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QB Power Rankings – Week 5

Rankings are based on previous week’s ranking in addition to how the player has played to this point throughout the season. This isn’t a ranking based solely on this week alone.

1. Matt Ryan (1) [  ]
            Matt Ryan looked a little less invincible against the Redskins, and threw an INT which resulted in a Washington defensive TD. But he also found a way to hang in there, threw a bunch, didn't get support on the deep ball, and still posted very good numbers. Hard to knock him, especially when nobody else has been as consistent.

2. Ben Roethlisberger (4) [ ʌ ]
            Ben rises during his bye week on account of others not performing well at all.

3. Matt Schaub (2) [ v ]
            There were some struggles vs. the Jets, and most of them were the WR's, not the QB. Schaub was delivering the ball well, making good reads, keeping plays alive, and his targets let him down.

4. Robert Griffin III (3) [ v ]
            Griffin got knocked out cold making a bad decision to run with the football in a game that may have been a lot different in Billy Cundiff wasn't one of the worst field goal kickers in Redskins history. He didn't perform amazingly well, but he didn't do a lot to get himself knocked out of the top 5 either.

5. Tom Brady (5) [  ]
            Brady came out and played a solid game against the Broncos. It wasn't anything spectacular on his behalf, which is why he won't jump, but he played a solid game.

6. Peyton Manning (8) [ ʌ ]
            Say what you will about Peyton. Oh, he's washed up. He doesn't have it anymore. Well, 75% completion and a pretty damned good effort on a comeback against the Patriots with two costly turnovers that had nothing to do with 18 tells me Peyton still has SOMETHING left in the tank.

7. Eli Manning (9) [ ʌ ]
             You talk about a response? Eli responded with a HUGE game, albeit against the Browns, and he did it with by pulling out a win from behind.

8. Joe Flacco (6) [ v ]
            On top of others rising and his poor performance against the Chiefs, Flacco can't stay put. Time to drop some.

9. Drew Brees (13) [ ʌ ]
            Brees came out and played inspired football all game long against his former team on a night where he broke Johnny Unitas' record of most consecutive games played with a touchdown pass. He came away with the Saints' first win on the season as well.

10. Andrew Luck (15) [ ʌ ]
            If there's anything we learned about Andrew Luck this week, it's that he's a leader, and he can flat out ball when it matters the most. This game told specifically why Luck was the 1st overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

11. Alex Smith (16) [ ʌ ]
            75% completions, 3 TD's, 300+ yards... Alex Smith played a helluva game and got a huge boost in his stock.

12. Aaron Rodgers (14) [ ʌ ]
            Rodgers did everything he could to win the game, but he had an INT that could have been the difference in the game, and you just can't hate on what Luck did.

13. Philip Rivers (11) [ v ]
            A couple horrible plays from teammates, some dumb penalties, and Rivers' 2 turnovers did nothing to generate any traction.

14. Christian Ponder (10) [ v ]
            Ponder has had a bad game and a very mediocre game after rising high up on the rankings early. His 2 TD's were a big deal, he threw a high completion percentage on 35 throws, but he did have 2 INT's even though the Vikings won with a comfortable margin.

15. Jay Cutler (17) [ ʌ ]
            Jay didn't have the greatest game, threw another INT, but had 2 TD's and some yards. A lot of incomplete passes, but the Bears handled Jacksonville with ease.

16. Andy Dalton (7) [ v ]
            Following a very good game against the Redskins, Dalton responded with a devastating loss in Miami and played a very poor game.

17. Kevin Kolb (12) [ v ]
            The game against the Rams was terrible, especially following a near-loss to Miami. If Kolb wants to keep his job, this isn't the way to do it. None of the reads were precise, he wasn't scanning the field, and he wasn't making plays.

18. Brandon Weeden (22) [ ʌ ]
            The 2 INT's were costly. Weeden can't throw those picks if he wants to win and make a statement. He also had 2 TD's and had his team competitive for most of the game until Eli responded with a huge second half.

19. Carson Palmer (25) [ ʌ ]
            Coming off a bye week.

20. Ryan Tannehill (21) [ ʌ ]
            Ryan didn't do much of anything in the win.

21. Michael Vick (19) [ v ]
            2 TD's, no INT's... but 3 fumbles and 2 of them were lost in a loss. Vick has to cut back on the turnovers. I don't care how good the Eagles might be around him, or how good he is at finishing games off in the 4th... this is a recipe for disaster and Vick won't be welcomed many places if he keeps this up.

22. Cam Newton (18) [ v ]
            Inconsistent… still. Lost fumble, no TD's, sacked repeatedly, horrible completion percentage... just an ugly loss and an ugly performance.

23. Sam Bradford (23) [  ]
            Considering it was the Cardinals, I'm impressed. And Sam did throw 2 TD's. But the INT and horrible completion percentage just aren't going to cut it.

24. Ryan Fitzpatrick (20) [ v ]
            Ever since the first half of the Patriots game... Fitzpatrick has been shameful at the QB position for the Bills.

25. Russell Wilson (27) [ ʌ ]
            He got the win, but it wasn't thanks to him. That defense did most of the work.

26. Josh Freeman (26) [  ]
            Still nothing to be impressed with. Freeman has to show some consistency, and he has to take his team to the next level. They gave him targets, he has to hit them.

27. Tony Romo (31) [ ʌ ]
            Coming off of the bye.

28. Matthew Hasselbeck (N/A)
            He's come in for Locker but hasn't played extremely well. He has matched his TD numbers every game with INT's. 

29. Matt Stafford (30) [ ʌ ]
            It's a far cry from 2011...

30. Mark Sanchez (29) [ v ]
            A loss, a horrible performance with 2 fumbles (0 lost) and 2 INT's.

31. Jake Locker (28) [ v ]
            Here I was growing fond of Jake Locker and he goes out with injury.

32. Blaine Gabbert (24) [ v ]
            Why even give this guy the benefit of the doubt for this one?

33. Matt Cassel (32) [ v ]
            Went down with injury but wasn't doing anything but costing his team anyways.


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