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Toy Story 3

I'm extremely delayed nowadays when it comes to watching films. I always say I'm going to see films at the cinema and I never get around to it.. then they come out on DVD and I never rush to buy or rent them. I've recently joined LOVEFiLM (similar to Netflix) which is a postal rental service, and I'm quite enjoying it, but I don't have enough time for it to be worth the money at the moment. Anyways, I was one of these people that was really looking forward for when Toy Story 3 came out, but once again, never got around to it. I think I saw Toy Story when I got it on VHS as a child, and I think Toy Story 2 I saw in cinema, back in the day when I actually went because my mum took me and my life was far less hectic then! But yes, I watched Toy Story 3 finally! Of course, like everyone else, towards the end I was bawling like a baby. There were moments throughout that nearly made me weep like when Andy chose Woody over Buzz, and then again at the end, when Woody was i

Lent 2012 Progress..

So it's not even been a week yet and I managed to break my Lent ! I managed to stay off bread for breakfast during weekdays, for all of one day. And I managed to stay off fizzy drinks for about 3 days? I accidentally took a sip from a friend while blindfolded.. On the 4th sip I realised I had given them up for Lent. Now I'm sick so I'm drinking a fizzy Lucozade (a Powerade equivalent here in the UK). I haven't done Zumba once this week, and I also didn't go to badminton on Monday like I normally do because I'm sick. I have however been on time, which is good, and I'm starting to be more productive, if anyone follows me on Twitter then they would have received my updates on how quickly I was getting through my to-do list! Most of my to-do list is to do with organisation so I'm doing that. The other thing I'm extremely proud of myself for is that I've been able to stay off crisps (chips to you Americans)! Now I'm a crisp-aholic, so this is quit

It's A Leap Year!

As you all know already, this February is a leap year, and it comes to a close tomorrow! I've been in a relationship for 4 years now and fortunately January 29th is our yearly anniversary, but during the first few years it's always nice to stay loved up and count down the months you've managed to stay with a person..  The first month we were together was February 29th, because 2008 happened to be a leap year.. I've never actually realised this fact until now.. So although I've been in my relationship for 4 years, this will be the second February 29th I've spent with my beau... And no, I'm not proposing to him tomorrow. Sorry guys, I'm just far too young for all that! Any of you braver lady readers proposing to your significant others? Feel free to drop me a comment or hit up the DLP twitter account ( @dontlaughpeople ).

Lady Luck Has Been On My Side

Lately, I've been quite lucky.. I randomly seem to be winning things. Now I'm not saying I'm winning massive amazing prizes, but every little bit helps. A lady from Microsoft at university dragged me over to test some software, such as Windows 7, OneNote, SkyDrive and something else that I can't quite remember. Anyways, I was reluctant to do it, but at the end of the demos they tell you if you've won. The little prizes were sweets and USBs with little memory, the big prizes were laptops and an Xbox. I happened to win a computer mouse, which I know doesn't sound like fun, but it's actually pretty cool. I'm the kind of person who loves technology, but I'm a bit of a destroyer (at least that's what my family nickname me!), and to turn my mouse on I've got to snap it in half.. which is amazing to me.. I get to "break" something in order to make it work! It's smooth to the touch, great to use and it's wireless! You're p

Robert Griffin III - Already Washington Redskins QB?

THIS IS JUST FUN AND SPECULATION AND TRYING TO CONNECT DOTS! NOTHING OFFICIAL FROM ANY TEAM SOURCES! A FEW FACTS, AND SPECULATION! BUT TAKE IT HOW YOU WILL! On Saturday, there was a report that the St. Louis Rams had discussed sending the second pick of the 2012 NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins . My first thought was filled with skepticism—this is the NFL offseason, a game of poker full of bluffs—but then when I sat and evaluated what was going on, the poker player in me took precedence. You never bluff a specific hand. Well, several things happened at the 2012 NFL Combine with the Quarterbacks that really made the report of the Rams & Redskins discussions stand out. Firstly, Washington Redskins quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur was seen practically crowding Baylor Bears QB Robert Griffin III the entire day, and not spending much time near any other quarterback the Redskins should be interested in at all in the event that Griffin becomes unavailable. Secondly, Gri

John Wall's Monster Block

If you're watching the NBA Rising Stars Challenge tonight, you've probably been watching some exciting things. Nothing quite NBA-worthy, but definitely more refined than And 1. I'm a Washington [D.C.] sports' fan, so I feel obligated to post this GIF of Washington Wizards' John Wall blocking Miami Heat Guard Norris Cole. John Wall is mad he was selected 11th to play this game behind a couple guards. This isn't Wall's best block (he has become one of the better shot blockers in the league at guard putting shots off the backboard), but it's an excellent play by Wall to chase Cole down and put what Cole surely thought was an easy 2 into the 2nd row. Credit to Mike Prada of SBNationDC for initially posting this.

LaRon "Bane" Landry

By now, everyone is aware of the new installment of The Dark Knight featuring Hines Ward in a cameo. Those people are probably also aware of super-villain Bane. If you're not aware of Bane, he's a juicing, muscle-bound freak designed to destroy the Bat. Here's a pic of Bane: Okay, my apologies, that's LaRon Landry, SS of the Washington Redskins. And yes, that's a linebacker shoved in the socket where his arm is supposed to be a-la Mr. Potato Head. Here's another pic that LaRon Landry released of himself today via Twitter ( @MrLandry30 ): And here's the actual picture of Bane: Before I continue, I'd like to kill this speculation that at least one, or both, of the pictures are Photoshopped. People on Twitter seem to be under the impression that the pics are faked because of the tattoo not being on LaRon Landry's right arm in the initial pic, but being on his "right arm" in the second pic. If you believe anything

So Tomorrow Is Ash Wednesday...

Firstly, Happy Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day/Fat Tuesday - whatever you wish to call it! Now onto tomorrow.. I always get criticised because I'm (supposed to be) a Hindu and I still celebrate all the festivals that my Christian/Catholic friends do, but I assimilate into my environment. How can you expect a child aged 4-11 to not want to celebrate or join in with what their peers regard as normal? You can't, hence why I still do it, it's a part of me now! Anyways, that aside, I love to see if I can last the whole 40 days, I really admire those that do! So this year, I'm going to give up... Fizzy drinks, crisps (chips to the Americans) and bread for breakfast (except on weekends - bread is the only thing that I can eat at 8am and will last me until 2pm when I'm at work). And in honour of the new style Lent, I'm going to take up... Zumba more regularly (at least 3 times a week!), being more organised, making sure I'm on time for events again and being more product

Obama takes tougher stance on higher education - Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Access to college has been the driving force in federal higher education policy for decades. But the Obama administration is pushing a fundamental agenda shift that aggressively brings a new question into the debate: What are people getting for their money? Students with loans are graduating on average with more than $25,000 in debt. The federal government pours $140 billion annually into federal grants and loans. Unemployment remains high, yet there are projected shortages in many industries with some high-tech companies already complaining about a lack of highly trained workers. Read More on Yahoo! \/\/\/\/ You all should already know my thoughts on education . It pisses me off, at every level. But addressing the cost, the fail-rate, the reasons for why people drop out, the percentage of people who successfully pay off their debts, is the first step in correcting the United States atrocious education system.

Jeremy Linvigoration

It’s common knowledge now that more than half of the world is #Linsane . V_V!!! #Linsanity RT @ JohnSupernova Yup.. Kim K tryna get at him too smh RT @ BRUTUSIDOTHIS : Hoes gonna be hoes — Sean Bishop (@Sean_Bishop) February 19, 2012 For the past two weeks, it seems like the talk of not just the city, [but] the world, has been Jeremy Lin, the linvigorating new starting point guard for the New York Knicks. His name and story have dominated everything from NBA on TNT, to NBATV, to ESPN & their tasteless employees cracking racially-fueled jokes in their article headlines , to the NFL (3 articles on the main page of and constant mentions on NFLNetwork). That’s right—the lintense coverage continues to captivate everyone. This mass coverage has drawn hate and love from everyone. We’ve all spoken our piece on the 2 nd year pro out of Harvard. Most people refuse to speak with any rudimentary understanding of exactly how impressive he has been. [BTW

Facebook Parenting

Okay, I've waited long enough to post this one, it's about time I did. First off, let me start by saying - best father ever! This guy is awesome. Secondly - BEST FATHER EVER! All of his critics (you lame modernist, "punish your children with timeout and a loving chat" pricks) suggest he went too far by making her post public to the world and that he absolutely went too far and abused his child by putting multiple bullets into her laptop. In my opinion, he didn't go far enough! Did you hear the things she said? His child got on Facebook, posted a long rant with inappropriate language complaining about her luxurious life with a few chores on the side, and even went as far as saying she won't be there to take care of her father if he's ever in need of her when he's sick and dying. She was putting on a show for her friends on Facebook at her parents' expense, thinking they wouldn't ever come across it. So what does Dad

Mock 2012 NFL Draft [Round 1]

Okay, it's finally here (version 1, at least)! It's the Mock 2012 NFL Draft of Don't Laugh, People. This year, I'm not doing this so much as a draft board, and definitely not doing it as every pick is locked in. I will be doing this with possible trades included. So without further ado, Indianapolis, you're on the clock! 1. Indianapolis Colts  select: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford This is not a guess, it's a guarantee. Three first-round picks won't pry this spot away from the Colts, nor will the release or retaining of QB Peyton Manning. Andrew Luck is believed to be the next Peyton Manning, whom the Colts know well enough, and they aren't going to take chances of not having a QB of that caliber for years to come. 2. St. Louis Rams select: Matt Kalil, OT, USC I may end up changing this into a trade in a later version of the draft, but for now I believe the Rams stay put where they are and get the best possible help for their stud QB

Happy Valentine's Day 2012!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day, whether you're celebrating or not. Last year I posted up one of my favourite songs , and this year, I'm going to post another from the same artist. Whatever you're doing today, whether you're doing anything at all, enjoy yourselves, life is far too short not to!

Peyton Manning to the Redskins – Risk or Reward?

Everyone has heard the talk—Peyton Manning will be a free agent very soon. And when Manning becomes a free agent, he will arguably be the highest valued free agent, perhaps ever. But before I get started on all of this, I want to make a few points perfectly clear. Peyton Manning will not be returning to football if he’s unable to perform at a high level that both he and the team feel is required in order to make a run at Super Bowls. The first sign that Manning feels he’s not going to be able to do that, he will file his papers for retirement. That’s just the competitor he is, and the honest man he is. Peyton Manning did not break his neck. Peyton Manning had a degenerative issue in the bone and nerves in his neck, causing a pinching of the unprotected nerve(s) and a grinding of the vertebrae in his neck. The standard procedure for this injury is typically to insert a steel plate/rods into the neck along with bone-graphing, a procedure which has prolonged several athlete

LaRon Landry Discusses His Current State With The Redskins With Bleacher Report… — Laron Landry (@MrLandry30) February 8, 2012 Check the link, read up. Apparently LaRon Landry insists the team isn't telling the entire story, and won't pay for his treatment because it wasn't the treatment he wanted. However, he wants to remain with the team and maintains the treatment he is going through is the best for him, his career, the team, etc. He'd rather do this before going under the knife and losing a year & a half before he can even begin working out again. From that perspective, if 100% truthful (and I can only take LaRon at his word right now), I can see where LaRon is coming from. It supports this rumored theory that perhaps 30 is afraid of surgery (who isn't?) although I won't speculate further on that other than to say he never said he was against having that done, but he'd rather it be a last resort. I prefer seeing LaRon get healthy at any cost, but I'm a fan. I assumed earlier tha

Beyonce Makes First Post-Baby Appearance in New York City

"And now our assumptions are confirmed: Beyonce looks amazing after giving birth to a baby. Bey-Bey made her first public appearance Monday night to celebrate hubby Jay-Z's anticipated shows at Carnegie Hall to benefit United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. Read More from E! Online \/\/\/\/ She looks beautiful, as if we're allowed to expect any less. Also a bit fuller in all those necessary places for being a mother. Congrats from us here at Don't Laugh for the kid and the iconic... figure... Hope you all enjoy the photo. Also, congrats to Jay-Z for his gig at Carnegie Hall. That's a huge deal for anyone, but for someone in Hip Hop? I could be wrong but I believe that's groundbreaking, trailblazing... Jay continues to dominate this lifestyle and set standards and open new doors for other artists. Leave a comment or follow me and discuss on Twitter @Sean_Bishop .

The Amazing Spider-Man

This summer, Columbia is releasing The Amazing Spider-Man. This looks a lot better than what the trilogy was able to do. The focus is on the story of what happened to Peter Parker's parents. And if I'm at all correct based on the rumor I heard, this version of Peter Parker/Spiderman will be the one Stan Lee was able to talk into getting the cameo in The Avengers to set up his greater role down the line. Now I'm only praying he can work magic with the cast from X-Men, in particular Hugh Jackman as Wolverine... and we're going to need Michael Fassbender as Magneto as well. But I'm not going to take too much more away from The Amazing Spider-Man. It looks like it's going to be a good film. Looks like it will be 3D which should make the swinging scenes look even cooler in the 1st person POV they hinted at, but 2D should be fine too. Definitely looking forward to it though. Doesn't hurt to have Emma Stone in it either. Update: Yes, 3D. Trailer be

Dear Viewers

I want to take this time out to say thank you to all of you who view and support my blog. I started this venture with mighty ambitions, dreams of reaching heights unreached and unmatchable. I’ll be honest with you though, and admit that I lost sight of it a few times, especially in this past year. I wanted to go somewhere with Don’t Laugh, People that was groundbreaking and revolutionary, and there were times when I felt like I wasted time and money in my search for success. Certain aspirations have taken longer than I wished they would, others still haven’t come out of my mind for a plethora of reasons. Even as recent as two months ago, I felt like I wanted to shut this down and head in another direction, or I considered moving from Blogger to Wordpress (a move I’m not entirely opposed to yet as I still see great opportunity there). I owe it to all of you to be honest about this. I owe it to our own Enigma to be honest about this (something I’ve caught flack for in the last

NFL Predictions - Super Bowl XLVI

Enigma's Selection: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Sean's Selection: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots My prediction is not my hope... I'm just being logical and picking who I think has the best chance at winning. The Giants are the more complete team, unfortunately. As a Redskins' fan, I'm hoping with everything that the Patriots win this, and as someone who literally can't stand Tom Brady, I'm hoping this is a sloppy performance from all involved, because the only way I could care less about this game is if it were the Cowboys playing the Patriots. There's always a bright side!

Evaluating the Redskins - Running Back

Secondary Linebackers Defensive Line Offensive Line Tight End Wide Receiver 2010 saw literally no production from running back outside of Ryan Torain and an occasional burst from Keiland Williams. The position was overhauled with all but Torain in 2011 with draft additions of Roy Helu, Jr. and Evan Royster, and the addition of former Arizona Cardinals back Tim Hightower. Ryan Torain - Started the season injured from a broken hand, and didn't see action until Hightower went down with a knee injury and had a very successful game against the Rams. Following that, however, was lackluster performance after lackluster performance where Torain was missing the burst, cuts, and losing yards constantly as he fought to create an edge that didn't exist. Torain finished the season released from the roster several weeks before the finale. Grade : F Tim Hightower - Hightower proved competent and durable, and knew the system well enough. He wasn't bad in the passing g