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An argument as old as the day the concept was uttered, or even older. Many people will have a different stance on the issue, such as whether or not abortion is murder, none of which can be discredited. These various views are due to the perception of when life begins. Is it at conception? Is it a few weeks in? Is it when the child is born? These 3 questions are grey areas as there is no definitely yes or no answer, it is totally dependant on who is being asked. For those who believe life begins at conception does this mean that those people who have tried in vitro fertilisation are murderers? After all, in vitro fertilisation uses fertilised human eggs and often many of these eggs are not implanted and thrown away, does this count as murder? For those who believe it's a few weeks in, for many abortions the embryos are terminated in the first trimester. During the first trimester the embryo cannot survive outside the womb therefore it should not be considered a separate entity to

One Of My Many Apologies

Why is it that when you know you have to do something you try to avoid it as much as possible? I have an apology to make because I know I've avoided blogging lengthy posts, and even blogging my tracks of the month, but it's because I'm feeling under pressure. I need to improve my writing for a test I have coming up. It's the sort of test where they'll assess and scrutinise everything, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, order of paragraphs, whether paragraphs are hooked, the list just goes on and on! It's a test of your thinking, general writing ability and how logical your thought process is - in 30 minutes. Unfortunately for me, my trail of thought is exactly that. A long trail that meanders and weaves round and round. I'm not very direct and I like to beat around the bush as they say. Hence why I need to improve how I write and what I write. Surely blogging more is the simple, most interesting solution

The United States Economic Woes - A Simple Fix?

Do you know why the United States’ credit rating dropped after finally reaching an “agreement” on August 2, 2011? Never mind the fact that the agreement was not even finalized when it was agreed upon, therefore just prolonging the debates over whether to add this fee or that to the bill. Never mind the fact that it took months upon months to get done and was a competition rather than a joint-effort to fix (which Obama has so snuggly clung onto in order to make you forget the truths about the situation). The reason the United States’ credit rating was downgraded was solely because the bill is a restructuring of something that is already in crisis… and not an overhaul or fix in any way. All that was done was they raised the amount of money in which they’re allowed to be in debt, and forced their way into more spending to print more money to cover those trillions in debt. Obama (I will not refer to him as President because even if that’s the position he holds, the job he does is not

Thoughts on Washington Redskins – Preseason Week 1

First of all, I wasn’t planning on doing this. Secondly, it IS just preseason, so any hype and hope and heaped praise I latch onto these topics, you’ve got to remember it is just preseason. I’m excited to have football back, and I’m excited with the change in culture in Washington, so I’m excited about how guys perform right now, no matter if they’re facing first or second team guys. My initial thought after the game: damn that looked like an actual team out there. I didn’t see much of anyone exposing their own weaknesses and leaving teammates hanging out to dry (except from the safety position, which I’ll get to later). I was astonished at how well both lines clicked… especially the defensive line (they worked tremendously with the linebackers). And it’s nice seeing a QB come into the same system with some familiar faces and work the field the way the coordinator likes seeing it done. QB – Grossman played his ass off… whether it was 1st team without Polamalu, or second team

Soundtrack To My Month Of August - Track 1

I really do love this boys voice, I've already posted the A-Team , now I'm going to post the song I was talking about in that post since he's finally done the video for it. The video is awesome as it's simply of a man signing the song lyrics. I give you, Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You , enjoy! There's many version of this song, this was the first one I ever heard, which is a beautiful acoustic version: Then yesterday I heard this remix version with Wretch 32 and Devlin: I hope you like them as much as I do!

A Few Notes From The Washington Redskins Offseason

When the Redskins take to the field for preseason and the regular season this year, they will unquestionably look a lot different from years past. Sure, there will still be the familiar faces of London Fletcher, LaRon Landry, DeAngelo Hall, Brian Orakpo, Santana Moss, and Chris Cooley… but the traces of the Cerrato regime are quickly disappearing… having only the best and most productive of his decisions remaining here in Washington. For anyone still questioning if the Redskins are indeed heading on the right path, I say look at the overhaul that has taken place so far. Shanahan has implemented much of his own team in the past two seasons, having gotten rid of some old pieces and bringing in a lot of new guys. If my math is correct, the average age on the Washington Redskins right now is 26, down big time from our past. Not only that, but Shanahan drafted wisely, and acquired a lot of Free Agent talent to fill the D-Line and fit the mold of what he and Haslett want to do on defen

This Picture Melts My Heart

Courtesy of MSN