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QB Power Rankings – Week 3

Rankings are based on previous week’s ranking in addition to how the player has played to this point throughout the season. This isn’t a ranking based solely on this week alone.

1. Matt Ryan (1) [ ]
            He’s still dominating. He finally threw his first interception, but even with Michael Turner not being a huge part of the game, Ryan still managed to lead the Falcons to a decisive win.

2. Eli Manning (5) [ ]
            Eli decimated the Panthers’ defense. Ever since the Buccaneers stumbled and Eli shredded their defense in the 4th quarter, he has been lighting it up.

3. Christian Ponder (19) [ ]
            Largest jump of the week, and rightfully so. Ponder isn’t doing anything super-amazing to blow anyone away, but he is playing smart, controlled football. Beating the “best defense” in football through the air and on the ground helps his case as well.

4. Ben Roethlisberger (3) [ ]
            Ben’s dropping slightly, but only because Ponder and Eli have played incredible enough to surpass him. Ben isn’t getting help from his defense, but he’s still keeping his team around.

5. Robert Griffin III (4) [ ]
            He got dropped a spot with the jump of Ponder and falls behind Eli. Griffin finally looked human at times, but he also found ways to keep Washington in the game (including his performance out of no-huddle in the 4th).

6. Joe Flacco (7) [ ]
            Coming out and playing well on primetime football against the New England Patriots helped Flacco elevate a bit.

7. Matt Schaub (17) [ ]
            I wanted to put him higher last week, but didn’t because he really hadn’t been passing. Well, he had to sling it, and as I predicted on Twitter, he’d jump when he did.

8. Andy Dalton (16) [ ]
            Dalton helped pick apart Washington’s secondary. Yes, you could make a case he should be sharing this spot with WR Mohammed Sanu—who threw an 80 yard TD to open the game—but Dalton performed for 4 quarters.

9. Tom Brady (9) [ ]
            He almost did enough to win against the Ravens. But Brady suffered his second defeat of the season, and he’s not exactly looking like himself (Matt Ryan is taking care of that right now).

10. Kevin Kolb (13) [ ]
            I’ve only been seriously impressed by a few more than I have been by Kolb. I mean, it’s almost like he’s exactly the guy the Cardinals thought they were trading for. He’s playing smart and patient, and while his defense helps, he’s still winning games (and not losing them, Vick).

11. Alex Smith (8) [ ]
            Smith is dropping because he just couldn’t get anything going. Nobody got involved. He isn’t making dumb mistakes like throwing it right to the defender, but he isn’t quite throwing it to anyone else for anything substantial.

12. Peyton Manning (6) [ ]
            Manning threw a LOT, but throw a lot of incompletions. He looked very inaccurate, and following a performance where he threw three 1st quarter INT’s with a game well under 50% completions, he deserves to drop.

13. Philip Rivers (2) [ ]
            I would have dropped him further if anyone else deserved to climb much higher. What a horrendous game following a tremendous start to the season.

14. Ryan Fitzpatrick (24) [ ]
            Fitzpatrick came out and played a very good game despite losing Spiller and having no real option at RB, especially losing a lot of the screen game.

15. Andrew Luck (14) [ ]
            I almost didn’t let Luck get away with this based on his loss and completion percentage.

16. Russell Wilson (20) [ ]
            He doesn’t necessarily deserve the jump this much, but nobody else deserves to stay put. He won, he threw 2 [1] TD and 0 [1] INT’s. Plus he made some plays with his feet.

17. Matt Stafford (22) [ ]
            He didn’t play tremendous, but he didn’t play horrible either. He had the Lions on a comeback and in position to get a victory before being taken out with an injury.

18. Tony Romo (15) [ ]
            Romo played terrible, and there’s really nothing more to be said about it. The Cowboys walked away with a win, but Romo didn’t do much to help in that department.

19. Drew Brees (26) [ ]
            He played his best game of the season so far, and controversy once against marred a game. Bad calls helped determine the result of this game, but Brees performed, and did enough to climb the rankings.

20. Jake Locker (31) [ ]
            Locker came out and dueled for a victory. He posted solid numbers, and made a statement.

21. Carson Palmer (30) [ ]
            Carson came out and played a solid game against Pittsburgh and got the win. It was easily his best game of the season.

22. Mark Sanchez (12) [ ]
            What a step back. Disappointment doesn’t say enough. He slung it, and got a win, but it wasn’t pretty. His play late in the 4th kept him from falling any further.

23. Aaron Rodgers (10) [ ]
            Hard to knock him any further when there are guys deserving to be lower. He does deserve to be lower than this right now. This just isn’t the MVP of last season.

24. Sam Bradford (11) [ ]
            I expected much more of Bradford following his game against the Redskins. But he didn’t respond by playing consistent, he struggled to make an impact.

25. Blaine Gabbert (27) [ ]
            Blaine did enough to win, didn’t turn the ball over through the air, and while his completion percentage was below 50%, he still made the throws necessary to win the game.

26. Ryan Tannehill (21) [ ]
            A very underwhelming performance by Tannehill compared to what he had done before. The rookie struggled against the Jets, even after they lost Revis.

27. Cam Newton (18) [ ]
            Newton is upsetting. He was playing quite well until he faced a (depleted) Giants’ secondary. Cam has to learn to be efficient and even, two things he was far from this week.

28. Matt Cassel (28) [ ]
            Matt Cassel did nothing to help his stock. In fact, he did enough to harm it, only, there are 4 guys ranked lower who did even more to harm theirs.

29. Josh Freeman (25) [ ]
            Freeman was in it with the Cowboys, but he disappeared late in the game again, when the team needed him to show up. Freeman’s rookie year, he played well under pressure. Since then, he’s the anti-Eli, of sorts (oddly enough it was on display just last week against Eli). Freeman needs consistency.

30. Brandon Weeden (32) [ ]
            We saw flashes of his potential this game, but he’s still a long way off. He still threw more INT’s than he did TD’s, but he got on the board and was competent enough to not be one of 9 QB’s to throw 50% or lower.

31. Michael Vick (23) [ ]
            There wasn’t a miraculous victory this time. The only reason he isn’t listed at 32 is because there’s a worse QB so far this year, and Vick did manage to do a couple things against the Ravens in a victory. But if he keeps this up, it may be time to put his backup on the Power Rankings.

32. Jay Cutler (29) [ ]
            The Bears should be sick of Cutler by now. I’m a Cutler fan as well, but there’s no reason for the struggles right now. He can’t communicate with his line, there’s tension in the locker room, he keeps throwing ridiculous interceptions (without the TD’s to back himself up) and it’s just reaching the point that Jason Campbell may have to come in and clean up an inexcusable mess.


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