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Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 9

Love this artist. He makes great music that I love to dance to. We really didn't want to go home at the end of our Spanish trip so on that note I'll end my holiday soundtrack with this song. I give you, Jason Derulo - Don't Wanna Go Home , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 8

Another song I loved this month. I give you, The Wanted - Glad You Came , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 7

Another tune that's great to dance to. I give you, Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 6

This was a lot of fun to dance to in the Spanish bars and clubs. Brings back great memories of dancing with my girls and trying to stop the Spanish perverts hitting on us! I give you, Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love ft. Pitbull , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 5

I love this lady, and I love this song. I give you, Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory , enjoy! I really love a cover of this song as well which I've also posted here. I also give you, Alyssa Bernal - The Edge Of Glory , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 4

Wherever in the world you are, you've got to enjoy music from this lady, especially when she's empowering women! I give you, Beyonce - Run The World (Girls) , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 3

This was my pre-holiday anthem, so when it came on in a Spanish club, I went mental for it. I give you, Nicki Minaj - Super Bass , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 2

This is a song that we had a debate over followed by many laughs.. followed by numerous occasions of awful singing up and down Spanish roads and in the clubs. I give you, Snoop Dogg - Sweat (Remix) ft. David Guetta , enjoy!

Soundtrack To My Month Of July - Track 1

I mentioned going on holiday in one of my earlier posts so the July soundtracks are all going to be holiday tunes that I listened to in Spain. I'm kicking things off with this song because one of my girlie mates kept singing it and getting it in all of our heads - yet the only words we know are in the title! I give you, Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi , enjoy!

Breaking Down The Nnamdi Sweepstakes

Nnamdi Asomougha, [former] CB for the Oakland Raiders and widely regarded as the best in the league, is the premier Free Agent this offseason. Early on, the 49ers and Texans were in the hunt, but the Texans suddenly signed CB Joseph (formerly of the Bengals), likely taking themselves out of the hunt for Nnamdi. SF has started suggesting they're out of the race. To me, it sounds like the price for Nnamdi is raising, even though reports said he was willing to take a paycut to sign with a contender. Well, the Jets had something on the table for him the entire time, and Nnamdi didn't take the deal(s), so if his price is still rising, is he still willing to take a cut for a contender? Who else is in the hunt? Reports flew today that the Cowboys were seeking Nnamdi. New defensive coordinator Rob Ryan (twin brother of Rex) was a coach in Oakland with Nnamdi, so there's familiarity. The problem, however, is that the Cowboys are in cap-trouble, and couldn't afford to p


And I've been going berserk over on Twitter ( @Sean_Bishop ) with news from this hectic free-agency period. The Redskins have made news with a vast number of WR's (which ExtremeSkins fans took idiotically) and have focused on the D-Line and brought in a couple Ravens with starting experience and potential. IMO, Free Agency should be a 4-day fiasco from now-on, because this is the most exciting it has ever been.

Orange Rockcorps

This was my third year doing it. I’ve blogged about the program in the past as well as the project I did last year with my fellow university friends. This year I managed to persuade four of my university friends to do the volunteering side, two of which had never done Rockcorps before – the other two did it with me last year. The reasons why more of them didn’t join in was because they were busy either on the day we decided to do the project or the day of the gig, or because the line-up didn’t interest them for the gig. Last year I managed to persuade more of them to do it because the line-up hadn’t been announced yet for the London gig! This year they merged both the Manchester and London gigs, which are normally two months apart. They also moved the London venue from Earls Court to Wembley Arena as it holds a greater capacity, which was rather amusing as the tube from Wembley Park closes at 00:30 and the gig overran by an hour, so 11,000 people running to the station making sure t

Race For Life

On the 26th of June I did a 5km Race For Life run/walk, which is a women only race, to raise money for Cancer Research. I did the run with 2 of my girl friends and we raised over £450 for the cause. It's a cause we all believe in strongly, not just as scientists but as friends and family of those who have suffered from a number of different cancers. It was a really emotional but fun day which was really well organised. The signs people were wearing were really sweet and made me tear up. It was inspiring to be around so many strong women including those that were racing for themselves as well as others. My family came to support us and they enjoyed it too. We even got free Yakult! And the goodie bag at the end of the race was brilliant too. Race For Life do many different races, for different charities, which men can partake in too so I'd highly recommend doing something like this if you want to raise money for any charity as the atmosphere is amazing. I'd also like to than

Review: D-Risha – Big Trouble in Houston Texas

1. Introduction: - The introduction sets a nice little feel… a good opening, and it jumps into a good anecdote to open into the first track. 2. Smoke in the City (So Cold): - Risha opens the album up with a couple nice punchlines as an attention grabber. The beat is nice, especially with the bass turned up. The hook is catchy too, so you can ride with it. But deeper in the lyrical content on this track, Risha makes it known what he’s rapping for… himself, his people, his city… but he’s “So Cold” he’s not attached to shit enough to let it be his downfall. Track Rating: ****1/2 3. Set Me Free: - Risha opens this track with an, as he says himself, illy flow. It’s really one of the cleanest flows you’re going to hear. If the first track was the attention grabber… unsheathing his sword… this track is Risha drawing the line in the sand, challenging the world to doubt his talents. Excellent use of multis in this track as well… very good rhyme scheme. Track