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Washington Redskins Offensive Line An Issue?

So I got into a heated argument this morning on Twitter about the Washington Redskins’ offensive line. The opinion of the person I was arguing with? The Redskins have absolutely no offensive line depth. The starters aren’t that good. The backups even worse. Anyone who watched the Redskins last season know that isn’t even anywhere near the truth. The Redskins started the season with somewhat solid play in the trenches. The biggest issue on the line early in the season was veteran Right Tackle Jammal Brown, who had apparently not recovered from his lingering and/or repetitive hip injury. Other than that, Chris Chester struggled a bit at RG. When Kory Lichtensteiger went down with injury, the line really shifted. Maurice Hurt replaced him for a few games before he struggled a little bit. Will Montgomery eventually shifted from C to LG and Eric Cook took over at C. Cook proved to be highly incapable of the job, in my opinion, although it didn’t help matters that the team was not r

10 Redskins Players to Watch in 2012-13

I’m going to run down a list of the players I think it’s most important to watch for this season. These aren’t guys I am guaranteeing are going to have ultimate success in comparison to the entire league this season, just guys I believe will contribute greatly to the team. 10. Fred Davis – After being suspended the final 4 games of last year and having been the leading receiver on the team, Davis definitely has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. He very likely was headed to the Pro Bowl last year until he was suspended. If this team is going to be a threat passing on the outside, it will be in large part because Davis commands elite attention over the middle. 9. Tyler Polumbus – I was as impressed with Tyler last year as I was anyone on the team. He came in at RT late in the year when injuries and the suspension to Trent Williams decimated our core, and he had some very good games, especially contributing to boost 6 straight weeks of some of the best rushing footba

nostalgia, ULTRA vs channel ORANGE

                              VS                                                                                                                                                        After nearly a month of listening to channel ORANGE , I have to say that nostalgia, ULTRA was much more listenable as a whole and was song for song more enjoyable. The songs on NU didn't exactly mesh instrumentally, but they all fit together, each song had something memorable to say and the tape as a whole had immediate replay value. But with CO, I didn't even want to listen to it again after my initial listen-through, there was no replay value. Once "Thinking Bout You" and "Fertilizer" fade out, the album itself fades away into a dreary obscurity until it resurfaces for a moment with Pyramids and Lost, then dips away again until it reaches its apex with the Andre 3000's verse on Pink Matter. Even the intricate rhyme patterns strung together by Earl Sweatshi

Laugh at me?? Maybe in future posts

Many thanks to Sean Bishop for allowing me to contribute here. Who am I? A 26 year-old sports and numbers nut that sacrificed a life of being a ladies man. Born in DC, raised in MD (PG County!), and currently in Glendale, AZ. With the start of training camp underway and happiness abound, I will instead look bad at 5 (or more) of the worst Redskins games I've watched live or on TV. 5.Redskins 34, Cardinals 37; 11/06/1996 I have a soft spot for Arizona. Half of my family is from there, and I ended up graduating high school in the "Grand Canyon State." As long as the Redskins would win their weekly NFL game, I'd root for the Cardinals (unless they faced the Skins). I remember it vividly: Redskins are enjoying a 4th quarter lead, and Boomer Esiason turns the 4th quarter into a passing league exhibition. Boomer throws for 522(!) yards in the game. The Redskins get the game-winning FG nullified by a penalty (they miss the re-kick), and the Cardinals score a FG with 33 sec

2012-13 NFL Season Predictions

First of all, record predictions are more a result of best-case scenarios, not built around actual weekly prediction beakdowns. The win/loss ratio will not add up correctly, so don’t expect it to. This is just based on what teams SHOULD be able to do, while trying to stick to who finishes where in their divisions as well. On top of all this, I know it's not even training camp yet, and players can and will get injured all the way through now and the regular season kickoff... but assuming in best-case scenarios that they take teams in healthy and key players don't get hurt, here are my early predictions for the 2012-13 NFL Season. AFC: AFC East: New England Patriots  – The Patriots were in the Super Bowl. They lost. They're going to be pissed. Tom Brady had as tremendous a year as you can (nevermind that he threw more INT's than his previous 2 seasons combined) and would have broken Dan Marino's record had Drew Breesus not broken it the week before

Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises [Spoilers Inside]

After seeing the movie and having time to absorb it, to let it stew, I’m ready to give my thoughts. Nolan ended this trilogy perfectly. He had an ending he wanted, he told people the ending was perfect, so perfect that they never considered changing it. Batman comic purists were expecting the end of Batman, but comic purists know the broken back wasn’t the end—it was a detour which lasted a long time. In the movie, Nolan rushed Batman back, for time’s sake. That’s fine by me. We got a realistic idea of what happened. What we got in the end, was a sequence of events that shook the entire trilogy to its foundation. One film removed from making himself the villain, and Batman is the hero. He becomes Gotham’s white knight. It’s funny that people expect Nolan’s entire involvement with Batman to come to an end… I see it just beginning to take the next step. Batman isn’t The Dark Knight anymore… he’s Gotham’s hero. In the movie, to Gotham, Batman is dead. He blew up saving thei

Addressing The Colorado Shooting

Before I get into more light-hearted ranting throughout the day, I want to first start by offering my prayers and condolences accordingly to the victims, families, and friends of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. It takes a real despicable human being to commit heinous acts, and what we saw on Thursday night/Friday morning, was about as heinous as it gets. Whatever this guy thought he was doing, whatever sparked his intention to do this (I hate when people try to pin it on movies), was absolutely wrong. I’ve seen a lot of victim blaming as well, and for the righteous fuck-heads claiming the very movie these people went to watch glorifies the actions of this guy, fuck you, you know-nothing pieces of shit. No victim is at fault for what happened, especially in this incident. Unfortunately, we were reminded yet again, that unstable people exist out there who want nothing more than to rob people of their right to live without fear of things like this happening. Li

U Mad Bro?

If you're not.. what is it going to take? I once believed in music, but the fact of the matter is this... "The time when music could change the world has passed." - Neil Young. Music is a reflection of our world at large and the world within ourselves, both of which are growing emptier with each succeeding generation. Music will never again have the power it once had. Music no longer stands a chance at changing our apathetic and desensitized world. Music draws strength from the beliefs of the people who create it and the people who relate to it. But we no longer believe. Not in music, not in our government, not even in each other. Where our faith may have once been merely misplaced, it is now entirely discarded. It is outmoded, outdated and obsolete. We have given up on ourselves and readily accept the world as is. Any outrage over a/an social/political/economic offense is corporately subsumed, thus effectively nullified. Individuals have no platform with which t