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Who Am I? Who Are You?

I’ve blogged about introspection before. I take a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. I’m an optimist; I find a way to make things look good. My glass is always half-full. But who am I?

The unintended genius of that question was asked brilliantly in the movie Anger Management… and I must give credit where it’s due. @JohnSupernova brought this subject up before me, but it resonates… he knows from our early discussions that I, as does he, stake a lot of importance on introspection. And he knows, as I do, that inquiring of someone “I just want to know who you are” is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Your average person won’t answer that properly. Your most consciously aware probably wouldn’t be able to answer that properly. I’ve struggled to answer that properly, but I believe I’ve got the answer, finally.

Who I am? I am. I am Sean Bishop.

I know that sounds like a smartass comment, but it goes deeper than that. Sean Bishop is who I am. I am all that encompasses Sean Bishop. Delve into my blog a little bit, and you’ll see clearly precisely who I am.

I’m good with words. I’m most comfortable in my life when I’m reading and/or writing. I’m positive I was born several centuries too late for my professional interests, and a couple decades too soon for my progressive style of writing. We’re on the cusp of being allowed to do exactly what I want to do with writing, but it’s too soon for me to unleash the style I’m most interested in exploring. But that doesn’t mean I won’t flirt with the other side of this invisible line placed before me.

I’m one of those people who want to change the world, but my strengths aren’t in anything other than words. The aforementioned @JohnSupernova told me recently that I’d be a “net preacher” and he’s 100% correct. But sometimes, a voice is needed in order to inspire those who can actually take the ideas from paper (or monitor in this case) and build the wheel to set the scheme in motion.

I’m not the kind of person best suited to build a library, but I’m the kind of person who can draw the design and fill that library with script. I’m good with words, and I love using them. I’m good with tools, but I know I’m not the best suited to use them. While I try to figure out the next steps on Don’t Laugh, People and in my life, I want my words to carry with them the power to inspire people, to promote working together for the good of humanity, not separatism.

So who am I? I’m Sean Bishop. If you want to know who I am in a more natural element, pay me a visit @Sean_Bishop. My goal is to advance my blog, which relies not only on me, but on my ability to relate to you. So I just want to know who you are…


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