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Windows Live Messenger Officially Converted to Skype

Messenger has moved to Skype Messenger was retired in April 2013 and is no longer available or supported on most Mac and Windows operating systems. * You can continue to make audio and video calls with your contacts on Skype and Facebook and send IMs for free—your contacts will come with you when you update to Skype and sign in with your Microsoft account. Find out more about Skype For information about moving from Messenger to Skype, visit the About Skype page. To learn about instant messaging with Skype on your Windows desktop, visit the Skype instant messaging page. To find out how to call your contacts with Skype on your Windows desktop, visit the Skype–to–Skype calling page. ______________________________ I am disappointed by this. Microsoft has abandoned millions of customers worldwide in favor of their newly acquired toy, Skype. They flaunt it as a merger but the merging process is reported widespread to be faulty and does not transition your contact. They also h

Boston Bombing

What We Know Two homemade bombs made from standard pressure cookers filled with BB's and nails were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, 2013, at roughly 2:49 pm local time, thirteen seconds apart on Boylston Street. The improved explosive devices (IED's) used in the attack killed three and injured somewhere between 170 and 210 others. The number of injured has climbed, as not all injuries were external, or may not have been as severe as several other (some resulted in limb-loss and/or required amputation). Initially, it was reported that law enforcement had brought in one (or two) non-white males to question about the bombing. Others reported a high number of people at the scene were also questioned. The New York Post published a cover with a picture and story about two young men who they deemed as foreign and suspects. The NY Post has defended this by saying the picture of these two men were handed over to feds to pursue w


Just a short poem that came to me, in the form of a conversation. Legitimately, these words were just a response, not even poetical. Great ideas... I have thoughts, they come... and go. The really good ones you latch on to, the rest you release like a fish in the sea.

Washington Redskins 2013 Schedule

The NFL released the official schedule today and the entire football world is abuzz with hopes and hypes and declaring themselves in position to make a run for destiny. Let's take a look at the Redskins' schedule and what it possibly means for the team in 2013-14. Week 1:  Monday, September 9 vs. Philadelphia Eagles; 7:10pm Week 2: Sunday, September 15 @ Green Bay Packers; 1:00pm Week 3: Sunday, September 22 vs. Detroit Lions; 1:00pm Week 4: Sunday, September 29 @ Oakland Raiders; 4:25pm Week 5: BYE Week 6: Sunday, October 13 @ Dallas Cowboys; 8:30pm Week 7: Sunday, October 20 vs. Chicago Bears; 1:00pm Week 8: Sunday, October 27 @ Denver Broncos; 4:25pm Week 9: Sunday, November 3 vs. San Diego Chargers; 1:00pm Week 10: Thursday, November 7 @ Minnesota Vikings; 8:25pm Week 11:  Sunday, November 17 @ Philadelphia Eagles; 1:00pm Week 12: Monday, November 25 vs. San Francisco 49ers; 8:40pm Week 13:  Sunday, December 1 vs. New York Giants; 8:30pm Week 14: Sunday, Dec

Don't Relocate The Sacramento Kings, Expand.

With the proposed relocation of the Kings to Seattle still up in the air, let's open a discussion on another solution: Expansion. I understand that this entire situation has been driven by the fact that the King's performance, both economically and as an NBA team, has been poor as of late. But moving the franchise will not change how terribly the Kings will fair in league play, nor is there any evidence that such a move would help the franchise perform better economically. The Kings fan base would be just as weak, if not weaker, in Seattle. While Seattle is stronger financially, the city is dominated by the other major leagues. The struggling Kings would have to fight for attention the way the Hornets(soon to be Pelicans) do in the Saints' dominated city of New Orleans. In Sacramento, the NBA has a monopoly on pro sports. With this as the case, the NBA is better suited to remain in Sacramento. But, all that said, I do believe that both cities should have teams, n

Adolescent American

I am a kid. I am aged... I look... I talk... I speak... I walk... I strut... I stand... I think... I want... I eat... I drink... I love... like a man. Everything about me suggests that ...I am a man But I am a kid. I laugh at childish jokes. I read childish stories. I prefer cartoons to news. I like sport and not the weather. I love video games. I hate driving my car. I love ice cream in summer. I love hot chocolate in winter. I am a kid. I am a boy. I should be a man. But I am an American!


Arrodence [ar · ro · dence] noun  \ˈer-ə-dən(t)s-ˌden(t)s\ DEFINITION     1. a : Superior confidence which borders more closely on arrogance.         b : A combustible mixture of arrogance and confidence. EXAMPLE     I have always had this arrodence. FIRST KNOWN USE     April 9, 2013 by Sean Bishop.