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Fuck School Pt. I

I'm in a foul fucking mood right now!

The American Education system, and the entire Financial Aid process, is fucking retarded.

Why is it, that all of my information is on file with my school and all of the Federal Government agencies I'm using for Financial Aid, but I have to submit and re-submit the same information on every single form that they already have on file?

If I have to log into these things with my Social Security Number, which had to be approved for my sign-up/registration process, why must I submit form after form with the same information!?!?!?

Nevermind that the "Twatty fucking cunts" - Ricky Gervais... who work in the Financial Aid office at school don't know a single fucking thing about anything you need to ask them. They're clearly not deserving of the fraction of the tuition money I pay that goes into their fucking paychecks/financial aid credit.

And why is it that everytime I submit a form that says it is approved, it gets flagged sayi…