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QB Power Rankings – Week 7

1.  Robert Griffin III (1)  [  ↔  ]             RGIII didn't come away with a victory in his 1st divisional game, but he earned the respect of the New York Giants, and hopefully, the rest of the football world. Griffin made a few mistakes, but he made huge plays in critical moments of the game, and made what should have been the game winning play late in the game. Had he made a real mistake late in the game, maybe I would drop him, but he made the plays that mattered when they mattered, and it's not his fault some others didn't. 2.  Peyton Manning (2)  [  ↔  ]             Bye week. 3.  Aaron Rodgers (5)  [  ʌ  ]             Aaron Rodgers is unreal. He was pinpoint accurate, made a couple plays with his feet, extended plays, and made throws no quarterback should make and that very few can. The reigning MVP is making his case for a repeat performance. 4.  Eli Manning (3)  [  v  ]             Eli won, he bested the Redskins with a late 77-yard bomb to Vic

QB Power Rankings – Week 6

Rankings are based on previous week’s ranking in addition to how the player has played to this point throughout the season. This isn’t a ranking based solely on this week alone. 1.  Robert Griffin III (4)  [  ʌ  ]             That's right, there's a new king here on this list, and it comes in the form of the Washington Redskins' rookie phenom, RGIII. Griffin is 3rd in the league in QB Rating, but is currently first in the league with 70.6% of his passes completed. He's not throwing all over the place and posting TD's, but he's compensating on the ground where he's 2nd in the LEAGUE in scoring. 2.  Peyton Manning (6)  [  ʌ  ]             Peyton Manning is second in the league in passing yards. He's second in the league in QB Rating. He's tied for 2nd in passing TD's. He's 4th in the league in completion percentage. Say what you will, but Peyton isn't washed up or done. This man is getting back into the swing of things, and

Not like my old days....

Football is king on America. However, a lot of it has changed. Players are bigger & faster, coverage is 24/7, and the Super Bowl has become one of the top-viewed events around the globe. However, some things are going away that added to the charm of the game. I think that by the time my son is 20 (he's 5 now), certain things I saw will be nonexistent. They are.... 1. Natural grass fields AstroTurf  was always a favorite sight of mine whenever the Redskins played a road game at the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys. But nothing compared to natural, well-manicured playing grass. All of the grass stains, games played in the mud (RFK "seat cushion game"), and Super Bowl games played on a picture-perfect bed of green blades. AstroTurf would get the much overdue boot due to the toll knees and ankles took from playing on them, and FieldTurf was invented. While it is infinitely better than AstroTurf, it takes away the visual of seeing uniforms caked in dirt, mud, and grass.

QB Power Rankings – Week 5

Rankings are based on previous week’s ranking in addition to how the player has played to this point throughout the season. This isn’t a ranking based solely on this week alone. 1. Matt Ryan (1)  [  ↔  ]             Matt Ryan looked a little less invincible against the Redskins, and threw an INT which resulted in a Washington defensive TD. But he also found a way to hang in there, threw a bunch, didn't get support on the deep ball, and still posted very good numbers. Hard to knock him, especially when nobody else has been as consistent. 2.  Ben Roethlisberger (4)  [  ʌ   ]             Ben rises during his bye week on account of others not performing well at all. 3.  Matt Schaub (2)  [  v   ]             There were some struggles vs. the Jets, and most of them were the WR's, not the QB. Schaub was delivering the ball well, making good reads, keeping plays alive, and his targets let him down. 4.  Robert Griffin III (3)  [  v  ]             Griffin got