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Addressing The Colorado Shooting

Before I get into more light-hearted ranting throughout the day, I want to first start by offering my prayers and condolences accordingly to the victims, families, and friends of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.

It takes a real despicable human being to commit heinous acts, and what we saw on Thursday night/Friday morning, was about as heinous as it gets. Whatever this guy thought he was doing, whatever sparked his intention to do this (I hate when people try to pin it on movies), was absolutely wrong.

I’ve seen a lot of victim blaming as well, and for the righteous fuck-heads claiming the very movie these people went to watch glorifies the actions of this guy, fuck you, you know-nothing pieces of shit. No victim is at fault for what happened, especially in this incident.

Unfortunately, we were reminded yet again, that unstable people exist out there who want nothing more than to rob people of their right to live without fear of things like this happening. Lives were lost, other lives are in jeopardy, and our thoughts turn to ourselves because it literally could have been any of us sitting in any theater when someone decided to do this.

But I ask people not to worry about how to solve these problems through extra measures at movie theaters. There’s no reason to implement metal detectors and have K-9 units on hand every minute of every night. A metal detector won’t stop these people from shooting before they enter the building; they won’t protect people from bullets if a gunman is already unloading a clip into a crowd. This man didn’t even enter through the gates everyone else did… he snuck in through a fire escape and committed a mass murder.

Solutions are outside of the institution of movie theaters. Solutions start at the counters of every gun shop, and at the hands of everyone trying to sell guns and ammunition, both legally and illegally.

Don’t criminalize the victims for going out and enjoying themselves, having a good time watching what was supposed to be the biggest blockbuster of the summer. That’s what people do, and have done, for decades. This could have happened any day/night at any movie ever. Unfortunately it happened, and now panic has spread. Malls have been shot up before, schools, churches, grocery stores, army bases… but we still inhabit those places and expose ourselves to the possibility of it being us all the time.

The movie theater experience shouldn’t change. It can’t change. If it does change, he won, even if it wasn’t his intention.

Once again, everyone affected, directly and indirectly, is in my prayers, and I’m sure the prayers of all the writers here at Don’t Laugh, People.


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