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QB Power Rankings – Week 7

1. Robert Griffin III (1) [  ]
            RGIII didn't come away with a victory in his 1st divisional game, but he earned the respect of the New York Giants, and hopefully, the rest of the football world. Griffin made a few mistakes, but he made huge plays in critical moments of the game, and made what should have been the game winning play late in the game. Had he made a real mistake late in the game, maybe I would drop him, but he made the plays that mattered when they mattered, and it's not his fault some others didn't.

2. Peyton Manning (2) [  ]
            Bye week.

3. Aaron Rodgers (5) [ ʌ ]
            Aaron Rodgers is unreal. He was pinpoint accurate, made a couple plays with his feet, extended plays, and made throws no quarterback should make and that very few can. The reigning MVP is making his case for a repeat performance.

4. Eli Manning (3) [ v ]
            Eli won, he bested the Redskins with a late 77-yard bomb to Victor Cruz for a TD. But he didn't play so spectacular all game. He missed a lot of open throws throughout the game, and threw a critical INT late in the game, but he made the one throw that mattered at the end.

5. Matt Ryan (4) [ v ]
            Bye week.

6. Drew Brees (9) [ ʌ ]
            Did you see what Drew Breesus did? Did you see his first half? Literally the majority of quarterbacks this season have struggled to do what Brees did in one half in 2-3 whole games.

7. Tom Brady (6) [ v ]
            Brady didn't play his best game, but it was a good game nonetheless.

8. Ben Roethlisberger (10) [ ʌ ]
            Ben threw an INT, and lost a fumble... but he made a lot of solid throws, and a couple of his incomplete passes were drops, and he still managed to post a 73 completion percentage. That's what you call good.

9. Matt Schaub (7) [ v ]
            Schaub picked apart a severely depleted Ravens' defense and did exactly what the Texans need him to do. Take what the defense offers and get easy points, make safe throws, and let the rungame do it's work. Schaub is more than just a game manager, but making his job easier makes his play look even more respectable. This is the Schaub the Texans need week after week.

10. Jay Cutler (11) [ ʌ ]
            Jay Cutler didn't have eye-popping numbers, and the Bears didn't take unnecessary risks with him after he bruised his ribs. But he made plays with his feet and made the Lions defense look as bad as he possibly could save for a few good plays but their very good players. There's weren't any critical mistakes either.

11. Brandon Weeden (12) [ ʌ ]
            The Browns lost, in large part due to the loss of HB Trent Richardson. But Weeden played yet another exceptional game and didn't make any big mistakes. He gave his team a chance to win and did so in a pressurized situation. Weeden has been playing very good recently.

12. Joe Flacco (8) [ v ]
            Taking sacks, throwing multiple INT's, constant getting his passes batted at the line of scrimmage on his way to less than 50% completion percentage. Flacco can't be Wacco, especially not now that Lewis and Webb are out on the defense. It's on Joe now to be better than he's ever been, especially when he thinks he's last year's Eli.

13. Andrew Luck (13) [  ]
            Luck was far from a prolific passer, but he added two big touchdowns on the ground on exceptional reads  and came away with the victory.

14. Tony Romo (17) [ ʌ ]
            Despite the INT's he has thrown over the last 3 games (0 this week), Romo has been completing a high percentage of passes. His turnovers ARE very bad choices though, and that's why he has fallen back in the pack. But this week, Romo did a lot to contribute to a victory and still doesn't have his receivers playing on the same page.

15. Alex Smith (15) [  ]
            This wasn't Smith's worst game, by far, but it was far from his best and far from what he's shown he's capable of since the start of last season. He's on a cold streak right now and he needs to turn it around soon.

16. Ryan Tannehill (16) [  ]
            Bye week.

17. Josh Freeman (19) [ ʌ ]
            Freeman had a very poor first half, but it's hard to compete with Drew Brees and the Saints during the first half they had Sunday. But Freeman's second half was tremendous, and he got his team as close as possible to coming back and tying the game as it gets without actually doing it. Freeman drove late in the game and hit what looked like the tying TD pass on a broken play, but the WR was ruled ineligible after stepping out of bounds.

18. Russell Wilson (18) [  ]
            Wilson can't follow a very good performance against the Patriots with the horrible performance he posted against the 49ers this week. He should be ashamed of himself, and needs to find a way to be consistently good. These aren't just rookie mistakes. He's making dumb plays for any level of football.

19. Christian Ponder (14) [ v ]
            This wasn't the Christian Ponder we saw earlier in the year. He's really struggling the past couple weeks, and Sunday's win over the Cardinals was anything but Ponder's doing.

20. Matthew Hasselbeck (23) ʌ ]
          Matt FINALLY didn't throw an interception. And the rebirth of Chris Johnson has made Hasselbeck's life easier. He had himself a good game, even if it was against an atrocious defense.

21. Andy Dalton (20) [ v ]
            Division losses are bad, especially when you play as absolutely average as you can. Every good play Dalton made had a horrible play to match it up. Every play. Dalton has to improve, especially in the division, if he wants to make something of himself in this league.

22. Mark Sanchez (27) [ ʌ ]
            Mark didn't play a horrible game against the Patriots. He actually had the team in it at the very end and in overtime, he had an opportunity to either tie or win the game. His entire O-Line botched in picking up the blitz and he got leveled and you can't really blame him for losing the ball there. He has to protect the ball better, but he's doing okay these past two weeks.

23. Carson Palmer (22) [ v ]
            I don't know what Palmer is doing. The Raiders won, in OT, against the Jaguars who lost Gabbert and Jones-Drew early. Sure, when that happens, not all of the blame goes on any one player... but Palmer's capable of so much better than this, and it's his responsibility to make more of this team than he has.

24. Kevin Kolb (21) [ v ]
            Didn't play. Skelton filled back in and didn't do anything himself.

25. Cam Newton (24) [ v ]
            A touchdown, and interception, a lost fumble, a chance to win it late and no connecting with his receivers (who did drop quite a few passes). Cam has to be better than this. He's blaming everyone but himself, but he's not making the plays with his feet that he made last year in order to give his team life. Memo: you've got wheels, use 'em. It's nice that you want to prove you can throw now, but you can still make plays with your feet.

26. Sam Bradford (26) [  ]
            Sam has to figure out what he's doing right now. He's not playing anything near his potential. There's no way he can miss Danny Amendola THIS much.

27. Philip Rivers (25) [ v ]
            Bye week.

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick (29) [ ʌ ]
            Lost fumble, INT... yet he still played his best all-around game probably of the season.

29. Michael Vick (28) [ v ]
            Bye week.

30. Matt Stafford (30) [  ]
            This just isn't the same Matthew Stafford. Megatron dropped some catchable passes, sure... but Stafford is far from the level he was at a year ago when he posted 5,000 passing yards.

31. Blaine Gabbert (31) [  ]
            Got hurt early. Wasn't underwhelming while in the game, but wasn't doing anything of note.

32. Matt Cassel (32) [  ]
            Bye week.


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