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No More Doubt in the Martin/Zimmerman Conflict, Please?

W ho was at fault in the Trayvon Martin death? This debate is still going strong all over the United States and various countries throughout the world, and it shouldn’t even be a debate to begin with. Among many critical details and all of the things both parties in the case meticulously focus on in this entire situation, are a few very common-sense facts which should open-and-shut this entire case right away. These few details make it impossible for me to even begin to blame Trayvon Martin at all. But before we even get into the details of the facts I’d like to address, a few details I’ve seen upset me more with humanity than a lot of the things to do with this case. Trayvon Martin’s history with marijuana isn’t criminalizing. He enjoyed smoking weed. Estimates are that over 83 million Americans over age 12 smoke or have smoked marijuana. These same annual reports have found that over 50% of grade-12 students in the United States have smoked weed, and 40% are curr

The Least or Most Exciting NBA Finals?

These have been the most least exciting NBA Finals in recent memory. It’s compelling storytelling at its finest. LeBron James, your league MVP and villain teamed with his Heat superhero faction who fizzled out last year in the Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, takes one side of the court. At the other end, Kevin Durant, the young hero who did everything right coming out of high school, going to college, being drafted by a young, struggling team and helping fortify that team into a dominant group of young players gelling together. Durant could have been MVP this season, and nobody would have been hurt. Instead, LeBron won it and a lot of fans LeBron’s haters swore Durant was the more deserving of the award. Miami struggled through the playoffs, but LeBron provided sparks when fans swore he’d shy away. At times, he did but his teammates forced the ball right back into his hands with just enough time for LeBron to make something happen. The Thunder, on the other hand, seeming

Paul Heyman Rants On The State Of Pro Wrestling

Enigma’s going to hate me for blogging about wrestling, but I’ve got to do it. Today, Paul E. “Dangerously” Heyman ranted on Twitter about the lack of stars in the business, the guys not stepping on toes to get ahead, the guys who don’t have that main event character. He talked about how humble-to-a-fault this generation of super[stars] is and offered words of encouragement to this highly-talented, underperforming group of entertainers in the business today. Instead of butchering Heyman’s rant, I’ll just copy and paste it for you to read up now. I look at some of these pics, and I realize how blessed I was in my career. Some guys have to wait forever for a lucky break.   I managed @AustinIdolLive and Tommy Rich at the age of 21. Also The Orig Midnights, which I got to do on @ESPN. Got to book Windy City at 22 years old. Eddie Gilbert's assistant booker at same age. Got to debut in WCW on TBS at 23 years old . So I was @JRsBBQ color commentator