out any content which sits on the border of a topic or suggestive content from comedy (especially standup) we might as well just do away with comedy altogether. In fact, let’s just go ahead and get rid of evil in films, because there’s no way you can cast an actor to play a part in which they’re not really like in everyday life outside of that film.

Even if Tracy Morgan feels the way he feels (not all agreeable), he has a right to speak on it. And for him to suggest the things he suggested and people to respond with the way he suggested they act in the first place… well, your flame only fuels his fire.

But let’s think about what this man said anyways. Gay is a choice, not by birth. Well, chemical imbalances can affect a person’s sexuality, that’s been scientifically proven. However, those chemical imbalances can be controlled and regulated via drugs (that don’t have to be taken for life). Let us also consider it is proven that culture, community, and environment can affect a person’s sexuality. Therefore, while the chemical imbalance may be predetermined during creation in the womb (proof that it’s not caused by something the mother does or does not produce for the fetus has not been presented for either argument) to suggest gay may be from birth, there’s plenty of content to suggest that it is a choice as well.

Then he said God doesn’t make mistakes. If you’re religious, this is true, however offensive it may be to you, it’s true. God does not make mistakes. “Well then how do people murder?” They’re possessed by the Devil. “Why did God create evil?” Because light cannot be cast on an object without creating a shadow. Good cannot exist without knowledge of what is wrong. You cannot know something without understanding the alternative. “So you can’t know that it’s wrong to be Gay without understanding that it may be natural and not the person’s fault and that some people are ashamed of their sexuality.” Correct!

God doesn’t make mistakes, the Devil has influence though. Am I saying Gay people are evil? No. I’m saying they are negatively influenced though. I don’t believe a person is damned for something that may be chemically wrong with them, but the evils within them may be damned. Remember, God destroyed two entire, extremely populated cities. He didn’t say that the souls were damned though. But this sounds like I’m still suggesting that gay is by birth, which Morgan didn’t suggest, he said it’s by choice. No, I’m saying that it’s by choice one way or the other, whether it’s the person who decides one day they’re going to spite everyone by wanting what they shouldn’t want, or the choice of the Devil, infecting the minds and body of these people.

That doesn’t make Gay people evil, and I’m not going to judge people for their sexual tendencies. I don’t care. I’m not religious enough to say that I agree with God, but I understand the bible and religion well enough to comprehend their stance on the matters at hand.

Tracy Morgan said women couldn’t be sexually attracted to other women; they do it because they hate a man, or men. Again, a comment blown out of proportion through blind anger and hate instead of being looked at in the ironic light it should have been viewed under. If any of you say that you’ve never heard a female say, “I should be a lesbian, men are too hard to figure out,” you’re a damned liar and I hope you bite the tip of your tongue off. Everyone has heard a female say that stupid shit before, and that’s all Tracy Morgan was expressing!

Tracy Morgan said he’d stab his son to death if he found out he was gay. Again, I dare any of you to tell me you’ve never heard a man suggest “when I have kids, if I have a son and he’s gay, I’ll kill him!” Again, I know that there are people who actually kill their children for being gay, and I in no way condone that or understand it, but the fact of the matter is, a lot of people say that, go through finding out their son is gay, and while they may not accept it, they don’t necessarily hate or change their relationship because of it. But Tracy was acting out a very popular opinion through theater.

This politically correct society we live in though? It has to come to an end. I’m not encouraging hateful rants to be made 24/7, but I’m so tired of people not being able to deal with words, names, etc. Woe is me characters. I’m tired of the parents who took the word “fail” out of school because they couldn’t stand being called a failure when they flunked in school, and don’t want their children to go through the same. Failure is not a name, it’s an act, and they acted a failure, therefore they failed. Deal with it. I’m tired of the parents and committees who forced schools to dumb down and work to the slowest, dumbest pace in the classroom, instead of trying to force everyone up to the fastest, smartest pace in the classroom.

When I was in high school, I didn’t do classwork or homework from Monday evening through Friday morning. I learned the content that was “taught” (reflected rather) on Monday IN CLASS and I went in Friday, took my tests, and passed with an A. Meanwhile, the rest of the idiots who got by for attempting class and homework every day of the week, failed their tests, or struggled mightily to get a C on them. Do you know who suffered at the end of the year because they didn’t do the same shit over and over again in class every single day of the week yet still passed the test? Me. In hindsight, I should have sucked it up and done the work; but I shouldn’t have had to dumb myself down for everyone else. I didn’t go to school to not learn. I skipped school because they don’t teach anything. I skipped school out of protest of the fact that we pamper our children nowadays to the point that it cripples them.

Do you know why unemployment rates are climbing among American youth out of college? Do you know why more and more people live at home with their parents through 40? Do you know why America is less and less industrial every year? It’s because these children are pampered, having their asses wiped and powdered even after adulthood, come out of public schooling thinking they can’t be insulted or treated like the dumb fucking idiots they are, get told by their employer that they’re not smart enough or strong enough emotionally to be competent in the work force, and collapse because they were never prepared to have to deal with being told they have a weakness.

Believe it or not, only a few parents in this world can create a superman (or superwoman for you feminist cunts out there who have to be treated as equal superior to mankind) who is capable of being the smartest, strongest, fastest and most able to directly jump into the workforce without problem. That’s not a knock at you or your child. The knock to you is that you don’t toughen your child up from when they’re children. Spank them when they’re bad! Tell them they’re bad for not eating their vegetables and send them to their room and take the lightbulb out of the lamp and the cable box from their room and make them go to bed early. Make them sit in a corner with their hands folded in their lap for a minute after the 15 that they scream and cry like the little fucking brats that they are and they realize they were wrong and walk up and sincerely apologize to you for the way they were acting and the things they said/did before the punishment. I’m tired of you assholes giving up when your child cries because one fucking group of people determined it was immoral for a parent to make their child cry in any circumstance because a child can’t cry on their own. I’m tired of you assholes not spanking your children or making them eat soap because a group of people who didn’t like when it happened to them had enough money to buy the power to influence lawmakers to say it’s wrong to spank your child.

This is a weaker nation (and world) than it was even 15 years ago. It’s a weaker nation (and world) because we pamper everyone. I’m tired of living in this world with you assholes who think you’re progressive, but all we seem to be doing is digging a hole for our species.

So to all of you politically correct bastards, fuck you! To all you gays who get offended by jokes, grow a set and be a man! To all you dykes and lesbians who are offended by the suggestion that you’re just out for revenge on men, take something to control your fucking hormones! To all of you straights who get offended for the gays because you’re politically correct… go suck a dick!

You fucking faggots!


  1. "If any of you say that you’ve never heard a female say, “I should be a lesbian, men are too hard to figure out,” you’re a damned liar and I hope you bite the tip of your tongue off. Everyone has heard a female say that stupid shit before, and that’s all Tracy Morgan was expressing!"

    Hey now! Men can be pigs - it's not stupid to say such things!


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