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Rob Lowe Breaks News On Peyton Manning Retirement?

That's Rob Lowe, actor who has appeared in all sorts of Films (Wayne's World, Tommy Boy, Austin Powers) and sitcoms (Parks & Recreation, Californication). He's an Indianapolis Colts fan, and well documented to be a good friend of Jim Irsay. As you can see, he broke the news that Peyton Manning is planning on retiring.

I'm not one to suggest that Manning wouldn't choose Rob Lowe to break the news of his retirement, but with the two having no documented relationship beyond celebrities with a connection in management, and most of Manning's news being broken by his father and his brother just this weekend saying he'd love to see his brother in New York if things don't continue in Indianapolis, I'm leaning towards these sources not being highly reliable. However, if they are, I'd believe Manning has been disrespected in not being able to address this on his own, or appointing someone to speak for him. It appears Lowe wasn't told by Manning himself, so one would have to believe that's exactly the case.

I don't believe Peyton's career is over, yet. I'm not saying he won't retire in a month, but I'd be shocked if Manning didn't at least test OTA's and perhaps even training camp to see where he's at physically before making this type of decision. Besides, a gamer like Peyton would probably go the Brett Favre route and get that itch, although I don't believe it would be 4 consecutive years of speculation and reneges.

As a Peyton Manning fan, I hope he's well enough to continue playing for a few more years, and definitely hoping that, whether it's this year or 4 from now, that the Colts give him the honor of retiring a Colt and on his own terms, with his own announcement, and not leaked information through unnamed sources to a celebrity who is friends with the boss.

Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated on Manning's status as the story progresses. Or follow us on Twitter @Sean_Bishop.


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