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Why "Redskins" Shouldn't Be Changed

I'm fairly certain anyone who even slightly follows the NFL knows of the "controversy" over the Washington Redskins' name. If you haven't, here's the brief of it. "Redskin" is supposedly a pejorative used to disparage the Native Americans. The United States Congress is even pressuring Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, to change the name on the grounds that "Redskin" is equally offensive and more deeply rooted in offensiveness than "nigger." The term "Redskin" is apparently one of the most offensive terms in all of mankind's history. Well, I'm writing to tell you, that it is not. And this will be a choppy rant that won't be as organized or professional as I wish it would be. "Redskin" was not used to disparage anyone until movies ran with the term. Those movies also do not predate the use of the term for the NFL team. The term is so unused in it's offensiveness towards Natives


So this Tweet just so happened to scroll down my timeline, and I'm very pissed off anyways, so I'ma take this opportunity to say "FUCK EVERYONE!" Yes, even you, the fuckhead reading this! Items from Trayvon Martin's cell phone released, including texts about drug use and pictures of a gun: — CNN (@CNN) May 23, 2013 SO!? SO THE FUCK WHAT! Smoking pot makes you a violent, dangerous individual!? Marijuana is that bad? Since when? I've never even been talked to in a negative way by someone under the influence of marijuana. Sure, there are people who use it to calm their nerves before going to kill someone... at least, that's how it was portrayed in the movie Menace II Society. And a picture of a gun? SO!? SO THE FUCK WHAT! I've texted pictures of dogs to friends... doesn't mean I have a dog or that it's my dog. The media is a bunch of fucking pussies! P-U-S-S-I-E-S! And the investigators who uncovered this informati

2013-14 NFL Predictions

Okay, I was going to wait and do this after the NBA finals, but I just do not care to hold off as I'm positive the Miami Heat are gonna walk about 4 games to 2 over the San Antonio Spurs. But enough about that. These are simply best-case scenarios (+/- 2 games) for each team. I'm not going through each and every schedule and predicting winners of each game and coming away with a results pool. Injuries and bad calls will dictate several games this season as they do each season. Some injuries may even make a team or two better as they find their diamond in the rough (see the 49ers with Smith/Kaepernick). This is just my, "this is how good I imagine this team COULD be"... records won't add up within division/conference. AFC AFC East: New England Patriots - This is their division. They run this. Without or without Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady is confident in his arm. They have improved their defense and will be in their second year in the 4-3, so more co

Sir Alex Ferguson Retires From Manchester United

As a fan of English football, Sir Alex is someone who I admire greatly. He has contributed to the game significantly and it is a shame, for his team and for the sport, that he is retiring. He definitely deserves to after the many years he has dedicated to Manchester United and I am extremely pleased that he is leaving on a high as I think his legacy deserves that. Not many managers can boast a career quite like Sir Alex's! Whoever steps up to the plate definitely has very big boots to fill. I hope that this person continues to make United into a team worthy of playing and that the departure of their longstanding manager doesn't hinder them significantly, as it'd be a shame to see what Sir Alex has built over many years disintegrate. As a Chelsea fan I hope that United continue to bring it on the pitch, and make Sir Alex proud, but also that the new manager isn't overshadowed by this enormous legacy. To Sir Alex, thank you for your contribution to English Football and fo

Student Punished, Charged With a Felony - Yahoo!

David "Cole" Withrow was a senior ready to graduate with honors from Princeton High School in Johnston, N.C. He is an Eagle Scout, did his senior class project on gun safety and was even looking forward to college in the fall. This is why when he realized he forgot his shotgun in the back of his truck after going skeet shooting over the weekend, he debated between driving back home and being counted as tardy and calling his mom from school to collect the gun. Deciding to call his mother from the school's front office to come get the gun... Student Punished, Charged With a Felony After He ‘Tried to Do the Right Thing’ When He Forgot His Shotgun Was in His Truck - Yahoo! News _____________ I do not understand how a kid who did a project about gun safety forgot he had his gun in his truck, but I'm also upset with the fact that he was honest about it and tried to handle it in a respectable way and still got expelled and charged with a felony. The article goe

Psychopathic Traits Seen in Children’s Brains - Yahoo!

Children with severe behavioral problems have a suppressed response to others' pain, according to new brain-scan research. Researchers examined brain scans of kids with conduct disorder, which is marked by aggression, cruelty to others and anti-social behavior. Some kids with conduct disorder also display what psychologists call "callous-unemotional traits," which means they lack guilt and empathy. The patterns seen in these children's brains may reveal a vulnerability to psychopathy in adulthood, researchers report today (May 2) in the journal Current Biology. Psychopaths are manipulative and... Psychopathic Traits Seen in Children’s Brains - Yahoo! News