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Dear Viewers

I want to take this time out to say thank you to all of you who view and support my blog.

I started this venture with mighty ambitions, dreams of reaching heights unreached and unmatchable. I’ll be honest with you though, and admit that I lost sight of it a few times, especially in this past year. I wanted to go somewhere with Don’t Laugh, People that was groundbreaking and revolutionary, and there were times when I felt like I wasted time and money in my search for success. Certain aspirations have taken longer than I wished they would, others still haven’t come out of my mind for a plethora of reasons. Even as recent as two months ago, I felt like I wanted to shut this down and head in another direction, or I considered moving from Blogger to Wordpress (a move I’m not entirely opposed to yet as I still see great opportunity there).

I owe it to all of you to be honest about this. I owe it to our own Enigma to be honest about this (something I’ve caught flack for in the last couple of months). I owe it to myself to be honest about this. I almost gave up a couple times. I almost accepted that our foundation, basis, and goals weren’t good enough or weren’t likely. I almost accepted in humility that no matter how arrogant I am, I’m not in any position to dictate my future of success.

Success is about those around you being successful. Success is dependent upon success. Success is only as good as the weakest link around you, and you should always strive for others to be successful. I’ve spent time helping do my part in making others successful, as large or small a part it may be. I’m no cog to the wheel or key to the door to any of them, I’m simply a factor in support. But my own personal success will help them achieve new heights, and hopefully their new heights will repay to my own new heights.

I strive to reach beyond the stars. My dreams are of Stephen Hawking’s ambitions, to reach as far as physics will allow us. The stars aren’t enough: I want the birthplace of our universe. And in doing so, I want those who support me, and those who I’ve supported, to reach the same destination. I want what Kobe expresses in the Kobe System… over the top success.

I thank you all for turning out en masse with me when I was the most down on Don’t Laugh, People and we were at a low-point. You helped me reach self-record highs here on the site for views, and I pray that trend continues. I more than doubled my previous high, I hope to more than triple this one soon enough. I hope this new layout (thanks again to Ryan from WECU) helps bring you all back. I hope the work that Enigma and I put in here help to bring you all back. And I hope our future ambitions help to inspire you all to be successful with us, so we can all grow and achieve.

Thank you all, humbly from me, on behalf of Enigma, for helping keep me confident and enthusiastic as I strive to achieve all that I aspire with Don’t Laugh, People.

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  1. Bless.

    Indeed, thank you everyone!
    I know I've not pulled my weight lately, and I know most of you read what Sean writes anyway! But I'll try and be better for you all.

    Thanks again!


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