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What A Change Time Can Make

My life has changed drastically over the last 5 years. Hell, even 7, but the last 5 are when the change really started and improved my life. Right around this time in 2007, I was really lost in my life and unsure of what I wanted. But I had an idea, because someone walked into my life and replaced everything I thought was concrete. Fast forward a little, and we were the only thing I knew. "She and I" didn't exist anymore. I couldn't find a way to separate us, even in text or speech. We had our early struggles, but we persevered, mostly with her faith in us. (No, I didn't cheat, you bastard minds) It wasn't long after, I was being transplanted from Maryland to Louisiana. I was afraid "we" were going to grow more distant. She had school to worry about, and I had a sick grandfather who I needed to look after. But life in Louisiana proved to be a lot more comforting and joyful than I had imagined and all of the trying times that my life went throu

The NFL's "Egregious" Discipline

Before I begin, I want to make a few points perfectly clear: I do believe that concussions are a very serious matter, I don't condone players being intentionally violent, I do believe player safety is the most important focus in football. Now having said that--the National Football League is out of line and highly irresponsible in its handling of penalties/suspensions. Enforcement of the rules is a problem. Clarification of what is against the rules is an even bigger issue. From childhood, every offensive football player is told to get their pads low, because whoever has the lower center of gravity is the least likely to get blown up on a play. Basically, "put your facemask in the defender's chest and run through him." This week, Baltimore Ravens' safety Ed Reed was suspended (now uplifted and turned into a $50,000 fine) for his hit on Emmanuel Sanders of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sanders caught the ball, turned upfield, and collided with Ed Ree