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Improving the Redskins

The Redskins' season is over. No major coaching changes (though I disagree with keeping Danny Smith ), so the changes will all be player-personnel. Where do the Redskins need to improve. Who is available? Who can they pursue financially (considering the Redskins will, for another season, be $18 million short of salary cap space). I think any player listed is a viable option financially, but not in combination with many other players. This mainly applies because not many NFL players are willing to take a backloaded contract as they want to be paid upfront, granted most of the backloaded money is guaranteed. Most of what the Redskins can and will offer will be bonuses which may not be met and could still cost them if they are. So it's difficult to gauge how and on who the Redskins will spend their money. Several things are for certain though. Players around the league want to play on a team that can run the football. Defensive players in particular, as they get, presumably,

CNN Dubs Nas The Greatest Lyricist of All Time.

CNN writer Eliott C. McLaughlin dubs Nas the GOAT in his opinion piece, "A case for Nas, hip hop's finest MC." According to him, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is rap's greatest master of the pen. ORLY? After reading his article, I felt compelled to pick up my own pen to offer my own opinion. This is purely my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of the other writers here at DLP(though I do believe Luke might agree with me). Nas. Why Nas? Mr. McLaughlin mentions Nas' seven platinum albums, but goes on to say this: "This debate, if you will, isn't so much about who can move the most rump in a club, but rather, if we were delivered back to 1800, who could hold their own with Coleridge and Wordsworth." Well, let's look at it that way then. If we are discussing how well rap verses are written and constructed on a poetic level, then you can't give the title of greatest rap lyricist of all-time to Nas. Would Nas really be able to go toe to

Redskins Fall to Seahawks

It's the same old story. The Washington Redskins go on a late, heroic run to land themselves in the playoffs. They played their hearts out for over a month. They made us all believers again. They drew the Seahawks. They fell to the Seahawks. Again. It's the same old story. Good-to-great quarterback play highlighted the emotional run at the end of the season to land the Skins in the playoffs. Bad quarterback play broke the back of the Redskins in the playoffs. To the Seahawks. Again. It's the same old story. ...yet it's not the same old story. I won't be making excuses. The Redskins got beat, and got beat badly. They got outmatched physically, and it showed on the scoreboard. But these aren't your same-old Redskins. This is a team that everyone agrees is on the right track. This is a team that everyone agrees should be contending in the future, consistently. This is a team that everyone agrees has turned the corner, and looks to be every bit as fun to wa

2012-13 NFL Awards

I'll be doing my single season awards, but not just the big 5 or 6. I've got many categories to spotlight that I think deserve to be mentioned that don't tend to get recognition around the league. Remember, these are MY awards. I speak only for myself and nobody else. Special Teams Player of the Year Lorenzo Alexander, Washington Redskins. Homer right off the bat? No. Lorenzo Alexander is one of the most fearless men in all of football. Granted, his story of coming in as a DT really boost his case for the award, he's still going out and performing better than any other special teamer in the league, and he takes great pride in his hits or eating blocks that free his teammates to make those hits. Washington's coverage units are annually good, and while I don't know where they rank all time, they're usually one of the best units every single year. That's in large part due to Alexander who helped keep the unit on track this year. There are many unsung h