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Remembering 9/11 - 10 Years On.

I couldn’t possibly post my NFL picks today without saying something about this day. 9/11. For most Americans it’ll be something you remember vividly, especially for any of you New Yorkers. But from across the pond, it’s something we all remember too.

Looking back at the footage of that day, I still can’t believe it.  It’s like a horror movie, but unfortunately it actually happened in most of our lifetimes. Those too young to remember, or those who were not even born yet, it’s something that will be taught and relived by them and the people around them because it’s something no one should forget.

In the past week, as the 10 year anniversary approached, politicians have been voicing their opinions on whether the way we reacted towards the attacks created more extremists. This is something that disgusts me. In everyday life, if someone was to break into your house, surely you’d get a new lock or even add extra security. I realise this is on a much, much smaller scale and couldn’t possibly be compared but, the principle is there. If you’re attacked you will either fight back or protect yourself and in many cases you will do both.

The leaders of our countries at the time, made a difficult decision, and did what they thought was right at the time. Maybe if they were to redo it they would change their minds, maybe they wouldn’t. As a result of this day many more lives were lost, they were all worthy people, and none of them deserved to die, they were simply fighting for their countries. They were fighting for us. These people will forever have my respect and be in my thoughts, as I’m sure they are in yours.

Mayor Bloomberg recently urged for people to stop calling the 16 acres ‘Ground Zero’ but instead to refer to it under its proper name ‘The World Trade Center and the National September 11th Memorial and Museum’. When I first heard of this news I couldn’t understand it, but after I read his reasons it made perfect sense. No one will ever forget what happened in New York 10 years ago, the memorial and museum will make sure of that. It’s also good for New York to introduce a building into it’s beautiful skyline – which in the past 10 years has been lacking. It’s also a symbol for the people of New York. Something bad happened there but it is important for the city, and the people in the city to move on. The people who lost their lives that day would appreciate us all thinking about them, but at the end of the day they’d resent us for wasting the lives they didn’t get to live, because we were too busy stuck in the past.

To conclude my little reflection, I would like to pay my respects to those who died and pray for those who survived in the aftermath. Pray for those who witnessed the attack first hand, pray for those who lost someone they loved and cared about. I’d like to pray for those brave crews who rushed into the building to try and save others, whether they survived or died doing so, they’re all amazing people. I’d like to pray for those still living with the effects the smoke caused by the attacks, and hope that they can breathe a little easier as time goes on. I’d like to pray for the troops who ended up fighting in the War on Terror, for those who lost their lives, limbs, or minds. I’d like to pray for their families, for those who lived in fear of losing someone they loved, and for those whose fears became a reality.

I can’t possibly begin to imagine any of this pain which is why I’ll also be praying for strength for the living. To those people who have picked themselves up, and gotten on with their lives amidst the horror, I salute you and admire your strength enormously.


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