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Retired Linebacker Junior Seau Dead

Former San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots Linebacker Junior Seau was found dead in his home today of a gunshot wound to the chest, being ruled an apparent suicide, as first reported by TMZ.

I refuse to report on his personal troubles in his home and family, but I will say there was a belief that playing in the NFL and the brutality sustained from head injuries and concussions likely had an impact on Seau's life at home. The first thing that comes to mind for anyone is that Seau shot himself in the chest, and this has become all too common among retired players dealing with brain trauma sustained via concussions. Most recently (in February), former Chicago Bear Dave Duerson shot himself in the chest so that his brain could be preserved for research in medicine to determine the effects concussions have on the brain.

This is an issue coming to light recently that is dark in nature. Duerson had apparently told a family member that he felt like his brain was falling out of his head weeks prior to taking his life. Many players have killed themselves over brain trauma, but more recently retired players are doing it where the brain could be preserved instead of ending the discomfort and pain with a shot to the head.

Editor's note: I would like to apologize for any harsh language or dialogue. I am not trying to be disrespectful to any player, Mr. Seau, or the Seau family, rather just trying to bring to light something discussed in length here before. If I've offended anyone, I do apologize sincerely and deeply.

I'm unaware of Seau's intentions and if brain trauma played any part in his death, but if that were the case, perhaps it's time that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell look a little further into ways to fund aid, treatment, and support for retired players, especially those suffering from any particular cases of head trauma. Roger Goodell's yearly salary has doubled from $10M to $20M now, and still not a dime is being put towards retired players to provide any comfort they may require.

I hope everyone says a prayer for Mr. Seau, his family, friends, former teammates and colleagues, and other retired athletes who may be dealing with brain trauma, or any personal demons that may exist outside of the brain (as we're merely speculating on a scenario that has become all too common in recent years). May Junior Seau rest in eternity.

UPDATE: It's now being reported that Junior Seau left a suicide note which contained a request that his brain be donated to medical science to research the effects of concussions on the brain, particularly in athletes.

UPDATE 2: Report of the suicide note have been denied by police at the scene.


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